It all started with a prank and a can of soda.

Yoonjung has a part time job in the theme park. Her duty is to wear a dinosaur outfit to entertain the public. Something every other girl on the street is just dying to do. One day while she’s trapped in the same old stuffy, heavy outfit, a guy turns her dinosaur head, instigating a bittersweet romance we are about to witness.

Yoonjung trips and falls flat on her face in front of the crowd as a result of the prank. Oh this girl is made of tough material, she is not about to be a laughing stock without striking back. Enraged, Yoonjung finds the prankster and repays him with a pouring of the soda on top of his head, embarrassing him in front of his group of friends. Round 1 – tie.

One night, Yoonjung catches her brother smoking on the roof. She attempts to drag him down but falls backwards instead into the hanging underwear. Struggles to keep balance, an underwear falls on top of her head. The newly moved in neighbor family turn to look and chuckle at Yoonjung. In the midst of the embarrassment, she manages to recognize the guy at the park – Eungyu. Her brother, on the other hand, feels attracted to Eungyu’s older sister.

The next day, Yoonjung’s mom has Yoonjung go over next door to return the plate of the cake that the neighbor brought. Grudgingly accepting the errand, she enters the next door house, and puts down the plate, ready to leave. But the sight of a sea of CDs catches her attention. Her gaze follows the shelves and shelves of CDs and falls on Eungyu who’s holding a guitar, composing. He takes notice of her and laughs out loud to himself, “You… underwear!?” “What? Want to die? I came to return the plate!” He smiles his charming smiles and tells her to come up. She takes a look at his CD collection and exclaims at the vast amount of them. He only lightly dismisses them as being given by fan girls. (Your typical K-fic plot) Before Yoonjung leaves, Eungyu asks her to stay for awhile and listen to his newly composed song. She contemptuously replies that she doesn’t know much about music. He replies that he doesn’t expect her to. Hah, Yoonjung’s got match. He starts to sing. Let’s just say the song is inspired by the refreshing shower of soda at the theme park. Our quick tempered Yoonjung obviously doesn’t take the reminder too gracefully.

At night, Yoonjung gets ready to sneak out of the house from the roof to go to a nigh job. Before she does so, she is spotted by Eungyu who teasingly yells out, “Burglar!” She hastily tries to hush him up but he only proceeds to blackmail her. The condition for keeping him quiet is to carry his guitar for a week. “WHAT!? You want to die?” Yoonjung heedlessly yells out. “Shhh!” Eungyu reminds her to keep her voice down. Round 2 – Eungyu wins.

The next day at 5pm, Yoonjung waits in front of Eungyu’s school but is bullied by a couple of girls. She hits them back and causes a girl to bleed. An enormous guy comes to the bullies’ aid and picks Yoonjung up. Eungyu arrives just in time to save Yoonjung with a heroic, “Put her down!” Then he coolly leaves.

Yoonjung: Didn’t you say you are not interested in anything other than music? Then why help me?
Eungyu: I was bored.
Yoonjung: You want to ask me out right?
Eungyu: What? I have a very high standard for girls.
Yoonjung: Have you considered lowering your standard?

Yoonjung enters Eungyu’s rehearsal site and sees Kang Heewon, who is part of the band. A few uncomfortable glances are exchanged between the two. Yoonjung gets a little teary eyed and runs out.

The next day, Yoonjung arrives at Eungyu’s school to carry his instrument for him. Before he arrives, she leans outside of a class window and looks inside. An instructor walks by and asks for her ID. She lies and says she doesn’t have it so he grabs her name tag from in front of her chest. Yoonjung starts to fake a cry, “Where did you just touch? Even if you are an instructor how can you touch There?” The man runs away with the name tag.

Yoonjung sees Heewon. He warns her to stay away from Eungyu. She angrily reveals that Heewon and her used to be close friends. Then for a reason forbidden to mention, he watches her getting beat up by a group of bullies. In those few minutes, their 10 year friendship disintegrate completely. She asserts that she will not silently endure anymore. “Don’t endure, and, don’t appear before me” are the only words the previous best friends throws at her before walking out.

Yoonjung walks home in the rain in a terrible mood. Before she reaches home, someone holding an umbrella blocks her way. Yoonjung is annoyed at first, but when the umbrella lifts, showing Eungyu’s smiling face beneath it, she inadvertently smiles back.

They walk home together.

Yoonjung: Did you come out because you are worried about me?
Eungyu: Why should I be worried about you? I couldn’t fall asleep so I came out for a walk.
Yoonjung: Psh, you won’t lose a thing if you say you were. Why don’t you ask?
Eungyu: ?
Yoonjung: About the practice room.
Eungyu: Didn’t you run out crying? If you are crying then you must be sad. If I ask, wouldn’t it make you sadder?
Yoonjung: Who said I was crying!? I never cry. It’s be easier to see a roach cry than me.
Eungyu: What if I make you cry?
Yoonjung: What if I do?
Eungyu: Then I will grant you a wish.

Eungyu hands Yoonjung the umbrella and walks into the rain singing, “Never cry, never cry”. Before he could sing the third line, he trips. Yoonjung cracks up for the first time in the day.

Next day while coming out of a store with a friend, a group of bullies tripped Yoonjung, making her fall hard onto the pavement. These are the group of guys that helped Heewon beat Yoonjung some years back.

Eungyu returns home that night with a band-aid on her face. The front door is locked, so she climbs up her usual route to the rooftop. Eungyu is on the roof practicing guitar. He sees her and calls out, “What happened to your face?” “Growing mold,” she replies curtly, “What happened to Your face? Your mouth is bleeding and what about your eyes?” Eungyu plays along in his usual good humor, “It’s bleeding from excessively kissing.” “And your eyes?” He thinks about it for a moment and smiles, “Bitten by mosquito.” He then stands up and throws something at her . She catches it, it’s her name tag. “Are you crying?” “Alright I’ll say my wish.” “Say it on the roof.” She pauses and says, “Life is so tiring. So, want to be my boyfriend?” Looking up at his slightly surprised face, she murmurs to herself but loud enough for him to hear, “Didn’t expect you to say yes.” “Under one condition,” Eungyu answers, “don’t come to school tomorrow.” “What?” “Didn’t you say you are growing mold on your face? You’ll embarrass me.” Still smiling, Eungyu walks inside.

The next day Yoonjung resolutely enters her boyfriend’s rehearsal site and nags him to go to the beach with her in front of the rest of the band members while shotting stealthy glances at Heewon. Heewon’s face turns sullener and sullener watching her. The girls in the band walk by and ask Yoonjung if the wound on her face is what’s left of a bad beating. Finally, confused by her odd behavior, Eungyu tears off the band-aid on her face and confirms to himself that she had indeed been in a fight. Pulling her out of the rehearsal room by the hand, he demands to know who did it to her. “You are my girlfriend now, I won’t allow anyone to touch you. Tell me, who did it?” She refuses to tell him, “If it’s someone whom you like very much, are you still going to fight him for me?”

He complies to her wish and takes her to the beach. While at the beach, he takes out a pair of necklaces, a girl and a boy. He gives her the boy, saying that it’s for his girlfriend and puts the girl necklaces around his neck πŸ™‚

One day Yoon Jung receives a call from her brother, telling her that he will find Heewon and avenge for her. She rushes out of school to stop the violence. Arriving at the site, she makes her brother go home. He leaves, leaving Yoonjung and Heewon alone together. “Why did you become like this?”, Heewon asks, “We used to be friends.” “Yeah, the friend that ruined my family.” A flashback tells us that three years ago, Heewon’s father hit a pedestrian and ran away. Jungwon, who didn’t know it was Heewon’s father, witnessed the scene and called the police. His father went to jail while his mother in term went to an asylum. (In jail for 3 dang years?!) Feel betrayed, Heewon asks a group of bully friends to beat up Yoonjung. Before leaving, Heewon threatens Yoonjung again, “Leave Eungyu. I don’t want to see you happy.”

Walking downstairs, Heewon faces his bully friends who came to the rescue a little too late. He chastises them for acting out on Yoonjung without his consent and warns them not to do it again. Yoonjung overhears it.

The next day she drags her brother to apologize to Heewon. Eungyu happens to come over to the apartment and overhears part of the conversation. He scolds Yoonjung for not keeping her brother’s action in check. Yoon Jung apologizes again and urges her brother to go home with her. But her brother stands out for his sister and reveals everything. Now the past is out in the open.

And Yoonjung decides to leave Eungyu to minimize conflict.

So Eungyu and Heewon fight and bond.

Heewon decides to face his feelings while Eungyu begs Yoonjung to not leave him. He tells her, “If I lose Heewon, I still have music; if I lose you, I don’t think I can sing anymore.”

People’s lives returned to normal after that. Eungyu has an upcoming music festival. His band members and him are busy preparing. Heewon has stopped coming to rehearsal and basically disappeared from the surface of earth.

The band replaced the base with someone else. Unfortunately the story doesn’t end here. It has only begun.

Heewon decided, after the fight to put down his hatred and pursuit after what he had lost – Yoonjung. He tells her that only she can make him smile again.

He calls her out one day and tells her how bleak and hopeless his life is, throughout which he stands on the rim of the room, ready to jump his life away at any moment. She crumbles and agrees to return to him. “Give me one week. Just one week, then I will return to you and make you smile again.”

Knowing she doesn’t have much time left, Yoonjung goes to Eungyu’s rehearsal and asks him to take time out to be with her. He gives in.

But when she attempts to drag Eungyu out of rehearsal to spend time with her repeatedly, Eungyu along with other members of the band start to lose patience. Displeased like an unhappy child, Yoonjung says, “Fine, I will never come here again.” and leaves.

On the day of the music festival, Eungyu and his band Doremifasolatido performs. In the middle of the performance, Eungyu sees Yoonjung at a distance, but when he looks up again, she’s gone. That night on the roof top, he sees words hanging on the roof across – Yoonjung is breaking up with him.

Yoonjung is unhappy with Heewon and he is well aware of it. To erase Eungyu from Yoonjung’s heart, Heewon takes Yoonjung to see Eungyu, indirectly announcing their relationship. Surprisingly, Heewon receives a present from Eungyu – the guitar he always wanted.

Doremifasolatido has their final performance before Eungyu goes into recording industry, or supposedly.

While rapping the last song about him and Yoonjung, tears start to stream down Eungyu’s face. He stops and walks down the stage and walks toward Yoonjung. He leans close to her and whispers to her ear, “Sorry, I still love you.” She starts to sob and replies, “Don’t love me anymore.” Silently, he takes off the necklace and hands it to her. “This boy is now Heewon and the girl is you. Together, never apart. Heewon and Yoonjung. Remember to go to the beach. Heewon and Yoonjung go to the beach together.” He walks away into the crowd, waiting for Yoonjung to call out after her, waiting. Yoonjung wants to follow after him but Heewon stops her. “If one day I can live without you, I will let you go.”

Losing Eungyu, Yoonjung visits Kang Hee’s mother in the asylum and takes care of her out of guilt.

Time elapses one by one, the three of them suffer day by day. Heewon wonders to himself from time to time, whether he should let Yoonjung return to Eungyu.

One day, Heewon hears that Eungyu is involved in an car accident which incurred brain damage. He starts to act like a five-year-old, grabbing kettle from kids and running away with it. Still in love with Eungyu, Yoonjung tries everything to heal him. She took him to the theme park for a “shock treatment” minus the electrical impulse, he had fun on the rides; she took him to the hokum version of a hypnotic session, he had fun playing with the oscillating watch. One time, while accompanying Eungyu to play video games, Yoonjung takes out the pair of necklaces and reenacts their story with them. Eungyu, who doesn’t seem to be attending to the pantomime interjects at one point that the girl – Yoonjung – has left the boy. A glimpse of hope glimmers in Yoonjung’s eyes. Before she could press on, Eungyu covers his head in pain and runs away. She takes him to his usual rehearsal site. But no matter how hard she tries to drag him in, he won’t enter, yelling that he doesn’t like music. Yoonjung resolutely tells Eungyu that no matter how hard it is, she will stay with him and see to his full recovery, whether it be one year or 10 years. “And my name is Yoonjung. Yoonjung!” Eungyu covers his ears, his face contours in pain.

Yoonjung pays the doctor another visit to discuss alternative ways to help Eungyu recover. The doctor tells her that he is closing himself up from unwanted memories. Unless miracle happens, the chance for his recovery is very slim.

Yoonjung decides to reenact the Doremifasolatido’s last performance to summon up Eungyu’s deepest memories.

Eungyu wakes up in the end when Heewon walks away the way he had done and they live happily-ever-after.

That’s all folks! If you want to read more recaps on this movie, I’m sure when Sevenses comes back after her exams, she will bring a quality recap of the same movie.

18 thoughts on “DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo~”

  1. I’d say this was a quality recap already. XD (And it really is exactly like the book, did you notice?)

    Where did you watch it??! Seriously. I am dying to know.

  2. you’ll find it on tudou filed under the chinese name of the movie. πŸ™‚

    yeah it’s exactly like the book, which you, sevenses, wrote about. πŸ˜‰ personally i don’t like the ending for its lack of originality but i’m glad the movie is not too heavy on the angst.

    good luck looking for it! (If you guys still have trouble, tell me and i’ll post the url)

  3. Got it. (On baidu it was filed under 1,2,3,4,5 for the longest time, weird title, but less weird than the Chinese rendering of Doremi…) I bet it’s up at xiaoli’s already. But! Must resist and go study…

    I thought they would twist the end (or lop it off completely, like they did with Temptation of the Wolves)… hmm. Yay for teenage shenanigans, crying, craziness and music.

  4. sabrina: the problem is, we all watched it in chinese. unless you can read chinese, it would be no help.

  5. AHh!! Finally, I understand the story.. I don’t like the actress much, but wow.. Two insanely HOT guys are really fighting for her.. Anways, thanks for takign you time to write this.. It was helpful… I can’t wait til ENglish subs comes out……

  6. Yeah. My version doesn’t quite square with yours. Blah. Whatever, it’s just a recap.

    I’m too busy having a love affair with my brand spankin’ new Macbook to recap IJM episode 2 just yet. Hope you can take the suspense. πŸ˜€

  7. First off I would like to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing.
    I’ve had trouble clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there. I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Thanks!

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