Iljimae Episode 3&4 General Recap

What can I say, this drama needs to pick up its speed.

– The old school teacher has a, eh, let’s just say “beauty-pursuing” heart under his long, white, wisdom bearing beard. Because he swarms towards women like a repugnant fly attacking left-over food whenever he gets a drink. His indecorous conduct earns him a beat on the arse. Fortunately for the hypocrite, Swe Dol (Yong’s step father) is willing to endure the punishment for him so that Yong can keeps his place at the school. What did Yong do to deserve Such an altruistic STEP-father? I want one too!

– Yong is bullied by the snooty nobles who can’t see past their noses, because they Think that the blood running in Yong’s veins are not those of a noble. Come on, it’s just blood, there’s no need to obsess over it. They immerse him in a well, upside down. Before he can catch his breathe, the head bully whacks him in the head, giving him a concussion severe enough that he loses consciousness. Fearing that they have killed Yong, the flock of chickens throw him down a boar trap.

– Yong wakes up and finds himself in a trap sooooo deep, that it’s almost up to his waist. He starts to cry for his daddy, like a baby. Finally, Yong looks around and immediately finds himself a shovel. Yes, all hunters throw their shovels in the trap after they are done digging. So Yong takes off the rope tied around him with the easy of take off a shirt and uses the shovel to get out of the trap. You wonder why he is always helplessly tied up by the nobles when he can take the rope off so easily? So do I.

– He almost gets himself out of the trap using the shovel. But the keyword is “almost”. Then he falls back down and leaves the shovel outside. Yong doesn’t feel deflated yet, he uses the rope and a rock on the ground and manages to get out of the trap after n tries. As he sits near the trap, panting, a hand reaches out and renders him unconscious again. It would be funny if a hand reaches out and pushes him back in that trap.

– When Yong wakes up again, his hands and feet are tied up, a heavy rock attached to his feet. He is left alone on a frozen lake. The warrior who received the command to kill Yong approaches him in attempt to confirm the identity of his target but eventually decides to kill the boy nonetheless. The warrior draws a circle on the ice and lets Yong sink into the river. Yong demonstrates again his ease with loosening ropes. Once free from the ropes, Yong swims towards the opening but sees the figure of the intimidating warrior still looming over the hole. Yong turns to think of alternatives but loses consciousness from the prolonged period of being under water. He sinks and sinks, and then, his father’s words rings in his ear, “Kyum Ah, promise me you will live. Promise me!” Yong opens his eyes as if waking up from a nightmare and starts to paddle for his life. Ingenious way to save a person, no?

– Cha Dol has grown into a composed man with a secret crush on the kind little sister Eun Chae. He follows her home in a distance, quietly watching over her. Not in a creepy way, but in a strolling in the snow at night, romantic way. If only Venus is on his side.

– Swe Dol flipped the town upside down and still couldn’t find Yong. He tracks back to the school and finds out about the bullying and the burying. So the loving father disguises himself and intersects the noble, Shi Wan – Cha Dol’s faux half-brother. Some dragging took place and the spoiled noble brings them to the woods, where the trap is set. Yong is no longer there. Furious and worried, Swe Dol starts to charge at the noble, demanding him to return his child. So overwhelmed with grief, Swe Dol drags the noble to the trap, ready to throw him in, when, Shi Hoo jumps down and rescues his half brother away. It would be awesome if the noble is thrown into the trap. At least, Swe Dol and Shi Wan received a minute of reunion, however hasty the recognition took place.

– Yong is interrogated again regarding whether or not he is the Lee Kyum from 13 years ago. His amnesia saves him from trouble again but the cautious noble has him monitored, just in case.

– Yong sees Bong Soon and her stepfather selling an aphrodisiac medicine. He tries to dissuade buyers from purchasing and eventually dares Bong Soon to drink the entire bottle of her wonder drug in order to prove its authenticity. Yong’s step father on the other hand, hears from Yong of the wonderful effectiveness of the medicine, he gulps the entire bottle down, expectantly waiting for it to take effect. It does take effect. Both Swe Dol and Bong Soon rush to the bathroom to release an explosive case of diarrhea while grudgingly vowing to repay the favor the next time they see Yong.

– After Swe Dol finally steps out of the bathroom, he steps into jail for attacking a noble. The punishment is to either chop his hands off, or sever the nerves. To save his stepfather from being handicapped, Yong decides to beg the spoilt Shi Wan, so does Shi Hoo.

– After spending the remainder of the day in the bathroom, Bong Soon finally cleanses the residual medicine from her intestines. She returns to her room to sleep. Her step father asks her if she regrets following him 13 years ago. She replies that she is grateful that he saved her life and promises to earn a lot of money so they can both live a wealthy life. Awww

– Finally, Eun Chae’s persuades her father to save Swe Dol. She tells him that Swe Dol is the man who brought Shi Hoo up. Byun Shik realizes Swe Dol is the current husband of Dani. Complication. Byun Shik definitely has a soft spot for Dani, and, his daughter.

– While Yong is oblivious of the change at the Byun Shik household, he follows Shi Wan in order to wait for him to change his verdict. The Shi Wan sells him off for a wrestling contest and sinisterly hints that it’s perfectly alright if Yong dies in the process. On top of that, he tells Yong that if Yong wins the contest and wins the 200 award, then his father will be spared. Otherwise….

– Shi Wan returns home and uses the wrestling match as bait to make Shi Hoo fight Yong, knowing both will try every way possible to win the contest and save their beloved father, And because Shi Wan has already bribed the wresting giant whom Yong will fight against, to lose purposely.

– Shi Hoo asks the guard to let him see his father privately. When the troops leave them alone, Shi Hoo lets out a longed for “father”. Swe Dol’s face erupts into a content smile. Awww

– Yong is ready to fight the giant man for the match. Eun Chae arrives to dissuade Shi Hoo from entering the wrestling. She mistook the masked Yong for Shi Hoo and grabs his hand. 13 years of living together doesn’t sharpen her recognition of Shi Hoo at all. When she realizes she’s grabbed the wrong man, she immediately retrieves her hands. But Yong grabs on. She slaps him for being rude and rushes to stop her step-older brother.

– Yong enters into the wrestling with the giant. Yong started out well but that also means he has enraged the giant. The man rips down his mask and vows to “kill” Yong. They continue fighting. Right when the man is about to step on Yong to finish him off, he stops. The camera moves away, the man is holding his bottom, turning green and purple.

– It turns out, Yong is caught by Bong Soon earlier in the day. She forces him to eat down the medicine she ate to avenge him. At the critical point, Yong decides to buy the medicine. Of course, money always comes first. Having purchased an excellent weapon towards the giant, he mixes the entire contain into a rice cake and coaxes the giant to eat it. We all know what that does. Surely enough, Yong wins when the giant cannot hold in the diarrhea anymore and poops in his pants. What Iljimae does best is vulgar jokes like this. Hey, better than nothing.

– Now, it’s Yong against Shi Hoo. A new rule has advised. The match won’t end until one admits defeat. Shi Hoo is obviously trained, so the match is an one way beating of Yong. Yet, if it weren’t for the repeated blow of the head, Yong’s memories may never revive. Those sad memories.

– Dani misunderstood that Yong has the nerves to gamble when his father’s life is on the tip of a knife. She rushes to the wrestling match and slips in. What she sees when she walks in is her child beating her child. Left, right, both are her children. Right, left, both are the ones she loves.

– Shi Hoo stops when he spots her. Yong takes the opportunity and beats him down. Withstanding the blows, Shi Hoo looks to his mother on the side, hoping she would understand the life he is leading.

– “Don’t hit him! Don’t Hit HIM!” Dani screams. Yong stops. Shi Hoo takes the opportunity to hit back. Dani is pulled out. While watching the scene, Yong recalls her mother being pulled away on the street. They keep fighting.

– While they are still engrossed in the wrestling, their father is being pulled out for a decapitation of both hands via guillotine of a smaller size. Still fighting, Shi Hoo begs and threatens Yong to surrender. “No. No, I can’t. Otherwise, my father’s hands will be chopped off.” Shi Hoo takes off Yong’s mask and asks, “You. Are you Yong?” then he collapses onto the floor next to Yong. Then he surrenders.

– After gathering the money, Yong waits for Shi Wan so his father can be save. Shi Wan has already left. Yong hurries down to find Shi Wan but encounters the man who tried to drown him. The man traps him in a long rope and drags him on the floor while he rides on the horse. Yong fights back, the man flies off the horse and won the cliff. Since the two are tied together, Yong entangles the rope around a nearly tree trunk and saves the warrior.

– The warrior cuts of his pony tail and knocks Yong unconsciousness. The he rides away. Yong’s body rolls down the grass. Bong Soon and her father found the money bag Yong lost and eventually Yong.

– Yong’s father’s hands are saved, but he also lost a tooth. =(

– To revive all his memories, Yong decides to visit the noble who saved him after he escaped from the lake. The old noble tells him his real name Lee Kyum, his father is killed and framed by friends. Unfortunately, before he could say more, the dark side has already started their devious plot. The noble is denounced as a traitor. Yong hides behind a screen and witnesses the scene. His memory recovering.

– To face the truth a second time is just as painful. Yong roams the streets in agony and ends up in his own house. He weeps at the site of the plum-blossom, grieving for his father, his lost memories, and the past…

– Eun Chae enters the courtyard, hoping to convert the house. She stands below the plum-blossom, looking at the bird chirping…

– Yong returns home, changed entirely. He quietly receives a beating from Dani.

I don’t have passion for this draggy time-waster drama. So, this would be the last of the boring run on recaps for Iljimae.

3 thoughts on “Iljimae Episode 3&4 General Recap”

  1. There was too much beating of Iljimae for my taste and the “forward” button comes in very hand to forward the boring parts. Hopefully, all the background stuff has been established, and we can get on to seeing Iljimae becoming the hero instead of always being the victim.

    I’m still willing to hang in there for a couple of more episodes.

  2. Hmm. I think I’m watching, but only for LJK. Alas. I thought it would be better than TODAW, but apparently not. I’ll miss your sassy comments…

  3. aww
    then MAYBE i’ll recap once in awhile when i’m less tied up with stuff đŸ˜€ ^ can’t take compliments at all
    *starts to float in air then ‘paah’ drops back down into reality. ack! gotta go back to extensive paper writing :(*

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