Fated to Love You 12: Back to the Beginning

Anna lets Cun Xi go. To the birthday celebration.

She picks up Cun Xi’s phone lying on the table and sees the pictures he’s taken with Xin Yi. Hurt and desperate, she decides. To end everything today.

She calls Xin Yi, who is squeezing the duck, happily thinking to herself that a sneaky rat paid her a visit last night.

They meet up. Anna expresses her Genuine kindness and Utmost concern for Xin Yi’s near miscarriage, that She urged Cun Xi to pay Xin Yi a visit last night. Sly. Xin Yi lowers her head and murmurs that no wonder Cun Xi likes Anna because she’s both beautiful and considerate. Anna gives Xin Yi a duh-of-course-he-can’t-escape-from-my-palm look and tells Xin Yi it’s all changed because Xin Yi has a baby and she doesn’t. It’s allllll about the baby.

Anna continues to remind Xin Yi that Cun Xi has simply mistook Xin Yi for herself. “Because You accidentally walked into the wrong room, Cun Xi has to carry the burden of the responsibility. As to me, I have to live with the fact that my boyfriend impregnated another woman. I thought we would start a family and have our own kids, now everything has changed.” Ouch. Xin Yi apologizes. Anna hands Xin Yi a brown envelop, telling her that Cun Xi intended for Xin Yi to sign, but forgot to bring it with him in a morning’s rush. Xin Yi takes it. Anna continues, “Even if you don’t say what it is, I could’ve guessed. It’s probably an expired divorce document. When he left this morning, he looks determent. I know he is going to have to hurt one of us. From how much he cares for grandma and the baby, I think I probably don’t stand a chance.” Xin Yi opens the envelope. It’s an Abortion Agreement. Now, that, is low.

Cun Xi is in the lawyer’s office, adding benefits to the divorce document. “Provide a makeover fund every three months…?” “That’s because Chen Xin Yi doesn’t know how to take care of her looks. Add it.” “Ok… Ask publishers to send their new romance novels every month..?” “Even though I don’t read those, Chen Xin Yi seems to like them a lot. Add it.” “But… rather than adding these trivial conditions, why don’t you set up something more realistic and elaborate? Like money, houses, cars, etc.” “Oh it’s right there.” “Provide 20 million, two houses, and …a car with a chauffeur!”

Cun Xi calls Xin Yi. Xin Yi picks it up with a shaky hand and asks, “Do you have a document for me to sign?” “How did you know?” Xin Yi’s tears start to well up, “Do you really want me to sign? Is this what you wanted?” Not knowing what exactly Xin Yi is referring to, Cun Xi answers, “I didn’t want this to happen either, but the way things are going, this is the only way.” Xin Yi turns off the phone. “Miss Anna”, Xin Yi turns to Anna, “Can you do me a favor…?”

Sorry Chen Xin Yi. I’ve already lost the stage. I can’t lose Cun Xi – the only thing I have left.

Of course, the desire to keep your “loved” one as a result of the inability to let go is understandable, but does the script writer absolutely have to create more angst by making Anna so incredibly unethical?

Cun Xi arrives at the birthday celebration site. He enters the resting room, only to find Anna sitting in Xin Yi’s place.

Why are you here?

Chen Xin Yi asked me to come.

Anna lies about Xin Yi’s decision to leave Anna and Cun Xi. Cun Xi couldn’t understand Xin Yi’s sudden change of mind. Frustrated, at Cun Xi’s perseverance over Xin Yi, Anna throws herself at Cun Xi, causing him to drop the divorce documents onto the floor, its heading visibly protruding the opening of the envelope.

Xin Yi’s family arrives. The rowdy bunch make their way to see Xin Yi in the guest resting room, chattering incessantly. Finally, Anson’s high pitched, “I’m sorry” temporarily stops their endless yacking.

They enter, Cun Xi and Anna are standing motionlessly, their lips glued together. Very romantic isn’t it? The three loud women retreat out of the room, laughing at their novel experience of barging onto a kissing scene. Then, they realize, the one Cun Xi is kissing isn’t Xin Yi. Chen Lin Xi Shi screams and charges in.

A competition of who’s louder than the other takes place. Notably, the irony of Feng Jiao’s comment that Anna should be a model rather than ruining other people’s relationships, is appreciated.

Cun Xi stands up for Anna, introducing her as his real girlfriend. Grandma comes in with Dylan only to find the situation out of hand. Anna’s eyes are already turning red. At the critical time, Feng Jiao spots the divorce papers on the floor, exacerbating the situation into a theatrically loud mixture of humiliation, accusation, and misunderstanding. In a series of pulling and tugging, the three Chen women grabbed Cun Xi’s Mont Blanc pen. Cun Xi demands them to return the pen, “That pen is from Anna!” “Is it so?” Dylan speaks for the first time, “Are you Sure that pen is given to you by Anna?” Dylan takes the pen from Chen Lin Xi Shi’s hand and puts it back into Cun Xi’s palm, “She ponds her gold necklace just so she can purchase a birthday present for you with her own money.” The room fell quiet. Cun Xi is speechless. Dylan continues, “that’s because she saw your disappointment, so she purposely wrote Anna’s name on it. Because she said, ‘It’s ok. To Cun Xi, the best present is Anna’s wish for him. I don’t want to see him disappointed.'”

Chen Lin Xi Shi takes a step forward and tells Cun Xi, “That necklace is given to her from her long deceased father as her wedding gift. If it weren’t for important reasons, she would not pond it. Ponding it is no big deal, but being treated like trash is.” Right when I start to get ready to allow my feelings to run along, Xi Shi turns around starts to wail. -_- What’s in place of the supposedly sympathy turns into a cold eye-rolling reflex.

Dylan walks towards Cun Xi and reminds him, for the nth time:

When your dog got lost, she found it for you. When your girl friend stood you up, she stayed by your side. Every time, when you are lonely and sad, she is always the one that stays by your side. … But you, forsakes her each time. Letting a pregnant woman wandering the street aimlessly by herself, picking her up only when you finally thinks of her. She almost lost her baby a couple days ago. Ji Cun Xi, Do You Still Remember?

Cun Xi murmurs to himself, “I won’t let it happen again.” and walks out. Anna chases after him, “Cun Xi, where are you going? You promised that you won’t leave me.” Cun Xi turns and replies solemnly, “My promise is worthless now. No matter who I’ve promised, I’ve never fulfilled any of the promises.” See, never believe a man’s promise.

Xin Yi doesn’t want to abort the baby, nor does she want the baby to grow up in a family without love. So she decides to take Ji Nian Ping with her and go as far from Cun Xi as possible.

Cun Xi runs around looking for Xin Yi. She has thrown away her phone.

Xin Yi wanders to a park, where a little girl was building the ginger man in the sand. Xin Yi stops to watch and nostalgically remembers when she was young, she would build a little sand man and pretend it’s her baby… The girl’s father takes the girl home for dinner. Xin Yi walks towards the ginger man and touches it lovely, as if it’s her Ji Nian Ping in the womb. It starts to rain. Desperate to preserve the sand-made figure – the baby – Xin Yi starts to pile sand onto it. And then, she lets her bottled up emotion get the best of her. She starts to cry in the pouring rain.

Cun Xi finds her. He calls out to her, but only made her slip away faster. She runs towards the street…

“Chen Xin Yi, STOP!” She stops. “Chen Xin Yi, Turn Around!” She turns. “Without my permission, don’t you dare to move.” She looks at him like a scared child. “Why did you pond your wedding gift to buy me this pen? Why didn’t you give it to me using your own name? It wasn’t my first time being stood up. What did you do that for!? Are you scared that I’d be disappointed? Or are you afraid that I’d cry?! Chen Xin Yi, Are You In Love With Me? Because you didn’t want to leave, that’s why you didn’t want to sign right?” Oh no. He was doing well so far, until the last sentence. “TELL ME! I really need an answer right now.” “Stop lying to me. If you want me to leave, it’s fine. I won’t sign it.” “Chen Xin Yi, are you mistaken? Asking you sign it is for Your benefit!” “I won’t let you hurt my baby. I’m going to leave you RIGHT NOW.” She turns away and runs towards the street. Cun Xi follows after her. A car approaches… …

She gets hit. Hard. The months of pregnancy flashes past her, from the moment she finds out about her pregnancy, the moment Cun Xi decides to keep the child, the first time they go out together for baby supply shopping, the first time seeing the ultra sound of the baby… Black. Then, they are all gone. The baby, is gone too.

Xin Yi is sent to the hospital. Dr. Hao needs Cun Xi’s consent to take out the baby in order to save the mother. Not much of a choice, the baby is only three months old. Xin Yi wakes up in time. She begs and pleas for him to keep the baby. He turns away from her, signs the form with a shaking hand, and tells Dr. Hao he Must save Xin Yi.

Anna receives the news that Xin Yi has lost the child. She crumbles on the spot, wishing the rain could wash away her sins.

Xin Yi wakes up from the anesthesia, the first thing she asks is to see the baby, breaking her mommy and sisters’ hearts. “Where is my baby?” Xin Yi asks again. Cun Xi is outside of the hospital room, eager to see Xin Yi. She hears him, and grabs onto her mother, whimpering, “Don’t let him come, don’t! I don’t want to see him!! My baby, my baby… Mom, my baby is lost… it’s lost! …” It escalates into a scream, as Xin Yi weeps and grieves for her lost baby… Cun Xi begs to see Xin Yi, even if it’s just one glance.

Cun Xi finally leaves when Anson comes to inform him of his own grandmother’s grave condition as a result of the shock. Cun Xi blames himself for not noticing the changes in Xin Yi’s condition, for causing the miscarriage. But it’s too late. It’s back to the beginning. Except nothing is the same again.

Xin Yi returns to her home in Jiang Mu Island. She often stars into space, holding the rubber ducking, thinking. Thinking about her lost baby.

One day, Dylan visits her. They go on a walk. He tells her what’s important is how to live, not how to die. Ji Nian Ping is already dead. “But did you know,” Dylan takes off his suit jacket and puts it around Xin Yi, “If you are sad, your mother will be sad as well. When your mother is sad, your sisters will not be happy either. Do you want to leave? Leave here, forget about everything that happened here. Transform into a new Chen Xin Yi. Let’s go to Shanghai.”

With Xin Yi’s leave, the remainder of her things are packed into a box, waiting for its owner to come back to them some time in the future. Cun Xi sees the wish box and opens it. In it are the post-its of Xin Yi’s wishes. The last of which says, “I, fell in love with Ji Cun Xi. I wish that he will never learn of this.”

Grandma urges Cun Xi to go after Xin Yi. Cun Xi catches the last boat to go to Jiang Mu Island. Xin Yi and Dylan take the last boat leaving Jiang Mu Island. They miss each other.

I have exams and some major papers to write, so next week’s recap will come After all those. (I promise they will come before next, next week’s episode airs). But doesn’t a good episode deserve more anticipation?  😀

26 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 12: Back to the Beginning”

  1. u are to awesome. Jia you ni!!! u are so good!!!! wish anna would go to hell though… LOOOLL!!! anyway, u are awesome xie xie xie xie ni

  2. Im really looking forward on your weekly recap..this is good enough…Thank you!!Goodluck with your exams!!=D

  3. tnx for the recap and good luck with your exams!! This episode is heart breaking . . . the baby is gone and Xin Yi is mad at Cun Xi. . . At least Dylan is there to care for Xin Yi. . can’t wait for the next episode .. Tnx again and good luck with the exams!! 🙂

  4. i want anna to forever remember this day. that was so low on what she did. *lol*

    thank you for the great summaries, i read it each time a head before watching the videos. your caps are awesome !! i bawled when seeing those caps of CY just laying there in the rain with all the blood T__T

  5. >.> ahh I cried while reading your recaps and seeing those pictures made me cry even more! Hmms, I keep thinking that Dylan is her brother for some reason >.< Good luck with your exams 🙂

  6. wooww.. you’re really the best.. actually, i was about to watch at youtube but i dropped here first coz i know i won’t be able to understand it anyways.. hehe.. Do your best on your exams!! We’ll all pray for you!! Goodluck!

  7. Wow!!! Every sunday I make it a habit to drop by your blog space before looking for the raw video on youtube. You never disappoint with your episode summary. As usual, you did a great recap, my big thanks!!! As to this episode, I saw the miscarriage coming as everybody predicted but i just could not accept it, well, it happened anyway with a big bang (i might add) from the car accident. My consolation is they get to start on a clean slate without the baby as a ‘responsibility’ hanging over CX. She gets to leave CX at this point and i like this because this will make CX run after her for a change ( I like this idea better). I hope she would make him run in circle just like he did to her (a bit longer actually 🙂 ), give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak. As for Anna, I hope she will wallow in guilt for what she did with XY give her nightmare so to speak 🙂 , I wonder if she will still play any major turning point in the story maybe she’ll get pregnant now with CX as the father???? (hmmmm….possible). Last but never the least…DYLAN, this is the best part i love, he’ll get to play more screen time opposite XY (what’s better than that!!!). how i wish she’ll end up with him ( wish never granted 😦 ). Atleast i get to feast my eyes (and droll) over him this time. I just hope they give him more sweet moments with XY and of course, i am waiting for some fight scenes between him and CX. As to your nexr recap, I will try and be patient but i will probably suffer from sleeplessness and tension 🙂 . GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS with school works….i’m off to see the raw video!!!

  8. hahah have fun watching the raw. it really would be nice to see Cun Xi running around Xin Yi for a change! too bad Xin Yi is just TOOO nice.

  9. >>>>>>>> ^^ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    it is totally awesome
    I cried when i read this recap..so sad …especially when she lost the baby…sniff! T_T
    thanks for the recap

    and GOOD luck in ur exams =P

  10. thanks so much for your synopsis! It’s really detailed and perfect for reading when I don’t understand parts of the raw. Thank you so much, your work is greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work, and good luck with your other stuff!

  11. I truly enjoy reading your synopses. They are always detailed and help explain the vids to those of us who do not speak Mandarin, but can’t wait a few days for subtitles. Thank you for your effort and good luck with your exams.

  12. I actually really like Dylan. Sometimes I just wish the girl ends up with the other guy for a change.. Plus he is way hotter.

  13. Just found out this site by mistakes, thanks for the recap and looking forwared for more. good luck on your exams.

  14. Hey omg I can’t believe Anna did that! But..does she end up telling Cun Xi or someone about what she did? Or does Xin Yi never know about it?! Omg that would be so sad!!!!!!!! Please reply XD

  15. yeah one misstep, bad Anna. she doesn’t tell Cun Xi. i mean how can she? “oh by the way, I accidentally “helped” your little wifie miscarry the baby?”
    something else happens. you’ll find out soon enough. 😉

  16. “When your dog got lost, she found it for you. When your girl friend stood you up, she stayed by your side. Every time, when you are lonely and sad, she is always the one that stays by your side. … But you, forsakes her each time. Letting a pregnant woman wandering the street aimlessly by herself, picking her up only when you finally thinks of her. She almost lost her baby a couple days ago. Ji Cun Xi, Do You Still Remember?”

    i really love this whole sentence. as in it makes so much sense.
    very sad :(. i keep repeating this part over and over again.

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