Fated to Love You Episode 8 Preview

Another Preview.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi are born on the same day. How will they spend their birthday together? Where will Anna fit in? Well, we’ll find out soon.

Of course, allllllll the coincidences that occur one after another is totally, completely, utterly, reasonable. After all, this drama is called Fated to Love You, right? But, doesn’t Fate ever get tired of playing the same game so many times? I know I am.

21 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 8 Preview”

  1. ftly is gettin’ boring for some reason x.x; irugnotmis do you know what the ending is? i need some spoilers so i can officially remove this from my currently-watching list…, lawl ><;

  2. ~rosie: I totally agree with you. One of those days, I’m going to stop recapping for FTLY all together.
    On the other hand, why don’t you add The Last Scandal of My Life to your currently watching list? 🙂

  3. LOL isn’t that how all dramas end up? Let’s just fast forward to the last episode and imagine the happily ever after for ourselves. and then, we’re done! Whoo Hoo!

  4. totally agree with some of you guys. ftly is getting soapy. i just want to fast forward to the day she gives birth and disappears… very greek tycoonish silhoutte/mills&boon storybook romance. ha!

    may i be so bold as to suggest “absolute boyfriend” live action(jdrama) and awaiting spotlight(kdrama) for your possible playlist?

  5. I’m sorry that some of you seems to have lost interest in the drama. I think the best is yet to come. But different people different tastes.

    If you really want spoilers I don’t think you will see Xin Yi giving birth. But she and Cun Xi will most probably end up together anyway. That’s the story in a nutshell, boy meet girl, boy loses girl, boy meet girl again.

  6. FTLY seems to be hitting all the clichĂ© boxes lately. So… my comment was sort of tongue-in-cheek, to be honest.

    Anna will come back – and either Cun Xi will turn back to her out of habit and obligation, breaking Xin Yi’s heart (and possibly causing her to lose the baby in some tramatic incident that will bring him back). Then they’ll do some rebuilding of relationship, that Stephen dude will probably cause trouble as soon as things seem smooth again.

    Then the problems are going to solve themselves because Xin Yi is a wonderful person, bla bla, and happy ending with the two together and Xin Yi giving birth/pregnant again.

    There. We’ll see how accurate this is. XD

  7. LOL. me too. my interest in this drama is waning. i haven’t even watched the last english subbed eppie. that’s how i am with currently airing dramas though. i prefer to do marathons of complete korean and japanese dramas rather than wait with bated breath for the next episodes.

    thanks for the good times so far, irugnotmis. your ftly recaps have been wonderful. and your pic is very interesting.

  8. Anonymous: I haven’t done the recap yet. Am currently too busy to write the recap. Will try to fit that into my schedule SOME time this week.

  9. waahh.. cant wait for your episode 8 summary..
    pls make it asap.. haha.. just kidding!

    il just wait for it..

  10. Hi! I’ve been visiting your blog…I love it! Job well done! I’m waiting for episode 8 summary…I’m so excited…weeeheee!!!

  11. I like the soapy feeling. I’m watching this series for entertainment, loving the cliches, loving the corny-i-ness. The producers are giving the audience what sells. I’m sold.

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