Last Friends 2 – a life-and-death secret

If I have the ability to read through people’s heart, perhaps that horrifying event won’t happen; that life won’t perish…

In the morning, Ruka accompanies Michiru to the train station, from there, they diverge to go to work. Before Michiru vanishes into the crowd, Ruka asks her, “Are you okay?” remembering the single tear that rolled down Michiru’s sleeping face. Michiru asks back, “Okay about what?” Ruka holds back and decides not to ask.

Michiru goes to work. While retrieving rollers for her co-worker, she spots Sosuke standing below the building, waiting for her, as if in penance. Unable to break eye contact, Michiru stares back until her co-worker yells at her. When Michiru gets off work, obviously late into the day, Sosuke is still waiting at the same spot. She slowly, hesitantly, walks toward him. He does the same. “Michiru, please return home.” Sosuke begs like a lost child. “You, are not mad anymore?” Michiru asks carefully. He only extends out his hand. She walks towards him to take the hand, he draws her into a hug.

Returning home, Michiru finds everything returned to their original state, as if none of the domestic violence ever took place. The broken lamp is where it was, wholesome, unharmed. Sosuke asks Michiru to promise not to leave him again. Naivety takes the better of Michiru, she is reduced to tears and agrees after apologizing for leaving him the night before.

Ruka’s father pays Ruka a visit. She takes him to the bar Takeru works at. The father and daughter bound and make fun of Takeru, secretly. After Ruka’s father left, Ruka stays and casually chats with Takeru. She tells Takeru that her father is her best friend. No matter what her choice is, he always trusts her and encourages her. Therefore, the last thing she wants to do is to hurt him.

Believing everything is going back to normal, Michiru regains her usual cheerfulness and prepares dinner for Sosuke. Sosuke offers to help but accidentally gets cut. Michiru walks to the shelf to retrieve a band-aid but accidentally finds her year book on Sosuke’s shelf. A wave of uneasiness sweeps through her. She opens the yearbook and there it was, Ruka’s name crossed out in permanent marker.

Returning to Sosuke, Michiru cautiously asks about the year book. Not seeing the apparent invasion of privacy, Sosuke frankly admits that he found it in Michiru’s apartment. “Then, you saw my mother?” Michiru asks. “No, I’ve been there before. So when I said I was on duty, checking up people’s lives, the landlord opened the door for me.”

Eri is leaving the airport after a flight. She sees her coworker Ogura sitting alone sulking. She approaches him and finds out that Ogura’s wife is cheating on him. Being a coward, Ogura dreads the idea of confronting his wife, instead he begs Eri to let him live in share house, for the time being.

Back at the share house, Ruka is in her room looking at the web page of an university hospital’s urology surgery program. She slams the computer screen shut when Eri intrudes.

Ogura proves himself a real sissy. On top of not being able to confront his wife for cheating on him, he decides to be a sneaky burglar and steal his own TV from his own house. But at least, there is a 40” TV sitting in the share house living room. To take full advantage of the TV, Eri calls Takeru over and the four of them gather around the TV to watch one of the DVDs Eri grabbed alongside the TV. In the process of watching God knows what, Eri swoons at the idea of “we want to share absolutely everything” and hopes to find someone like that. When the characters in the DVD start to make love, Takeru starts to feel uncomfortable. His palm starts to sweat, his mouth starts to dry, finally he stands up and walks out. Having noticed that, Ruka walks out to provide Takeru company. While sitting in the garden together, Takeru asks Ruka why she enjoys racing so much. She reveals to him that what she really enjoys is the moment that she soars up in the air, throwing away all the troubles and suppression, feeling total liberation. Even if it only lasts for a fraction of a second. The conversation leads naturally to Ruka’s upcoming race. Takeru asks, “Is there anyone that you want to come to watch you?” Ruka lowers her gaze and finally, she says, “Michiru.”

Michiru calls Sosuke that she will be getting off at eight. Unfortunately, a customer comes after the phone call, wanting to dye hair. Unable to refuse, Michiru returns home late. She rushes into the apartment, apologizing up front. Before she can finish her sentence, a slap on the face welcomes her home. “Why don’t you come back earlier? Do you know how worried I was?” Michiru’s phone starts to ring. Ruka calling. She hangs it up. “Why do you hang up the phone? Don’t hang up. Talk in front of me.” Obeying, she calls back. “Ruka, don’t call me so often. If there’s the need, I’ll call you.” Disappointed, Ruka pushes back the intent to give Michiru the ticket to see the race.

Being the considerate guy that he is, Takeru visits Michiru at the hair parlor for a haircut and gives the ticket to the race to Michiru and tells her how much Ruka wants her to be there. Before Takeru leaves the store, Michiru hands him a lucky charm and asks him to give it to Ruka. Sosuke, standing in his usual spot spying/waiting for Michiru witnesses the familiarity between Takeru and Michiru in utter resentment. He cleverly puts up an appearance in front of Takeru by waving warmly at Michiru, who hesitantly waves back. When Michiru gets off work, Sosuke is still waiting downstairs. While walking home together, Sosuke suggests that Michiru gives him a haircut. Although Michiru is taken aback by the request, she submissively consents.

Back at home, standing in front of the mirror, ready for the first cut, Michiru starts to tremble in fear. He grabs her hand and pulls the scissor towards to him, oblivious of the danger posed by the act. “Wait, stop.” Michiru whimpers like a scared chicken. Ignoring Michiru’s plea, Sosuke only pulls it closer towards himself. Closer and closer until it’s leveling with his ear. Half sobbing half struggling to pull the scissor away from his ear, Michiru screams out, “I will never cut any male customer’s hair from now on!” Ignoring that, Sosuke pulls the scissor closer, and starts to close in the blades onto his ear. “I SAID I GET IT NOW!” Sosuke drops the scissor.

Takeru and Ruka meet in the park. He tells Ruka that he has given Michiru the ticket but she might be too busy to come to the race and hands her the lucky charm. Hiding her disappointment, Ruka and Takeru discusses Michiru’s boyfriend who, on the exterior looks like a gentleman. The conversation progresses and Ruka mentions Takeru’s request to move into share house and agrees to it. Little did she know, that simple, “Why don’t you move in” made Takeru’s day.

On the day of Ruka’s race, Michiru tries to ask Sosuke whether she can leave the apartment for a couple of hours to attend the Ruka’s race, but decided to swallow the words back in the end. Before the race, Ruka looks toward the audience seats. Her father, her siblings, Eri, Takeru, and Ogura are all there. Her gaze shifts to the space next to them – the space where Michiru is supposed to occupy. She is not there. Sighing to herself, Ruka looks down at the lucky charm and lovingly squeezes it with her gloved hand. Then hearing Eri and Takeru calling out, “Michiru-chan”, Ruka looks towards the crowd and spots Michiru. Now nervous mixed in with gladness, Ruka smiles her boyish charming smile and nods at Michiru.

The competition starts. Ruka passes most of her competitors, but before she could surpass her last opponent, her motorcycle trips, sending her flying across the race track, hitting the ground head first.

When she wakes up, she is in the hospital bed, Michiru and Takeru by her side. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Sosuke. He looks straight at Michiru with sheepish eyes, as if he is about to cry. Michiru is shocked to see Sosuke at the hospital, she quivers in fear. Although in bed, none of the subtlety escapes from Ruka’s eyes. Sosuke introduces himself to Ruka. While they exchange polite salutations, Michiru observes Sosuke, trying to figure out his state of being. Noticing Takeru’s gaze, Michiru looks away.

Later on in the hospital, Ruka gets off bed to the to the bathroom but overhears Sosuke chastising Michiru for not returning home as promised. She stops to listen. Then crash. Ruka runs towards the source of the sound and sees Sosuke pushing Michiru to the floor, tipping over a chair. He bends over and picks up the chair over his head, ready to throw it on Michiru… Act on instinct, Ruka drops the crutches, throws herself in front of Michiru, and stretching her arms in protection, yelling, “Don’t touch MY Michiru!” “My… Michiru?” Sosuke repeats in pain.

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