3 Minute Mourning

On May 19th (today) 2:28 pm, a three minute silent mourning for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake took place – the largest group mourning in history. Detailed article here.

All major Chinese websites (Yahoo CN, Sina, Sohu, etc) have changed their websites to greyscale in mourning of the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

A dollar in US is about 7 RMB, still declining, in China (stupid Bush, it used to be 8); A dollar in Canada is about 6; A dollar in Singapore is about 5 RMB; and one euro is roughly 10 RMB (!!). So even with very little donation, it’s worth a lot. Especially in undeveloped areas of China, 10 RMB is a lot of money.

If you’ve been wanting to donate but don’t know where and how, I have put up a donation information page. Before donating, keep in mind that certain organizations such as red cross takes a portion of the donation out as processing fee to help run the organization/charity group.

2 thoughts on “3 Minute Mourning”

  1. Thanks for posting.

    We were talking about this between bouts of frantic studying and everyone ended up crying – and then we couldn’t focus on our material… T.T

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