Fated to Love You Episode 9 Preview


Not much thought towards it other than the fact that Xin Yi looks nice with wavy hair at the auction.
I’m sure the indifference is not just me.

But, for some of you:
Cun Xi goes to Jiang Mu Island at night to make Jiang Jun bun for Xin Yi, who’s been craving for it. Anna ends up in the hospital. The ballet director is enraged at Anna’s recklessness and takes her off the role. Anna returns to TW. Cun Xi decides to put a set of valuable jewelery up for auction using Xin Yi’s name. The money will go to charity. Cun Xi ends up being the highest bid, touching Xin Yi into tears. Separately, Xin Yi tells Cun Xi to stop being so nice to her because she’s afraid that she will fall in love with him. Cun Xi hushes her up with a kiss. End of preview. Now,

Preview 2 + Preview 3

14 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 9 Preview”

  1. Oh please master irugnotmis, post the recap of episode 9!! we all have been waiting for this episode, and since i don’t get a clue of what its being said i need you to survive until subs are available!!

    Please, im n my knees, at list the first 15 minutes!!! or the preview for episode 9……

    Thanks in advance..

    A desperate fan of ftly

  2. Again My thanks for the summary for episode 8. Can’t wait to see it. It’s getting pretty much interesting now that anna is coming back to Taiwan. I just wish there will be more Dylan on the upcoming episode…Hey! i miss the guy 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the english translation! Please keep doing what you’re so good at doing (translation!)

  4. omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg



    good hair??? cool lol..

    thanks sweetie

  5. ahhh episode 9 sounds so exciting. I can’t wait to see it….or until it airs.haha.
    EEEKkkkk a KISS! finally
    i hope he actually means the kiss and isn’t doing it just to hush her up 😀
    but yet i also think he is falling head over heels for her. sigh.
    and yeah i agree, her hair looks cute!

  6. Please give us a recap on episode 8 since I can’t undertand(taiwanese?). I can’t wait for it to go on mysoju.com. Please Please Please! Mahalo!

  7. thanks alot wen r u going to do the summary for ep 8 and ur work is good i really appreciated thank u love ya

  8. Suzuka: you can actually find the raw episode easily on youtube. if not tudou or youku would both have it. starting tomorrow that is.

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