Fated to Love You Episode 10 Previews

Preview Round 1 || Preview Round 2

FTLY has started to advertise for Xin Yi’s trip to Shanghai with Dylan to partially pursuit her interest in art, and partially stay away from Cun Xi.

Xin Yi gets a make over, meaning getting rid of the glasses and getting a more fashionable hair cut. It’s about time for her to break out of the mold and take flight!

38 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 10 Previews”

  1. In the preview, Xin Yi suffers from abdominal pain and went to the hospital. Who knows whether she will lose the baby or not.

  2. i don’t believe she’ll lose the baby… she’s only in her second or third month so there couldn’t be much damage right? i think… ooooh… i do hope she won’t lose the baby… she wasn’t crying when she was being scolded by nai nai in the hospital though so i really don’t think she’ll lose it… i hope i’m not wrong in assuming that…

  3. Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!

    i read somewhere that she will loose the baby and she will be going away somewhere to study art.

    Not sure if it’s true though …but that’s what happen in the manga

  4. crazyforasiandrama: thanks for visiting again, i linked the images so you can save them.

    Tuttie: the granny says that Xin Yi not only didn’t take care of her baby, she didn’t take care of herself either. If Cun Xi isn’t treating her well, Xin Yi should have told Granny.

    nana: thanks for the link to the novel. but since most of those drama-induced novels tend to adorn a different story plot than the one that will be broadcast, I wouldn’t be too heart pressed about things that occur in the novel.

  5. thanks very much. hope you don’t mind if I share it with some friends who are also following FTLY. Now I can change my monitor background @ work so, I will be different. kkekeke. I have a choice of Coffee Prince & Hong Gil Dong for my wallpaper.

    thanks again for the effort

  6. Wow!!! pretty spot on with my speculation….ohhh…i just wish they will keep her pregnant all throughout the drama or deliver the baby atleast…not get rid of it! My point is – this is the reason they were married and got together so why get rid of the baby that binds them together?….in my opinion if they are going to get rid of the baby, i believe the story would not as strong or will not stick anymore especially if Cun Xi will still go after Xin Yi. What’s the point right? it’s to early for him to say he’s gone madly insanely in-love with his “supposed-wife”. Atleast with the baby still around he’s got a valid reason to go after Xin Yi and it’s a good premise for the story. With Cun Xi not knowing or getting confuse because he’s not sure if he’s going after her because of the baby or because finally (surprise surprise) he love her!!! right?!? Ow! and what about those end credits in each episodes where they show a bunch of nursery stuff for the baby if they’re getting rid of it????

  7. achie8275: I actually believe the contrary. Even though the baby is what bridges these two people, if without the baby and grandma’s pressure, Cun Xi still leaps towards Xin Yi then their relationship has evolved into something more than just responsibility.

    I know that Anna is going to get pregnant. If Xin Yi loses her baby, then she’s officially free to go while Anna and Cun Xi reunite, willingly or not. If that’s the case and Cun Xi still decides to pursuit Xin Yi then we know what that means.

  8. irugnotmis: Anna Getting pregnant?!? >-) Is it by Cun Xi?!? Wow!!! Is this base on the novel someone said here earlier? or just a speculation? Now, this is indeed getting complicated …. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that its too early for Cun Xi to fall for Xin Yi. In all the episodes, it’s clear that only a couple days or maybe weeks that all this things happened between them right? It does not clearly define the stage of their relationship, they are still at the stage of getting to know and understanding their feeling most especially for Cun Xi (who is confuse almost all the time and blowing hot and cold to Xin yi) and he’s even fighting it. At this point if Xin Yi loses the baby, it makes more sense that Cun Xi can breath easily and have no more hindrance in going back to Anna. I don’t have problems with that coz there’s always Dylan LOL:) But say, if she loose the baby further in the series after developing and strenthening the main characters feelings for each other first, then i say the point of Cun Xi going after Xin Yi at this point has more weight. Just my 2 cents ….I really love this drama

  9. the caricatures are so cute. i hope you don’t mind that i snagged them. it’s currently my desktop wallpaper. 🙂

  10. michai: that’s why i linked the caricatures! feel free to take them.

    achie8275: about anna getting pregnant, I actually read it on the drama’s official website when the drama first came out. i understand there might need more development between Xin Yi and Cun Xi for it to be believable but consider how packed each episode is, adding more development might make it draggy. after all this drama is more about the silliness of the coincidences, rather than the actual relationships, IMO.

  11. oh and i rewatched the ep 10 preview over and over again and… is it possible that it wasn’t her tummy that was hurting? sorry… it’s just that i don’t understand mandarin and may have missed what she said…

  12. Will Xin Yi really lose her baby?
    Is Anna going to be pregant just like you mentioned earlier? By whom? It would complicate the story if Cun Xi gets Anna pregnant.

    And if it is true that Xin Yi will go to Shanghai with Dylan, how long will it take her to come back to Taiwan, to Cun Xi, to be precise?

  13. gah, so tempted to say: screw cun xi, dylan and xin yi look so much cuter together =3 however, i must still root for the two main leads to end up together, as a loyal drama fan would.. ><;

    wow next episode looks intense.

  14. Spoiler :

    In the manga, it says Xin yi loses her baby due to a car accident. and then she leave the Ji family because of the divorce agreement.
    after that, she goes to shanghai with Dylan
    and dylan proposes to her after awhile [ they been there around 2 years? ] and i believe she rejects him.
    anna has a show in shanghai i think.. and cun xi bumps into her there or he finds her …
    after that he has the balls to break up with anna and says he’s in love with xin yi.
    then he sets up all these art classes to see xin yi and does something over night for xin yi but falls sick.
    and then cun xi is in the hospital and then xin yi is there too.
    cun xi asked i believe if she still loves him.
    and then she says yeah
    then he asks for another baby [x

  15. anyone knows how many episode this drama gonna be? coz someone posted that it will be extended…thanks……

  16. pinklady: you must be in a hurry to know how many episodes there are for this drama. lol judging by the number of times you posted to ask this question.
    i think it’s approx 15 episodes long. it’ll end on june 22nd but i suspect it will be extended due to popular demand. if it does extend, it will prob drag to be 17 episodes total and prob won’t go beyond 17.
    no i don’t know where you can read the novel in english. i’m not into this drama enough to actually look for the manga and novel online. but gl scouting!

  17. thanks….^^…its just kill to wait every week for an episode…hope they dont make it draggy…..thanks again….

    PS: i love ur web ……the episode review is so complete …thanks again…luv ya work…

  18. nowaayyy.. to have anna also pregnant.. that’s gonna be way annoying and a hell good enough reason to create a couple of draggy episodes. I hate the storyline where the guy goes like “oh i feel sorry for her, so i shouldn’t be selfish and abandon my love” since it’s just gonna add a couple of episodes before ofcourse he realized that he couldn’t forget his love anyway. Hope this doesn’t happen

  19. anna getting pregnant? impossible, right?, i don’t think it’s gonna happen, It’s gonna make the story very complicated…i think Xin yi might lose her baby (but i hope not) and Cun Xi might understand that he has feelings towards Xin yi not because of the baby actually because he’s fallen in love.

    in meantime Xin yi gonna be sooo beautiful that Cun Xi understands that his feeling toward Anna isn’t strong like his feeling toward Xin yi.

    and a happy end………

    i just made it up but it’s very likely to happen. many dramas end just like that………………..

  20. OR maybe the baby’s about to be born. orrrrr they baby keeps kicking her or something. we dont know yet. butim pretty excited!!! 🙂

  21. the baby can’t be about to born. her belly’s not up yet. the fetus is still very small to make any noticeable impact on the mom at 3 months when the belly is still virtually flat.

  22. i really like this drama an it’s killing me to wait for 1 week before the other episode (longer for the eng subb).. but can you suggest any other good comedy drama.. thanks in advance.. ^_^

  23. toni2twiggy: if it’s just comedy drama, then you can try looking up Absolute Boyfriend. it’s jdrama but it’s comedy drama.

  24. just finished watching fated to love you episode 11 on mysoju.com. it was awsome. i just loved it. i also think that dylan and chen xin yi should be together. he understands her very much and actually takes the time to see the real her. that cun xi, he gets me mad. at how dumb he acts. well yeah. i hope that dylan and xin yi get together but i know it wont happen. and that sucks.

  25. i really love this movie.. hope this movie has happe ending. i like cun xi and xin yi get together. can’t wait to watch next episode.

  26. Hi..did someone know more about the sister from Dylan? Before I thought it was Xin Yi but its impossible because she has her mom and the sis.
    Sometimes I think maybe its Anna. What about you?
    I hope so much that Xin Yi is his sister…….! Dylan is so sweet and always care about Xin Yi.

  27. i think it might just be one of the plot devices that gets dropped early in the drama. could be wrong but i don’t think it’s going to have much of an impact on the story. but if it does then it’ll prob just give dylan a legit reason to give up Xin Yi as a romantic partner.

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