Fated to Love You Episode 12 Previews & Spoiler

Preview 1; Preview 2

Episode 12 short BTS

Short Shanghai Scene

Shanghai Scene BTS

Looks like Cun Xi doesn’t need that long to decide who he wants as Mrs. Ji. AND, the awaited Shanghai scenes are coming up!

Unpleasant Spoiler (for emotionally attached viewers/blog-readers):

  • Xin Yi is going to have a miscarriage after all. It’s targeted to make viewers cry their eyes out.
  • We all know that the moment Anna reappears into Cun Xi’s life, Xin Yi has decided to step out of the love triangle and grant Cun Xi the long-sought happily-ever-after. What we don’t know is that while Xin Yi is running away from Cun Xi’s search, she gets involved in a big car accident in the rain. Now this, is definitely aiming at some major wailing from the audience in front of the TV or computer.

33 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 12 Previews & Spoiler”

  1. Please!!!! recap!!! this is just too exciting!!!!

    Oh my!! is Xin yi the one he is kissing on the bed scene???? i think i”m having an anxiety attack just waiting for subsss!!

  2. I hope Xin Yi is the one he’s kissing too! I can’t understand a thing. Please give us the recap.

  3. she got a make over ! kinda awkward tho but dont tell me what happened in the books actually gonna happen here !?! i mean i dont like the way the book happened i hope they changed it up a bit the book had to much drama :/ and this was comedy romance soo …

  4. wow hope it is xinyi and cun xi on that scene ^^, but i can´t underdstand a thing either ^^ but i´m happy just watching this, I can´t ask for more THANKS!

  5. is she back to the way she was before?? a sticky note girl?? oh my.. she’s an angel!! can’t she be a little bit selfish?? i feel like a devil compared to her.. hehe.. =p

  6. ohhhh god. yeahhhh, i think she’s turning back into the sticky note girl she once was. GOD. dylan’s gonna be pissed. and i think xin yi’s gonna reject cun xi when he comes back to shanghai, looking for her. and i do think that girl he kisses in the bed is xin yi, not stupid anna. dylan might like xin yi now.

  7. is her miscarriage the catalyst for her “transformation?”

    P.s. thank you for your wonderful recaps, they certainly hold us non Mandarin (?)speakers over until the vids are subbed.

  8. u can go to mysoju.com if ur looking for english subs. i think its updated every week when the new episode comes out. and there are a whole lot of other dramas too. korean, japanese, taiwan and movies too. i love this site. one of my favorites. almost new updates everyday. love it.

  9. The people at mysoju.com are wonderful. The episodes are loaded and subtitled within a few days. I hope they know their hard work is appreciated.

  10. what?!! Xin yi’s gonna have a miscarriage?? how sad.. then what’s the point of her making all those baby diaries and the horse toy? Oh, I really pity Ji nian pin.. He/she won’t be able to see the world.. =(

  11. hi there, newbie here… ive been hooked up lately with the story of FTLY… i always make it surre that i able to watch the latest episodes via mysoju.com but i am really excited over here to know the entire story specially the scene when XY got miscarriage and after the incident… somwone in this thread mention about the book where i supposed this FTLY series was based, can any1 tell me the exact title of the book (the english version pls). thanks a lot and lets all together happily follow CX and XY story. happy viewing to every1…

  12. nah it’s not off a book. they published a book (and a comic book, and mass produced the cupid dolls, not to mention the two sets of phone games) using the characters in the drama because it turned out to be such a success. to put it crudely, it’s just one of those money-sucking strategies to take advantage of the popularity of this drama.

  13. I think it’s XY on the bed with CX, as Anna’s hair is a bit curly.

    By the way, I think differently of ‘the left 7 months contract.
    Instead of feeling CX is irresponsible for the rest of XY’s life, I feel he would like to take ‘the rest of 7 months’ to be with XY. At least, 7 months is better than living without her.

  14. are you serious?’..well I don´t see the point in killing the baby.. i mean..even the ending song it´s about him/her..but if it goes like that, it´s not that bad either. XY and CX´s love is going to be more than for just a baby :). Sorry i´m trying to look at the positive side of this XD.. But still I hope that the baby won´t die T.T

  15. Yeah, I saw a newpaper that has Cun xi while Xinyi is in his lap( I think this is after Xinyi was hit by the car). The picture was scary and you can see all of Cun xi’s emotion while its raining.I think this episode will be pretty heavy.Lets all prepare our tissue.

  16. When will “Fate to love you” eposide 12 coming?.. can’t be patient and still want to watch it?
    This story is a very great and good… It makes my heart is tearing and crying a lot..

  17. I can’t wait for your recap for Episode 12!! hehe, sorry for pressuring you but I really look forward to your review for every episode . . . please post the recap as soon as possible . . Tnx!! (and again sorry for pressuring you . . . (c”,))

  18. that bitch anna! lol, if it wasnt for her, Xin Yi wouldnt misunderstand about the contract, anna gives an abort contract at the back of Cun Xi :), then she ran away from the contract leading her to an accident, and boom baby is gone. BITCH ANNA!

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