Wish to See You Again Episode 16 Recap (Last Episode)

Nancy brought a basket of apple to see Xiao Ma. Xiao Ma tells Neng Xian that his father arranged for him to go back to England to see an excellent rehab doctor.

Nancy: Then why don’t you go?

Xiao Ma: I don’t know. Even though I haven’t seen the others, but I still feel that we are in the same place, I feel close to you all. That’s enough.
Neng Xian, can you do me a favor?

Neng Xian brings Xiao Ma to see Lu Yi, but the two sit in the cab, watching Lu Yi from afar.

Xiao Ma: She is thinner. A lot thinner. But still so beautiful, still attractive.
I am content for my Christmas Eve. Neng Xian, thank you. This is enough.

You said Lu Yi came to the airport. Did she say anything?

Nancy: She said, I can’t just let Xiao Ma leave. I will wait for him. I will always wait for him.

Xiao Ma: She said she will always wait for me?

Nancy: Yes.

Xiao Ma’s face blossoms into a comforting smile, two rows of tears tumbling down his cheeks. “I have to stand up again, for her.”

Neng Xian gets out of the car to let Lu Yi know. Xiao Ma begs for Nancy to stop. “Not now,” he says. “Don’t let her wait. Because waiting is so painful.” Nancy catches up to Lu Yi and tells Lu Yi that Xiao Ma is just right there. Lu Yi runs towards where Nancy is pointing, Xiao Ma asks the taxi driver to drive away. Lu Yi chases after the taxi, calling out, “Xiao Ma! Xiao Ma!” Xiao Ma watches Lu Yi running, his heart breaks into pieces. Then Lu Yi falls. The taxi driver stops the car. “What?” “Sir, I think it’ll be better if you stop and listen to what she has to say to you.” Lu Yi gets up and limps towards the cab.

“Xiao Ma, can you get out? I have to talk to you.”
“I am in a hurry, how about we talk like this?”
“The reason I rejected your proposal is because I always thought I can’t forget Ah Hao.”
“Ah Hao?”
“Yes. Ah Hao’s fiancée in America is me.”
Nancy arrives just in time to hear it.
Lu Yi continues, “Xu Le asked me not to tell you. Because he believes that once you know, you will give me up for Ah Hao.”
“Who knows. Maybe I challenge Ah Hao to a duel, whoever wins can be with you. What about you? Ah Hao left but you are still here.”
“Because, you said this year’s firework on 101 will be beautiful. You said you want to spend the last day of the year with me, watch the firework together and welcome the new year with me.
“Unfortunately, plan can’t always predict change. I’m going to England tomorrow.”
“You’ve decided? It won’t change for me?”
Xiao Ma nods, tear welling up in his eyes.
“I learned to be brave because of you. I learned to give because of you. So, on new year’s eve, under 101, I will wait for you. If you don’t come, I will wish you happier than before. If you come, I want you, to bring me happiness.

Father Pan catches a taxi to return to the clinic, the driver happens to be Xu Le. Father Pan offers to take a look at Xu Le’s spine for him and offers him advice: The fact that you lose inspiration has nothing to do with your mind. You just need to reshuffle your steps and find the right path.

Xu Le receives a call from the publisher. His book – Fruit’s Tears – received wide acclaim. Despite the optimistic outlook, it’s difficult to not wonder that perhaps Xu Le has been walking backwards his entire career. The fact that his first ever novel excels at such a degree, indirectly suggests that he didn’t improve as a writer over the years.

Xu Le has a whole other way of looking at the success. He feels that his earliest novel was rejected many times for good reasons. The fact that his readers loved it is not because the novel is well written, it’s because they are accustomed to Leaf, not him Xu Le.

Now what’s really turning the table is that the book Xu Le spent an entire year writing is literarily aesthetic. Although the publisher declined to publish it, Xu Le’s adviser translated it into English (momentous work!) and sent it in for an international literary contest. The work won the contest. Xu Le is successful after all.

Gaining confidence, Xu Le sits near the river bank and starts to read the reader’s letters. One of the letters came from Leo.

Leo tells Xu Le the story of his mother, what’s important is, Leo has found Xu Le’s mother for him.

Father Pan tells Neng Xian his encounter with Xu Le. That night, Neng Xian couldn’t sleep. She thinks about Xu Le and friends’ encouragement for her to stay by his side. She walks into Xu Le’s vacant room and falls asleep on his bed, hugging the photo Xu Le treasures.

The next day, Nancy is eating lunch with her co-workers when they discover a huge owl kite soaring in the sky. Neng Xian runs out of 101 to follow the kite.

The one flying the kite isn’t Xu Le. But the man tells her that Xu Le asked him to fly an owl kite today so that the girl with an owl’s magic will see it. Xu Le also says that he is waiting for the day that girl casts her spell on him. Neng Xian asks for Xu Le’s whereabouts, the man tells her he is at somewhere with the owl’s magic.

Xu Le goes to find his mother.

He forgives her. Before leaving, Xu Le gives his mom a bottle of ketchup. “No matter what the food is, as long as you add it, it’ll taste good.”

Mom: This place is good. I will probably always stay here. What about you? Where are you going?
Xu Le: I’m going to find a person. Someone very important to me.
Mom: Does she like what you write?
Xu Le: She… (he laughs to himself) probably doesn’t like what I write too much. But she gives me a lot of inspiration.
Mom: That’s good.
Xu Le: I’m going to get going.

Unwilling to let him go, the mom touches his face, arranges his clothes, and says goodbye in a choking voice. Xu Le hugs her. Mother is reduced to sobs.

Xu Le, do you like yourself?

I do. More and more.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to you too.

Xu Le left, the mother takes out a photo of Xu Le. Turning it around, Leo wrote: Auntie Xiu Yuan, thank you for telling me your story. If you meet the person in the picture, ask him if he likes himself. – Leo

New year’s eve, family gather together to eat hot pot while friends send text messages to each other. (Instead of visiting or calling each other. How impersonal.)

Lu Yi goes to 101 as promised.

Xiao Ma shows up, they watch the 101 fireworks together. Pictures are worth a thousand words:

Neng Xian waits for Xu Le the whole night. He didn’t show up. Disappointed, she welcomes the sun rise of a brand new year by herself, with a tear on her face.

Then, a figure joins Neng Xian. It’s Xu Le. He’s been waiting for her.

“I have something for you.” Xu Le takes out the owl cup. “I want to give it to … a silly girl. Will she accept a spirit that’s dumber than she is?

She accepts it.

On the way back, Xu Le teases Nancy for making numerous typos in her text. xD

So, you got my text message!? Then why don’t you return my call?

You didn’t ask me to call you back.

Hey! It’s so tiring to talk to you!

Then you will probably be tired for the rest of your life. hehe
Why don’t you answer? Hey, are you willing to be tired the rest of your life?

Is this considered a marriage proposal?

What if it is?

Hey! That’s such a terrible proposal!! Are you writers all unoriginal like this?

Do you want 999 roses or a diamond ring buried in ice cream? Or proclaim to the whole world: Please marry me, on a hot air balloon? Or the confession light show on 101?

E.. Either one of those are fine.

Then, you will have to read my novel. 😀

Is there no other choice?

I am the protagonist, I will do what I want.

La fin. 😀

9 thoughts on “Wish to See You Again Episode 16 Recap (Last Episode)”

  1. Thank you for the recap.
    Yes, WTSYA is the gread drama series I’ve seen.
    In episod 15-16, many scene so touching.
    Scene where Zu Le met his mom, really made me cry a lot

    The eding for this drama is sweet to all.
    There is accepting, loving, forgivness esp beween Xu Le and his mom.

    Really love this show, and I’ll miss it.

    But I’ll rewatch again and again from the dvd.

    One again thank so much irugnotmis, for helping us non-chinese with do the recap

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