Fated to Love You 9: Change

Cun Xi brings Xin Yi to Jiang Mu Island for Jiang Jun bun. It’s late at night, the shop has already closed. Despiet that, Cun Xi is determined to let Xin Yi have a taste of the longed for bun. He bangs on the door, waking the store owner up. The grouchy store owner slams open the door and yells, “What are you doing middle of the night? If you don’t want to sleep, that’s your problem. Don’t bother other people!” Cun Xi explains that he reallllllly needs two Jiang Jun buns before midnight. The store owner only dismisses him as crazy and walks back inside. Cun Xi follows her inside, begging. He tells her that it’s Xin Yi’s birthday, she has been craving for Jiang Jun bun for awhile. She’s pregnant, women impending motherhood don’t have a logical scheme of when to eat what. He then goes on to talk about giving the store owner money to build machine for auto-manufacturing the buns blah blah blah. Xin Yi drags him to stop with the money talk and tries to convince him that it’s ok to wait till tomorrow to eat the buns. In the midst of Cun Xi’s wild gesticulation and attempt to convince the store owner, he moves about, touching things and rearranging the photo frame of the store owner’s dead husband, crooking it. Xin Yi edges closer and straightens the photo. The store owner softens at the sight of the her husband’s photo. She tells Xin Yi and Cun Xi that Jiang Jun bun originates from her husband who, made the buns for her during her pregnancy when she has no appetite for anything else. She turns to Cun Xin, nods that it’s possible to make Jiang Jun bun, but she won’t be making it. Because Ji Cun Xi is.

Cun Xi starts to make Jiang Jun bun with Xin Yi watching on the side and the store owner supervising with a stick standing by to hit him at every chance. It ends up being a circus money show, Cun Xi being the monkey that jumps around wildly while trying to cut ginger, the store owner being the owner training the monkey, and Xin Yi, watching the not so exciting show and feeling pampered.

Alllll done at 11:55! Close! Time for birthday wishes. Xin Yi wishes for Cun Xi to forgive Anna for not showing up and from then on will always be able to spend his birthday with Anna. Cun Xi is amazed at Xin Yi’s altruism and tells her that wish is no longer important for him. Xin Yi asks for his birthday wish and he tells her: I wish that every year from now on, there will be someone who spends Chen Xin Yi’s birthday with her. I wish for no one to bully Chen Xin Yi anyone. I wish for Chen Xin Yi find a man who loves her, treasures her. Xin Yi turns away, hiding the tears. When Cun Xi says “I really want you to be happy.” Xin Yi can no longer hold her tears.

“You are like the prince my dead father brought me. My father used to tell me that if you are willing to give, happiness will come and find you. Because of that, when I was little, I would always try my best to help people. Eventually, I became the post-it girl that I am now.”

“What’s wrong with being a post-it? Did you know how much post-it inventor Art Fry earned for 3M? If post-its are so widely acclaimed, that means it’s pervasive in people’s lives. Don’t belittle it, and don’t degrade yourself. Get it?

Xin Yi blows out the candles and picks up the bun. She holds it, teary eyed, but doesn’t yet take a bite. Cun Xi urges her to eat it before it gets cold. Xin Yi replies, “This is the first time someone has made something exclusively for me.” Half laughing, Cun Xi says, “I’ve learned how to make it. If you want, I can always make it for you. Hurry, take a bite.”

Then the light burns out. Scared by the sudden darkness, Xin Yi and Cun Xi instinctively grab each other into an embrace. And then, they lean towards each other for a kiss. Closer, closer, and … the store owner pops out. Xin Yi and Cun Xi jump away from each other in lighten speed, embarrassed.

Back at home, Cun Xi still perseveres on his urge to kiss Xin Yi. Vexed, he grabs the dog and tells the dog that he really, really did not intend to kiss Xin Yi. Nor does he feel his heart pumping wildly seeing Xin Yi, or feeling unusually comfortable hugging Xin Yi. Yeahhhhhh right. Cun Xi starts to day dream about Xin Yi. To shake himself out of the “abnormal” mode, he starts to self-hypnotize that all he thinks about is Anna. Unfortunately, the image of Xin Yi continues to appear in and out of his mind. Uncannily bothered, Cun Xi takes his dog for a walk. He drags Anson out of bed and continues to persevere on the kiss. Poor Anson, who, on Cun Xi’s account, fallen in the river, swam onto the shore, and now can’t even catch up on sleep. Before Cun Xi leaves, he forgets his cell phone at Anson’s house.

Back in Hong Kong, Anna falls from the stairs and is in the hospital. She is cruelly informed that she has strained her ligaments and won’t be able to perform. Instead, Tiffany who sets her up is replacing her role as the odette. Crumbling, Anna has no choice but to return to Taiwan.

Next morning, Xin Yi wakes up to the alarm clock and sees the post-it Cun Xi left: You don’t need to get up so early, stay in bed for awhile. I’m already taking the dog out for a walk. Smiling to herself, Xin Yi gets up to get dressed but finds the scattered photo albums of Anna. She thinks to herself, if Cun Xi has been looking at Anna’s photos all night, he must’ve cared very much that she stood him up again. Sighing quietly, Xin Yi decides to hide her affection towards Cun Xi just to stay next to him a bit longer. She walks out, says good morning to Grannie and the stepmother but ignores Cun Xi.

Cun Xi jumps up, demanding why she is aloof to him when she was reduced to tears the night before. Xin Yi denies any deviance in attitude. Grannie jumps out, gives the couple the auction invitation and convinces them to go. Hearing that the money from the auction will go to charity, Xin Yi hesitantly agrees to go. Cun Xi on the other hand, irked by Xin Yi’s obvious attempt to keep a distance, rebelliously determines to bring Xin Yi to the auction to show the world that Chen Xin Yi is Ji Cun Xi’s wife. 😀 Cun Xi arranges for Anson to retrieve a jewelry set called Whisper and decides to donate it for auction using Xin Yi’s name.

Anna returns to Taiwan but fails to get a hold of Cun Xi.

At the action, Xin Yi’s old employer’s law firm is asked to help out. One of Xin Yi’s ex-fellow employee Mary dresses up to lure the rich bachelor into her ehh… “love’s trap”. Her co-worker’s response is classic:

What’s better, when her boss, Lawyer Chen sees her, he hurries her away to change back into “human clothes” and wipe clean her Mercury-poison-looking makeup.

On their way to the auction, whenever Cun Xi shifts in his seat, Xin Yi edges closer to the door. Irritated, Cun Xi asks, “What’s wrong with you? Am I contagious or something? Why are you constantly running away from me?” Xin Yi asks back, “Didn’t you say you don’t want other people to know of our relation? Why bring me to the auction?” Checkmate.

Xin Yi walks into the exhibition by herself while Cun Xi stays behind to take the necklace set from Anson. She attempts to enter the exhibition but is stopped at the door by Mary (now dressed normally). Mary scolds Xin Yi loudly for lying and trying to fish out a rich bachelor and manages to humiliate Xin Yi by making a scene asking for Cun Xi. Finally Mary rudely pushes Xin Yi out of the door. Dylan, who is the art executive of the exhibition, happens to walk in. He catches Xin Yi and sends Mary to the end storage room. Karma.

Before Dylan has a chance to explain to Xin Yi that he’s not a priest, Xin Yi drags him away for a one minute confession. Cun Xi witness it and follows along in a distance but is dragged away by Lawyer Chen to register the donation item.

Xin Yi and Dylan sits down Xin Yi tells Dylan the remainder of her birthday after Father Dylan left Ritz with a smile on her face.

That’s great. That means you have a place in his heart.

No, it’s not good at all. I don’t want to break the negotiation between him and I. … What I don’t know is why I would fall so deep for a person.

Why do you have to suppress your feelings?

(Cun Xi and Lawyer Chen passes by)

Knowing Cun Xi is like stepping into an unfamiliar amusement park one day and riding a roller coaster. He treats me well, I fly high; he neglects me, I drop to the bottom. My heart follows him up and down, like it will stop beating any minute. But when the time comes, I have to leave. No matter how much I long for it, he will never have a place for me in his heart.

Have you thought of the possibility that he might want to save up a place for you?

(Xin Yi shakes her head) What I want to do now is to leave Cun Xi before I give in to my urges.

Cun Xi who has been standing above Dylan and Xin Yi shouts out, “Why do you have to leave me?” Xin Yi jumps to her feet in a reflex. Uh Oh. Cun Xi walks down, drags Xin Yi away and starts to yell at Dylan for seducing his wife. Lawyer Chen jumps in to introduce to two and reveals Dylan’s true identification. Xin Yi is shocked that she has told all of her private experiences to a man that’s not a priest. Dylan comforts Xin Yi that it’s alright. After all there is nothing embarrassing or wrong about telling your friend how you feel. Engulfed in jealousy, Cun Xi pulls Xin Yi away from Dylan for the second time and demands an explanation for repeatedly approaching Xin Yi. Dylan snaps back that Cun Xi has never tried to understand Xin Yi. Cun Xi scolds that maybe “understanding” other people’s wife is what artists like Dylan love to do.

To me, Chen Xin Yi has never been your wife because you’ve never treated her as one. Then why should I keep a distance from her?

Whether she is my wife or not, it’s stated clearly on the marriage certificate. As to you, at once glance I can tell you are dissolute and immoral. There are plenty of butterflies in the world. As for ordinary girls like Xin Yi, please don’t harass her.

Unfortunate, I was born rebellious. In this circle, most of the executives love to chase after the already famous artwork. I on the contrary, tend to go after the uncut jade. Chen Xin Yi is a wonderful jade. Or is she a world renowned piece of art to you? I don’t mind, if she’s that important to you then…

She’s not important! She’s nothing to me!

Xin Yi goes to donate her self made cement wish box. Mary takes Whisper off the auction list and places the wish box instead, intending to humiliate Xin Yi on the auction to appease her own jealousy.

Anna calls Cun Xi’s office and gets the information that Cun Xi is at the art gallery. She departs to the same gallery to “surprise” Cun Xi.

Xin Yi walks late into the auction room. In a hast, she trips over. Dylan catches her. Xin Yi smiles at Dylan in appreciation. Dylan smiles back. 🙂 Cun Xi stands up in silent protest. Xin Yi obediently walks next to Cun Xi and sits down. The auction begins.

The first item of the auction is a bracelet donated by the chairman of E.Shine. It’s designed by Xia Zhi Xin during her honeymoon with Chairman Zhong. The idea behind the bracelet is to believe that everyday is filled with happiness. The final price is 1.5 million. The second item on the list is Xin Yi’s wish box, starting from 100 TWD. Just when Xin Yi realizes her act out of kindness is a mistake, Dylan shouts out a hundred thousand, saving the day. Of course now that Cun Xi and Dylan are love rivals, Cun Xi isn’t willing to lose to Dylan so easily. He shouts, “a hundred fifty thousand.” “Three hundred thousand.” “Three hundred fifty thousand.” The mood of the auction room intensifies. Price keeps rising. Cun Xi yells out, “A million.” The room breaks into a suppressed whispers, wondering the artist of the wish box who has the charm to make Dylan promote her work. Then someone yells, “A million and five thousand.” Someone else, “A million and ten thousand.” Dylan adds, “A million and fifty thousand.” Xin Yi is about to explode. Cun Xi shouts out, “Two million.” Xin Yi turns to Dylan and waves no for him to stop bidding on the wish box. But Dylan only adds fifty thousand to the already high price. Cun Xi calls out, “Three million.” Dylan, “Three million fifty thousand.” Xin Yi is about to gag. “Four million!” Dylan again, “Four million and fifty thousand.” Xin Yi turns to Cun Xi for him to stop bidding, saying it’s not worth that price. Cun Xi replies, “If I say you are worth that much then you are.” He turns around, “Five million.” Lawyer Chen who repeats after the amount is about to choke from the shock. Finally, Cun Xi wins the bid with five million. He stands up, giving the wish box to Xin Yi.

During the finalization of the bidding amount, all the memories of Cun Xi’s tenderness flash across Xin Yi’s head. She runs out of the auction room.

Cun Xi chases out. Xin Yi is already crying.

The better you treat me, the more I’m afraid that I will want more…. I’m a gullible person. If you tell me the coffee I bought tastes good, I will buy you coffee every day; if you tell me I’m efficient at making photo copies, I will make photo copies for you from then on. Gucci praises me, I believe that’s love. You, you treat me so well, it has exceeded my endurance a hundred times over. Don’t treat me so nicely, will you?

Unable to repress the impulse, Cun Xi kisses Xin Yi.

What do you want me to do? Treat you badly? Sorry, I can’t.

As long as you…

Seeing Xin Yi cry, Cun Xi feels worse himself.

As long as what?

I don’t know!

I wish I can just put you aside and not care about you. But I don’t know why I just can’t!
I know you want to eat Jiang Jun bun, I can’t help but to make your wish come true. I see other people bully you, my sense of justice somehow manifests itself. I notice you are ignoring me, my first instinct is to make you look glamorous to prove to you my existence. How about you tell me WHAT I SHOULD DO!
I don’t know why I would meet you on the ship, I don’t know why you would get pregnant, I don’t know why we would get married. Maybe, maybe this is fate. … Maybe, perhaps, it’s fated that I should develop feels towards you.

But isn’t it you who told me not to fall in love with you? If I fall in love with you, then our relationship is over?

I said you are not allowed to fall in love with me, but I never said I’m not permitted to fall in love with you!


What I mean is that if I treat you well then you should accept it openly. Don’t act like you will have a heart attack whenever I treat you a little nicer. After all, you are not acting out a script from an idol drama. (irony appreciated.)

Cun Xi wipes away Xin Yi’s tears, holds her hand and together, they walk away.

This is got be the longest recap I’ve written. Hopefully that’ll make up for not recapping episode 8. 😛

I’m sure the apparent allusion to My Lucky Star, Xia Zhi Xin, and E.Shine is not missed. After all both dramas are airing/aired on SETTV and both are sponsored by Mont Blanc (the necklace Xin Yi wears to the auction and the pen she bought for Cun Xi). It really would be wonderful to see Zhong Tian Qi and Xian Zhi Xin making a gust appearance in this particular episode however impossible. 🙂

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  1. yeah. thanks miss irugnotmis. that was good. that would last me till next episode, i think. epi 9 was better than epi 8 so you’re forgiven.ahem.

    the way you recapped this epi – sounds like an internet novel. kkeke.

  2. THANKSSSS!!!!! for posting this quick!! in my country its not even 8pm on a sunday, and i already know what happened……

    Just wondering, what was the preview for next episode about? has she lost the baby?

  3. i love you….. thanks this recap is so good…… i love u and again thx u so very much….. greatly appreciated by every1

  4. what a great recap! i was dying to watch ep 9 but it wasnt out yet but thankfully this was here and it made me feel better because i wanted to watch it so badly!

  5. Thank you for that quick recap. Haha I was trying to find episode 9 with English subtitles but I couldn’t, so I had to google for the recap (: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  6. thank you!!! love the long recap and the long direct translations. 😀 wahhh, i haven’t even watched the episode and already i feel like crying.

    do we know how many episodes we have left of this drama?

  7. WOW!!! Are you a writer by any chance miss irugnotmis? You wrote so well to think that you still need to do a translation! Very good work here…LOVE your recap, amazing, you wrote and translated beautifully, even the translated dialogues you did were really pretty good. So…basing on your recap, i believe this will be the turning point of the drama. I have a feeling with Anna’s returning, Xin Yi will really leave Cun Xi now as she is thinking of doing….This is my wild speculation for the succeeding episodes 🙂 basing from previous episodes….

    Xun Yi will leave and will accompany DYLAN to Shanghai – Isn’t Dylan said he’s going there to manage an exhibition/museum and at the same time scout for new talents?) Well, Xin yi Will hide with him there of course with new identity and all and this will further attract Dylan to Xin Yi and Dylan would probably spot Xin Yi talent in creating figurines and others….remembering in the previous episode Xin Yi mention to Cun Xi that she’s good in practical arts way back in school and even shown a cabinet full of the stuff she made? …. Of course this will help Xin Yi self-confidence….then, with Dylan’s help she’ll become famous or well known (of course). While Cun Xi will be with Anna but his heart will be missing Xin Yi and will be looking for her putting a crack on his relationship with Anna…(how am i doing so far LOL 🙂 I’m just kind of curious if they gonna show Xin Yi with the progress of her pregnancy that way the drama is not that rushed…while Cun Xi is looking for her….This will be fun………

    Again THANKS for the wonderful recap. I’m pretty sure you worked hard on it judging by the length of it. I for one, enjoyed reading it after a long day at work….now, i don’t even have to be restless waiting for the english sub to come out..you made me happy 🙂 …If you’re not a writer you should try it…you are really good at it….Thanks again….much appreciated the effort and work you put on this one 🙂

  8. heyyyyy!! thanx for the summary. great work!! =) OMG, this drama is so freakn awesome!!! it’s sooo good. now cun xi cant deny his feelings toward xin yi… hehehe!! thanx again. i cant watch it, so the summary helps a lot!! i love xin yi + cun xi! cun xi is sooo sweet to xin yi. =P

    xin yi + cun xi 4ever! =D

  9. achie8275: thanks for the compliments! i personally don’t have much confidence in my own writing. considering academic writing, free writing, and fiction writing all require different styles of presentation. but it’s encouraging. 🙂
    but i really enjoy reading your speculation of how the drama is going to progress. i think you might hit the jack pot of what’s actually going on. time will tell. 🙂 i can’t wait to see Xin Yi and Dylan go to Shanghai together! their relationship is finally going to go beyond the confession-listener stage! 😀

  10. awwwnesss….thanks sweetie for posting this…i friggen love is show, but it doesn’t air here, in the usa (atleast i haven’t found the proper channel…gotta wait til they post it in mysoju)

    you make me feel like im already watching it ^_^ thankies again

  11. Aww. The allusion to My Lucky Star just made me want to watch it again. Haha

    Just wondering, but do you watch the episode when it’s actually airing? You must have a great memory then. XD

  12. woah.. thx so much for the summary of episode 9 of ftly awesome… i understand nows.. after watching it. =D

  13. This is a very good recap. im looking forward on watching the eng sub of this.I must say that you recap the episodes very well ms.iurgnortmis. they are very detailed and never failed to miss a part of the episode. I am always looking forward on your weekly reviews of FTLY, hope you will not stop writing. thank you so much for taking time on doing this on a weekly basis.

  14. toni2twiggy: ehh… I didn’t have time to write it last week, so I didn’t. 😛

    Lizzie: I wish I have that good of a memory. hehe I actually write the recap while watching it. I nearly fell out of my seat at the allusion to My Lucky Star. hehe don’t we all miss that drama? 😉

  15. tnx for the recap for episode 9!!
    since this is the longest . . . hmm . . you’re forgiven for not recapping episode 8 . . .

    tnx again . . i hope you can continue recpping every episode!! tnx!! till the next episode!! hehe

  16. wow, i was intending to comment only after I’ve read the latest summary that you’ve posted but but, OMG, how I wish Ah Xing and Tian Qi would appear out of nowhere.

    I super like this episode, waaaa, why is my connection so slow?

    thanks for the summary. 😀

  17. wei irugnotmis, i really love the way you write every episodes. your mandarin is really good. before i watch the tv series, i was able to read all the episodes and it helped me a lot while watching it. i only knows few words of mandarin and i can say that taiwanese speaks very fast.

    do you also watch korean tv series? i have encountered GOLDEN BRIDE and i hope you can do the same and post it. by the way im kleng from philippines. hope to hear from you.

    xiexie ni.

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