Fated to Love You 11: Ji Cun Xi’s Dilemma

“Anna, sorry to let you know the truth at this condition.”, Grandma takes a step closer to Anna, busting out her chest, determined to defeat Anna for Xin Yi, “but Cun Xi is responsible for Xin Yi!””

“Grandma! Don’t press me with responsibility. What more do you want than a child to carry on the lineage? Have you considered my feelings? I have a right to choose, too!” Cun Xi turns to Anna, “Anna, don’t listen to my grandma. Even though Xin Yi and I are married, but we agreed that once she gives birth, she will leave. Our relationship isn’t build on any emotional attachment!” (That’s an excellent lie for you.)

Anna crumbles onto the couch, “I have a headache, I need some time alone to think things through.” Grandma seizes the opportunity and attacks again. Cun Xi sets up a defense against grandma. Grandma yells, “All I wanted is to protect my baby!” “So DO I!”, Cun Xi barks back. The detriment is done. Xin Yi itches a step closer to the door.

Anna storms out. Before Cun Xi follows after, he roars at Grandma, “Are you happy to see me always chasing Anna around? I’ve always wanted Anna to be back, now that she is, you have to ruin it all. Right now, I only wish for the child to disappear; Chen Xin Yi to disappear, so everything can return to the way they were. Anna injured her leg. If anything happens to her, you will lose your only grandson!”

But if Cun Xi does die early, then doesn’t that redeem the predictability of the family curse? Ok, not funny.

Anna limps away crying. Cun Xi tries to calm her down, no use. She lets out all her frustration accumulated since her injury, then without turning back, she limbs to the street and catches herself a cab. I guess she has money to pay for the taxi.

Cun Xi stops Anna from getting into the cab and snarls (something he also excels at):

It’s not your fault, it’s not her fault, it’s MY fault. My fault is that I was too confident. I was confident that you will get on the boat! My fault is that I didn’t turn on the light, I mistook Chen Xin Yi for you! My fault is that I would rather hurt the pregnant mother and my grandma, as long as I am with You. My fault is there are so many women in the world but I only want You. @#%* why didn’t you get on the boat that day!?

Every word of the accusation grinds into Anna’s heart. She steps into the cab firmly in defiance.

You want to leave? Alright! I will show you that I only want to be with you!

Cun Xi runs away, disappearing in seconds, leaving Anna washing her face with tears of sorrow and self-blame.

Cun Xi returns home to pack. Xin Yi helplessly watches Cun Xi packing in a fury.

Is Miss Anna really angry? Then… I can go explain everything to her..

No need.

Or, I can return to Jiang Mu Island right now…

No need.

Then… let me help you pack.

No need. After this morning, I will never believe you again. … Chen Xin Yi, our contract ends Now. I don’t want to see you at all. We are getting a divorce.
Even when she fell on the stage and had to withstand the scold by the audience; even when she didn’t bring home the first place metal and got locked out by her mother as punishment, I’ve never seen her cry like this. Chen Xin Yi, congratulations you’ve achieved more than that on her first day back.

Cun Xi picks up his luggage, ready to go. Xin Yi tries to persuade him to stay, reasoning that she should be the one to leave. Cun Xi snaps at her, believing all the talk is Xin Yi’s act, “If you wanted to leave, you would’ve left.” “I did, it’s just that yesterday…” Grandma comes in, giving Xin Yi no chance to explain her near miscarriage only the day before. blah blah blah more deafening yelling back and forth, until Cun Xi finally leaves and Grandma decides to “celebrate” her 80th birthday in Advance to formally proclaim Xin Yi’s status to the relatives in spite of Cun Xi’s stubbornness. Isn’t grandma fully equipped.

Throwing his luggage into the car, Cun Xi starts to feel guilty for his impulsive action that inadvertently scars Xin Yi. “Ji Cun Xi, you are such a loser!”, he then drives away in frustration.

Anna drinks by herself in Ritz. The restaurant owner sits down next to her and guides her out of her bleak self-desertion so she wouldn’t wither away on the bar table. The restaurant owner points that if Cun Xi has forgiven Anna 12 times for standing him up, then why couldn’t she forgive him once for his misconduct. The restaurant owner’s words enlightens Anna, she rushes to find Cun Xi in the rainy night, giving the two of them another chance.

She finds Cun Xi sitting on the street holding Baby Ji, soaked through and through. Cun Xi hugs back, murmuring to himself, “Sorry, Anna. Sorry, snail (Xin Yi). Sorry.. snail..”

Time fast forwards to a week before Grandma’s 80th birthday.

Grandma is busy printing invitation; Xin Yi is paying her periodic visit to the doctor to ensure the best maternity care for the baby; Anna is facing trouble going back to stage; Cun Xi is resuming his work while avoiding Xin Yi and suppressing his love for the upcoming baby and Xin Yi; Anson takes up Cun Xi’s job to accompany Xin Yi to the hospital and occasionally tries to bridge the gap Cun Xi and Xin Yi.

“Quack quack quack”, Cun Xi squeezes a yellow duck and sways it back and forth in front of Anson’s eyes, “Give this to Chen Xin Yi okay?” Anson raises an eye brow and gives Cun Xi a what-are-you-smoking look and asks, “What, is… this?” Cun Xi starts to explain enthusiastically, “This is a duck! You see, this is a new product, when you put it in a pot of hot water, if the temperature is high enough, the duck will start to quack. Quack quack quack. So when you put the baby down for bath, the water wouldn’t burn his little butt! Understand? Quack quack!” (head shakes) Anson presses his lips and unwillingly squeezes out two quacks to humor his boss. Not picking up on Anson’s obvious ridicule, Cun Xi puts the duck on his desk, murmuring to himself, “You won’t understand.” Then, he suddenly makes a 180 degree turn and tells Anson to take the day off to buy Jiang Jun bun for Xin Yi. “Eh, Director has already order for people to buy Jiang Jun bun”, Anson replies in a matter of fact manner. Anson continues after a pause, “The one week that you’ve left home, my duty has reduced to one – that is to report to you, everyday, what Chen Xin Yi ate, drank, dreamed, oh and I don’t have to work, just go buy a Jiang Jun bun or two. If you really care about her, then why don’t you just call her?” Cun Xi shakes his head and squints his eyes, “Now that Anna has just forgiven me. I’m only trying to find the balancing point between everything. Whether it’s for me, for Xin Yi, or for Anna, this is the best condition!” “Oh, I understand, Best Condition. Which means, Miss Anna doesn’t trust you at all; Chen Xin Yi that little snail, lives like a zombie; as for you, it’s even simpler. You offend both and cause resentment in both, that is the so-called Best Condition.” Speechless, Cun Xi reproaches Anson for discussing personal matters during work. Anson turns around and talks back in a small voice, “Who is the one talking about Chen Xin Yi with me!”

Remembering the next day is Grandma’s birthday celebration, Anson reminds Cun Xi to bring Xin Yi along to the celebration. “According to Director, she has a rebellious grandson like you, she’s worried that before her 80th birthday, she will be frustrated to death by you. Consequently, she decided to celebrate first. Director emphasized that she will proclaim Chen Xin Yi to be the Ji Family’s only legal granddaughter-in-law and announce that she is three months into pregnancy on the celebration.” Cun Xi stands up and dogmatically insists that he will now show up on the day. Unhurried, Anson takes out a post-it grandma has given him and reads aloud in a slightly squeaky voice: Anson, if Ji Cun Xi didn’t bring Chen Xin Yi to the celebration, I will immediately gulp down our newly developed bathroom cleaner and commit suicide. You can then turn my 80th birthday to a mourning hall for all the guests. – Grandma’s last words. Having read the entire post-it, Anson advices Cun Xi to sit down and talk to grandma and hand the duck to Xin Yi in person again. He gently, and respectably puts the post-it on the desk, reminding Cun Xi, this is grandma’s “last words” and tells him to save it as a Souvenir before exiting out of the office.

Returning home, Cun Xi couldn’t face Anna’s uneasiness over his feeling towards Xin Yi. He excuses himself for a walk and realizes that he has no where to turn to. He calls Anson to accompany him at an indoor baseball court. While batting to release stress, Cun Xi laments his mistake for allowing Xin Yi climb higher and higher into his heart. He points out the irony that when he is with Xin Yi, he keeps wishing Anna could be there. Now that Anna is here, he keeps thinking about Xin Yi. Anson defends Xin Yi and tells Cun Xi to be objective, don’t always blame everything on Xin Yi and accidentally slips the fact that Xin Yi almost had a miscarriage. Perked up at the mentioning of Xin Yi’s accident, Cun Xi presses for the whole story.

Realizing he has slipped, Anson quickly makes an excuse, “Sorry, I need to go to the bath.”

“Stop. What really happened? Tell me. Is (s)he ok?”

“Who? Is who ok? Ji Nian Pin or Chen Xin Yi?”

“Of course Chen Xin Yi!”

“Wow, am I mistaken? You are cared about Chen Xin Yi, not Ji Nian Pin?”

Cun Xi decides to pay Xin Yi a visit at home, without Grandma knowing. So he climbs across the wall and sneaks into his own house with the yellow duck, like a burglar.

Cun Xi snuck into his own garden and plans to squeeze throw the kitchen window to get to the house. The light flickers on. Grandma enters into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of milk. She finds a glass on the desk, without a second thought, she pours the content of the glass outside of the window, instead of the sink inches away, and leaves the kitchen. The now soaked Cun Xi pops his head up from under the window and successfully enters his own house. He wanders at his bedroom doorway and tries out 93243287 introductions to explain his sudden appearance without coming off as being too caring. He enters his bedroom only to find out his attempts are wasted, because Xin Yi is not there.

Worried where she might have been, Cun Xi starts to look for Xin Yi in the house. He finds her in Ji Nian Pin’s room, fast asleep on the floor. Glad that she hasn’t left, he gently puts a blanket over her.

Moving away from her, Cun Xi glances around the room, noticing that Xin Yi has been investing her time into decorating the baby’s room. He picks up Xin Yi’s Mother’s Diary and starts to read her entries. Tears start to well up in his eyes. He flips to the last page of the diary, Xin Yi has glued Cun Xi’s picture under father. Under mother, Xin Yi pasted a picture of Anna. Cun Xi looks at the page for a long, long time before finally flipping it shut, a frown on his face. He leans over to touch Xin Yi’s face. She shuffles in her sleep. Cun Xi sits down to put together the wooden horse. Little does he know, Grandma sees it all.

Cun Xi leaves after completing the horse. He comes back to Anna’s apartment, Anna has been waiting for him in the living room. Anna tells Cun Xi that she decided to accept the baby. Cun Xi is taken aback by the twist. Anna assures him she will treat the child wholeheartedly. Cun Xi avoids a direct answer and urges Anna to go to sleep. She cries alone in the darkness.

In the morning, when Xin Yi wakes up, she finds the wooden horse completed. By her foot are the cupid and the duck. She hastily runs down the stairs to share her happy discovery with grandma, deducing Cun Xi might be back. Grandma smiles at Xin Yi without answering her yet. She claps her hands and brings out a line of maids each holding a gown. While letting Xin Yi to pick out her dress for her ball, Grandma tells Xin Yi there is a little stealthy rat who did all of Cinderella’s chores for her before the ball.

Xin Yi couldn’t decide, so she tells Grandma she will dress in the cheapest gown. Grandma claps her hand and says, “Alright, it’s decided. You will dress in all five dress. You will change every half an hour!”

Cun Xi stands in the balcony, staring at the divorce contract in hand. Anna accidentally finds Cun Xi’s wedding band while she is emptying his pocket for laundry. Cun Xi turns in time to see Anna holding the ring. He walks in, frankly tells her that he went to see Xin Yi the night before. Anna’s heart sinks. “What do you plan to do?”, she asks. Cun Xi tells her that he decides to attend his grandma’s birthday celebration and return everything to its original state – the state without Anna. Then, after seven months when Xin Yi gives birth, he will return to Anna and start over.

He promises.

Oh uh, Xin Yi’s mother and sisters are coming to town next episode, prepare for major earsplitting yelling and jabbering! Shies away to buy ear plugs.

This episode is just so, so, soooo slow. Looks like we will have to wait for another two weeks before the story develops in Shanghai. Hopefully it will start to pick up with Dylan adding more dynamics to the story and all.

A note on the few trivial things I’ve observed: Anna’s apartment is the same one Xu Le lived in in Wish to See You Again. Chen Qiao En has also been given a make over at the pivotal point of her last drama (Yin Ye 3+1), where her hair changed from side bangs to straight bangs. Same hair stylistc?

21 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 11: Ji Cun Xi’s Dilemma”

  1. Thanks for the great recap once again :). However, i think the momentum of the story kinda slowing down..but its okay, i still wanna watch this idol drama till the end. I cant wait for the shanghai episode.(*giggles*)Maybe on the upcoming episodes there will be more good things to come. I hope Dylan gets more exposure as well..

  2. thank yooooou!!! darn i hate cun xi… he always ends up hurting xin yi the most… if it happened in real life i’d bet his baby’s gonna be deformed with all the mental and emotional stress he gives xin yi…

  3. All i can say is that cun xi’s face is so THICK!!! He’s only playing with the girls’ feelings!!!! You should only pick one you know!!

  4. You’re episode summary is as realiable as ever. Thank you. After this, will Shanghai be the next episode? ( I really hope so) I can’t wait for it. 🙂 😉 One particular part i can’t wait to see is Dylan giving Cun Xi the beating he needs ( I saw it in preview 12). I hope its a good sound beating. It so annoying coz he can’t seem to make up his mind ( his character drives me dizzy). This episode seems to be dragging a bit though ( I think they are stretching it too much and taking advantage of the ratings). Anyway, i just hope the succeeding episode will make up for it. I am also hoping that the succeeding episode we will see Cun Xi running after Xin Yi (give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak). And of course, I want to see more of DYLAN’s and his relationship with Xin Yi, how i wish they end up together instead. Looking forward to your next summary episode and your endearing side comments 🙂

  5. i think next episode will be a big, long drag as well. but the week after next will be the first of the succeeding Shanghai episodes! Finally! 😀 can’t wait to see Dylan and Xin Yi together at last, even for a little while.

  6. Hi, I watche FTLY episodes from the beginning and I have one question regarding with CunXi parents. Where are they? Did I miss something?

  7. i really hate guys who is half-hearted because those type of guys ends up hurting both sides and when you apply it in Cun Xi’s situation between Xin Yi and Anna. Both of the girls are hurt!! tsk tsk tsk . . I really think Anson is doing the hardest job because he works not only as right hand of cun xi at work, he even works as the counsel between cun xi and xin yi . . I hope that Cun xi decides in the next episode and Dylan shows up . . can’t wait for nai nai’s birthday and those five gowns that xin yi is suppose to wear . . . tnx for the recap!!!

  8. awwee thanks for the episode summaries!
    i always read them before i watch the episodes so i understand what they’re saying!
    you’re great!

  9. you’re welcome! thank you all for dropping a comment and showing your support. (i really enjoy reading comments :D)

  10. Thanks for the recaps :] This is perfect for whenever I can’t wait to watch another episode(so long) and must know what’s going to happen in the next episode. You summarize great :D!!

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