Wish to See You Again Episode 14 Rough Recap

Ah Hao comes over to the Pan household to bid them farewell and to thank them for taking care of him during the years that he’s been in Taiwan. Naturally, Neng Zhen does not take the departure well. She points out the parallel between the male characters in Xu Le’s novels and Ah Hao’s decision to leave the ones he love or loves him. To Neng Zhen’s blame, all Ah Hao can do is take them in, hoping that one day she will find her own happiness.

As Ah Hao walks out of the Pan household, he meets Xu Le who is returning home. Ah Hao briefly explains his visit as a gesture of saying goodbye. Before leaving, Ah Hao asks Xu Le to watch over Xiao Ma for him.

Ah Hao: “I’m content that you (Xu Le) have Neng Xian and Xiao Ha has Lu Yi.”
Xu Le: “What about you?”
Ah Hao pauses, “When one day I can live without regrets, I will be able to tell you.”

After a short exchange, they bid each other goodbye.

Ah Hao: Don’t worry, I will come back.
Xu Le: When you come back you better..
Ah Hao: I know, I will keep in touch with you.

They look at each other and smile.

Xu Le: Then I won’t go to the airport tomorrow.
Ah Hao: I know, you’ve never liked separation.

They both smile.

Xu Le: Never say goodbye.
Ah Hao: Never say goodbye.

The same night, Lu Yi and Xiao Ma both stay up in separate places, thinking things over. Both hesitate to call each other, both give up that idea.

The next morning, Neng Zhen finds Lu Yi and convinces her to see Ah Hao for one last time at the airport, or, if her desire presses, she can go to America with him. Lu Yi agrees and goes to the airport with Neng Zhen. They spot Ah Hao. Lu Yi walks over while Neng Zhen remains in the distance.

Lu Yi: I finally realized, the reason I couldn’t let go of “us” is not because I’m still in love with you. It’s because I couldn’t let go of the hatred I had towards your abandonment. I don’t hate you anymore. Instead, I give you my sincere blessing.
Ah Hao: Thank you. I’m glad you are able to see through that.
Lu Yi: Don’t worry about me, I will go after my own happiness. You should do the same. Don’t let the right person slip away again.

Lu Yi points to Neng Zhen’s direction. They walk over, Lu Yi puts Neng Zhen’s hand into Ah Hao’s, officially withdrawing herself out of the love triangle. Ah Hao finally opens up and decides to accept Neng Zhen. A loose end is tied up.

Xu Le goes to see Xiao Ma to mend their friendship. Xiao Ma demands for a plausible explanation. Xu Le can provide none. Disappointed and hurt, Xiao Ma tells Xu Le he doesn’t want to see him ever again.

Returning to work, Xiao Ma asks his boss to arrange the training as soon as possible and calls Lu Yi for a last trip together.

Neng Xian comes over to visit Xu Le. She brings up the ambiguous relationship between Xu Le and Lu Yi again. Xu Le’s only answer is for her to trust him. She tells him she trusts him, (yeah right) yet wonders why he cannot explain the situation to her to appease her uneasiness. Wrapped up in a friendship crisis, financial hardship, and relationship issue, Xu Le finally breaks down. He grabs Nancy into a hug and starts to kiss her frantically. She pushes him away. Then cautiously, she asks, “Is this what happened between you and Lu Yi?” Incredulous, Xu Le turns around and says grudgingly, “I admit I couldn’t contain myself just then. But that’s because I want to get close to you, because I like you. I can understand if you become angry at me for doing that. But if you still think there is something between Lu Yi and I, I will be utterly disappointed.”

To ease up the atmosphere a little, Xiao Ma, Lu Yi, Nancy and their fellow co-workers go on an annual trip. Beginning of the trip, everyone seems to enjoy themselves. Once they settle down at night for an around the table game, the heavy atmosphere returns and lingers.

The group of people decide to play a game where each says something they’ve never done before. During Xiao Ma’s turn, he confesses to Lu Yi again that he has never fallen in love with a woman other than Lu Yi. Lu Yi, in return tells him that she has never developed anything with Xu Le other than friendship. The mood tenses and Xiao Ma sinks into an alcohol-indulging state.

Before the trip is over, Lu Yi and Xiao Ma finally open up to talk about their relationship problem. Lu Yi frankly admits that being with Xiao Ma brings her surprises and happiness. However, she wants to wait till she can love Xiao Ma wholeheartedly before accepting him. Xiao Ma confirms that the man in Lu Yi’s heart is not Xu Le and jokes that one day when he sees the bastard that made Lu Yi miserable, he will be sure to wave a fist at that guy’s face. Xiao Ma takes out the engagement ring, throws it into the lake and turns to Lu Yi to announce her freedom.

Mother Pan lost a fair amount of money from stocks. One day Father Pan mentions their saving, intending to buy a bigger house. Afraid that Father Pan will find out she lost the money, Mother Pan hastily returns home, under the excuse of flushing the unattended toilet. She calls Xu Le and asks him for 5,000,000 TD. Xu Le tells her he will be able to lend her the money once his book publishes. She flares up, thinking Xu Le is stingy about money. Xu Le explains to her that he, in a way, gave away 80,000,000 TD to a friend. Furious now, Mother Pan scolds Xu Le for “lying”, leaving Xu Le feeling worse than ever. Poor guy, doing everything for everybody, yet his only reward is misunderstanding after misunderstanding.

The last day of the trip, Lu Yi receives a letter from Xiao Ma. In the letter, Xiao Ma tells her that he is leaving for Switzerland this very afternoon. If she shows up, he will know she is willing to accept him. If she doesn’t, then he will leave with a smile on his face. Maybe a year later, when he returns from Switzerland, something will spark between them two again. Maybe, nothing will happen. But no matter what, he will always save a place for her in his heart. Upon finishing the letter, Lu Yi promptly decides to go to the airport to tell Xiao Ma that she will wait for him.

On the way to the airport, Lu Yi tries to contact Xiao Ma, no avail. When she arrives at the airport, the plane has already taken off. Little does she know, Xiao Ma was in a car accident.

Two more episodes to go!

3 thoughts on “Wish to See You Again Episode 14 Rough Recap”

  1. Irognotmis, you did this translation so fast.
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate your effort and your kindness to do this.

    I really touching the words you have wrote : Poor guy, doing everything for everybody, yet his only reward is misunderstanding after misunderstanding.

    Yeah poor guy. I sad for him and I almost cry when I read your word.

    Thank you once again.

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