Fated to Love You 10: Happiness, Like Treading on Ice

End of the auction, Dylan confronts Cun Xi in an advice-giving manner.

In the realm of art, there isn’t a set of criterion. As long as that piece of art is meaningful to you, then it’s unique in its own sense. Have you asked yourself why you bid on Xin Yi’s wish box? Is it really out of a spur of the moment? Or is it out of your true appreciation of it?

If you really want her well, then treat her like your bride from the bottom of your heart. Don’t let her feel that she should pack up and leave any minute; don’t let her countdown the time to leave you every moment of her life.

I’ve never had a family. Do you know how much I wish for a family member as warm as Xin Yi? Cun Xi, you have her right now, cherish it.

Xin Yi walks towards the car by herself and is stopped by Mary who, seizes her last opportunity to put down Xin Yi. “Chen Xin Yi! What if your little worthless box won the auction with 5 million? All of the female guests at the auction are registered as either wives or girlfriends. Only you, you are registered as female companion.Ha Ha Ha! Oh how funny!” “Then is wife good enough for you?”, Cun Xi arrives in time, “I donated a jewelry set and you switched it! You work at a law firm yet you are dishonest. I will tell Douglas and have him fire you.” Ha.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi drive away, Anna gets off the taxi. She encounters Mary who informs her that Cun Xi has just left with Mrs. Ji. “Mrs. Ji?” Anna is bewildered.

Cun Xi drags Xin Yi to the clothing shop to purchase the casual set of clothing Xin Yi fell in love with last time. Puzzled, Xin Yi asks, “But I only have seven months left before I have to leave. I won’t be able to wear it…” “What if, I… want you to stay?” Cun Xi asks.

Having missed Cun Xi at the exhibition, Anna arrives at Cun Xi’s office. Anson who is well reacquainted with the entire story, smoothly suggests for Anna to leave. She insists that it’s alright, she will stay to give Cun Xi a first handed surprise. While talking to Anson, Anna asks about Mrs. Ji. Anson cleverly dogged answering by telling Anna that he doesn’t know But, he suspects Mrs. Ji refers to grandma. Anna is dubious.

In the store, Xin Yi and Cun Xi walk out of the fitting room wearing the matching clothes. They fit perfectly. Of course, it’s Fated right? Cun Xi suggests to take a pictures together so they lean towards each other for the picture. Looking at Xin Yi’s smiling face, he gets an idea. He asks Xin Yi to look close at the side of his face to see if there’s anything on there. She leans close to look while Cun Xi takes a pictures. Hearing the sound of picture taking, Xin Yi turns to look. Cun Xi uses the opportunity to tease Xin Yi for kissing him off guard. Ha camera angles. Cun Xi sends the pictures to his own cell phone, which is sitting quietly on his office desk.

The phone vibrates, Anson reaches out to snatch it but is a second too late. Anna has already gotten it. She opens the text message, a window pops up, prompting her to enter the password.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi return to Cun Xi’s office. Anson comes out to stop Cun Xi from entering but fails. Cun Xi walks in and sees Anna, the smile from his face fades. Xin Yi walks in, and, she sees Anna. In that instant, the past roams around in Xin Yi’s head, she is immobilized in shock. Anna walks towards Cun Xi, Cun Xi turns to glance at an overwhelmed Xin Yi. “Why isn’t your cell phone password no longer my birthday?” Anna questions, but soon lightly dismisses it and hugs Cun Xi, telling him how much she’s missed him. All the while, Cun Xi and Xin Yi are in shock, trying to let reality sink in. Cun Xi turns to observe Xin Yi’s reaction out of worry and guilt. Anna takes notice of Xin Yi for the first time and asks, “Who, is she?” Two pairs of eyes fall on Xin Yi.

“You are…?” “Baby Ji – the dog’s – babysitter. This is Baby Ji’s cloth.” Anna walks towards Xin Yi to take the bag from her, Xin Yi grabs tight onto the bag as if her entire life is in the bag. Finally and reluctantly, she lets it go. Anna puts in a few toys she bought for Baby Ji and asks Xin Yi to bring it to Baby Ji, because she and Cun Xi will spend a romantic night together for his belated birthday celebration. Cun Xi, still dumbstruck, can’t move his gaze from Xin Yi. Xin Yi looks back, helplessly. They look at each other, as if nothing else matters. Images of Cun Xi’s tenderness flashes back and forth.

Finally, Xin Yi breaks the eye contact. “Goodbye”, she says and storms away from the supposed-to-be-together couple.

Watching Xin Yi running away from him further and further, Cun Xi breaks off Anna’s arm and follows after Xin Yi, leaving Anna at loss.

Anson chases after Cun Xi and stops him. He reminds Cun Xi the reason Xin Yi claims to be Baby Ji’s babysitter and tells Cun Xi to go back upstairs to deal with Anna. He will find Xin Yi. “Isn’t Miss Anna the one you love?” Anson reminds Cun Xi. Unable to think, Cun Xi only repeats, “You have to find Chen Xin Yi… You have to find Chen Xin Yi…”

Returning to the office, Cun Xi sternly asks Anna, “Why did you come back all of a sudden?” “Are you not glad that I’m back?” “Glad?! How can I be glad? You leave whenever you want to, you come back whenever you want to. Have you thought about how it feels to be left alone?!” “Cun Xi.. what’s with you?” tear starts to well up in Anna’s eyes. “You chose to stand me up on my birthday. I’m a human, I can be hurt, I can feel that I need to quit. Don’t think just because I don’t say anything about it, I don’t feel it either.” “Cun Xi… on your birthday I…” (got into a fate-determining accident.) “No need to explain! … I’m sorry, no matter what your excuse is this time, I don’t want to forgive you!” Anna sadly leaves, half limping.

“What happened to your leg?” Cun Xi notices. Anna looks at him, says nothing and continues to walk towards the door. “What happened?!” He stops her, and rolls up her pant leg and reveals the wounded leg, still wrapped in bandages. “What happened?” Now tear stream down Anna’s face. “I can’t be the odette anymore…. The day of your birthday, while I was running to catch a plane, I fell from the stairs. I lost the opportunity to perform, I lost the goal I’ve been working towards all my life! All lost…!” A sense of guilt and shame of misunderstanding Anna takes over, Cun Xi embraces Anna.

Anson finds Xin Yi and advises her not to get her hopes up.

Meanwhile Cun Xi takes Anna to the supermarket for grocery shopping, because Anna wants to make Cun Xi a table full of delicious dinner for his belated birthday at Anna’s apartment. But the key is on Baby Ji.

Xin Yi returns home, tears finally wash down her face. She buries her face in the newly bought clothes and cries.

Cun Xi and Anna returns to Cun Xi’s house to take Baby Ji. To not be discovered by Grandma, Cun Xi calls Xin Yi to bring out Baby Ji. He explains to her that he has to take care of Anna for a few days and it’s best that Xin Yi returns to Jiang Mu Island as well in case Grandma gets suspicious. Then he walks away without turning his head. Only Baby Ji turns back to look at Xin Yi unwillingly.

Back in the car, Anna playfully jokes that Baby Ji doesn’t love her as much as he used to. Maybe he likes the babysitter more. Cun Xi replies that after living together for so long, it’s natural to develop feelings for each other. Anna agrees, “But that baby sitter girl, she looks like a very kind person.” “Yes, one of the best I’ve seen…” Cun Xi says thoughtfully, as if talking to himself, as if replying to Anna.

Anna and Cun Xi return to Anna’s apartment for the fantastic dinner, but Xin Yi’s shadow pervades every aspect of their interaction. Cun Xi tenderly takes Anna to the sofa to rest while he bends down to groom Baby Ji. Anna jokingly says, “Come on, I only have injury on my leg, I’m not pregnant, you don’t need to be so careful with me.” As casual as it sounds, the word pregnant is especially piercing to Cun Xi. Later at the dinner table, Anna marvels at the wonderful taste of ginger and intestines. Cun Xi tries it and agrees that it tastes good. Anna is surprised that Cun Xi started to eat ginger – something he used to stay away from, and something Jiang Mu Island is known for.

Xin Yi decides to build the wooden horse for her baby so when she leaves, which is soon, there will be something from her.

The next day Xin Yi leaves to go back to Jiang Mu Island. Before she leaves, she goes to the church to say goodbye to Dylan just in time to hear that Dylan is about to leave for Shanghai. Perfect timing. Don’t you guys think it’s all Fate? xD Dylan encourages Xin Yi to live her own life for her own sake. He says, “Did you remember that one time you wore that chicken costume for Cun Xi? That’s a display of courage. If there is a girl that would do that for me, I would be touched to tears. Let me tell you a secret, if it weren’t for the fact that you have a husband, I would want to ask you out.” (Please do.) Xin Yi reveals that Anna came back. Dylan notices her luggage and deduces that Cun Xi kicked Xin Yi out because Anna came back. He is determined to find Cun Xi. Xin Yi tries to stop him and then her lower abdomen starts to hurt.

Dylan sends Xin Yi to the hospital and calls Grandma. He tells her everything. Xin Yi’s condition has been stabilized. Grandma enters. “Grandma is angry.” “Sorry grandma, I didn’t take care of the baby.” “You not only didn’t take care of the baby, you didn’t take care of yourself either! Cun Xi didn’t treat you right, why didn’t you tell me?!” Grandma bursts into tears. Xin Yi reverses roles and comforts Grandma that it’s all ok. Grandma confirms that Xin Yi loves Cun Xi. She runs out of the hospital, intending to drag Cun Xi back. Xin Yi calls Anson for help.

Cun Xi decides to tell Anna the truth. Before he could start, Grandma rings the door bell, looking for Cun Xi. Xin Yi follows after, trying to prevent Grandma. Cun Xi’s intuition is to blame Xin Yi for leaking out his secret. Grandma yells back at him for Xin Yi. Anna is puzzled.

Xin Yi tries to drag Grandma away. Grandma wouldn’t budge and tells Anna the truth. Now it’s Anna’s term to be shocked witless.

Wife…? Cun Xi you got married?
When you said you could turn to someone else out of loneliness on the phone, it’s true. The Mrs. Ji at the exhibition is her, isn’t it?
Because I suddenly came back, you didn’t know what to do so you lied and said she’s the babysitter for the dog in the office, right?
So I am the outsider here!

The world crashed down on Anna. Poor Anna.

This week’s episode is considerably short and it’s not that exciting for me. I think one of the reasons why I don’t find myself invested in the drama is that there’s a good episode that gets you interested (like the first episode) then they show a bunch of bland episodes. Right when you think you are going to give up watching, boom, they show an exciting episode again. *Shrugs* at least it’s better than most of the Taiwanese dramas currently broadcasting, though not all that much better.

29 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 10: Happiness, Like Treading on Ice”

  1. Thank you soooo much for your time spent for this translation as I am truly lost in Mandarin.

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Still it gonna be heart- breaking? urgg….


  2. i love u for real but thanks alot i thought it was going to more but it all seem so short now i have to wait until next week

  3. i thought you would add some more so i held off saying anything. and yes i agree with you – about its blandness. i had a feeling that this episode would be lukewarm in preparation for the “inevitable” blossoming and more “soap”-y episodes. but yes, it is a tad better than other taiwanese drama not that i have watched plenty.

    thanks for all your efforts. much appreciated. go girl!

  4. THANKS!!! I cried when i found out that xinyi didn´t miscarriage her baby as in the novel, at least not in this episode T.T thank you so much

  5. like i said in an earlier post, don’t be too heart pressed about things happen in the novel. the actual drama usually don’t follow the novel.

  6. Oh My God!!is it for real?Xinyi didnt miscarriage the baby??wow…im so elated to read Carla’s comment, though i havent seen episode 10 yet.lol

  7. Thank you. As usual, you are really precise in your episode summary.  I must say, i agree with you 100%. Now that the plot of the story is getting better, i believe they are going to take advantage of it and stretch the episode by inserting some bland storyline (probably revolving around xin yi’s wacky family).  I don’t have anything against xin yi’s family but you must admit they can be excruciatingly painful to watch in the earlier episodes especially her 2nd sister (trying hard to be funny that its really not funny anymore).   Anyway, I’m glad they were done with the comfrontation confrontation scene.  I can’t wait for the Shanghai scenes – but my guess there will be a couple more episodes before that (eh).  i guess for now all we can do is wait and watch and guess 🙂  By the way I love your side comment here :
    DYLAN TO XIN YI “Let me tell you a secret, if it weren’t for the fact that you have a husband, I would want to ask you out.” (Please do.) —-> HAHAHA!!! i agree a 100% … Don’t you think Dylan is way better than Cun Xi?!? The way things are going people watching this will love Dylan’s character way way better and hate cun xi’s ?!?

  8. Oh! i must add i’m falling all over Dylan as he gets more screen time in each of the episodes more that Cun Xi. I think he gets to say some of the best lines that any women wants to hear!!! and he’s doing it with that unbelievable face of his not to mention his mesmerizing eyes! I must say i’ve fallen hook, line and sinker!!! LOL
    I don’t mind Xin Yi ending up with him…he’s every women dream !!! I’ve seen him in Jay Chou MV – Qing Hua Ci —> He’s definitely HOT!!!!

  9. archie8275: 😀 I know the whole being a successful businessman is a good quality that women want in their men (if that’s a quality at all) but Cun Xi’s indecisiveness really makes me wonder how in the world can he be a Successful businessman. but hey he’s got Anson by his side. 😉
    as to Dylan, he’s got a clever man’s calm and easiness. think enough said. I can’t wait for the shanghai scenes either!

  10. Thank you for putting up the episode’s summary. I agree with your last thought about how the episode wasn’t as exciting as we expected it to be. Hell, I’ve been waiting for this, but like what you said, the episode seemed pretty much short. Here I was thinking that this is where Xin Yi will go with Dylan to Shanghai, but damnit, I guess we’ll have to wait another week. Ugh. 😦

    Anyways, thanks again for the summary! The other parts of episode 10 hasn’t been uploaded and I don’t understand Mandarin (yet!). So thank you! 🙂 If ever I start a page on FTLY on my site, I’ll be sure to link this one — this site is a BIG help, definitely. 🙂

  11. thanx!!! but this episode got the HIGHEST rating in the whole drama!!! i guess it’s just cause anna came back. but really, i have to admit xin yi and cun xi acted REALLY good in this episode. xin yi’s face was so freakn shocked and scared when she saw anna, it really seemed like she was gonna have a heart attack!! 🙂 and woah, her eyes are so FREAKIN BIGGGG!!! theyre HUGE! OMG. oh and cun xi was good too. dude, u could see real TEARS in his eyes. his face was shocked and dumbstruck too. and he was sad and crying for xin yi. now THAT shows how much he cares for xin yi. he felt bad seeing her hurt like that. BRAVO to them!! and i have too say, anna isnt too good at acting. she’s always trying to act cute in this drama. it annoys me, UGHHHHH!!! poor xin yi… and cun xi too, he couldnt stand seeing xin yi like that. a very heart moving episode. i cried!! i mean like, SERIOUSLY!! i just felt SO sad for xin yi. stupid ANNA!!! i hate her character in this drama. cant wait for the next episode!! GO FATED TO LOVE YOU!!! AND GO XIN YI!! and u go girl, irugnotmis. what’s ur real name?? cause i cant call u irugnotmis. it’s a weird name!!! 🙂 CHEERS!! 😛

  12. oh yeah, and thank GOD xin yi didnt lose the baby. if she did, im GONNA KILL THE DIRECTOR!!! i just dont want her to lose the little innocent baby. and if she does later, im gonna SCREAMMM!! :O

  13. question… did cun xi and anna do something they weren’t s’posed to that night they kissed? is that how anna will get pregnant as i’ve heard from other comments from other entries to this drama? sorry for the bother…

  14. gabbie: it’s no bother at all. that’s actually what i’ve been suspecting as well. again, time will tell.

  15. GAH. I hate Anna. She pisses me off, and her english is like cats scratching blackboards; makes my ears bleeeeed. Haha

  16. you say that anna will get pregnant?..hope not, that´ll really hurt xin yi, i´m also intriged about why does xin yi leaves to shangai, maybe it´s because anna´s pregnancy or that she doesnt want to be a bother between cun xi and anna…..I´m getting more questions every day jajaj XD…I hate so much bianca bai´s character: anna…hell i can´t even hear that name, and that´s really a problem, my mother´s name is anna T.T jajja hope this drama keeps getting even more interesting an hope than xinyi won´t loose her baby in the future episodes. thanks again!

  17. ok u guys wat is it with the shanghai scene?? wat r u guys talking about?
    I mean I know that Dylan was going to Shanghai in episode 10 that’s it.
    Can someone explain it plz. Oh yea I wonder if cunxi n anna slept together in episode 10? lmao that’ll be interesting.

  18. Chozy: well, Xin Yi will go with Dylan to Shanghai, that much is known. and Anna supposedly slept with Cun Xi on that night when she’s back.

  19. the whole story was right but why it is not completed?
    whre was the episode that grandma will have her 80th birthday and to the day of grandma’s birthday Xin Yi or my role lose it’s baby because she was hitted by a car while running away from Cun Xi and after that Cun xi take Xin Yi to the hospital but the doctor said the baby must be abort because the car hit the fetus and the doctor gave the agreement form to Cun Xi to sign that he agrees with the deal he has the choise if he chose the baby ,Xin Yi will die if he choose Xin Yi the baby will die,Xin Yi saw the agreement form when she was going to the icu room she begs at Cun Xi that he musn’t sign it up she might die but she won’t allowed her baby to be aborted but he loves Xin Yi so he choose the girl over the baby and signed the paper and that make Xin Yi became Mad at him, at the other hand Anna calls on Anson and asked how is Cun Xi and Xin Yi Anson said that they were in the hospital the Anna asks why they are in the hospital Anson said they were iin the hospital because Xin Yi lose her baby when she was trying to get away Cun Xi and hitted by a car then Anna said to her self sorry Cun Xi i don’t mean to hurt Xin Yi Sorry!,back to the hospital when she awakes she finds herself to the hospital with her mother and sisters her mother offered apple to eat but Xin Yi asks her mother where is her baby then her mother said her babay was gone Xin Yi cried and her fat sister cried too her mother and other sister asks her to leave, when she leave Cun Xi aks her how is Xin Yi can i see her then Xin Yi begs that Cun Xi musn’t enter the room and she cried and scream because she was mad at Cun Xi and her sister throw the apple to Cun Xi and asks him to leave because he was hurting Xin Yi, Cun Xi leave and when he saw Anson he blames her self because he hurt the baby and Xin Yi and after that the shanghai scene which Dylan asks Xin Yi come with him to shanghai and after that Xin Yi became famous but she has a screen name and so on and so on thats the story

  20. arigato gosaimas! thnx 4 the story although some words that i cant understan becaus im from Japan arigato gosai masu!

  21. hai i thank you for making this one im proud of u i really loved this show someday i wish i can see both of them personally..
    i wish..
    their good careers will continue

  22. i lovee ji bao beii so muchhh..really wisH i couLd have this kind oF puppyy..hikz
    does anybody know what kind of puppy is ji bao bei?
    I love him so muchhh…

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