Wish to See You Again Episode13 Late Mini Recap

Embarrassed from the bombardment of questions regarding marriage, Neng Xian escapes out of the door. Xu Le runs out after. Neng Xian presses him again to explicitly state his feeling towards her. Xu Le dryly replies that he finds inspirations whenever he holds her hand. Disappointed at the vague answer, Nancy edges away. Xu Le finally lets out,”I like you. I, like you.” Without hesitance, he continues, “Sorry, it’s my fault that I don’t understand you well enough, but I will try my best from now on.” And that, is how Xu Le manages to turn his world upside down.

How to make Xu Le’s life miserable / 6 steps to integrate into the Pan family:

  1. Make Xu Le move in with the rest of the Pan family. – Done.
  2. Force Xu Le to get up early. – Artfully carried out by Father Pan and Mother Pan. What they did was bicker loudly about whether or not to wake Xu Le up in the morning. Surely enough, Xu Le not only woke up, he got up to break the argument.
  3. Force Xu Le play Tai Chi with father Pan. – Also done
  4. Force Xu Le to buy grocery with mother Pan. – No doubt about it.
  5. Introduce Xu Le to all of mother Pan’s friends and showcase the son-in-law to be. – Of course when that’s being executed, the Xu Le that hates to be in the center of attention runs for his life, creating a live show of the crazy-ladies-chasing-after-the-handsome-idol scene.
  6. Eliminate every private moment Xu Le has with himself. – Yes, as expected, the Pan couple calls on Xu Le right when he’s about to enjoy himself for a little quiet rest.

Of course Xu Le’s problem is not limited to dealing with Neng Xian’s parents.

Ah Hao officially rejected Neng Zhen. When Xu Le is leaving the Pan house, he meets Neng Zhen coming home, crying. Neng Zhen tells Xu Le, Ah Hao will not allow any woman to endure hardship with him before he has the ability to buy back his father’s factory. Xu Le gets an idea.

Xu Le finds out the name of Ah Hao’s father’s factory and buys it off its current owner – Ah Hao father’s friend who betrayed the friendship and tricked Ah Hao to obtain the entire factory. To gather enough money to purchase back the factory for Ah Hao, Xu Le sold his new sports car.

Ah Hao decides to go back to America now that he has his father’s company back. Xiao Ma, at the same time, is appointed to Switzerland for further training. He decides to take Nancy to training with him. But before he does, he wants to propose to Lu Yi.

Xiao Ma comes over to Xu Le’s apartment asking Xu Le to tag along with him and Nancy to Switzerland but accidentally intercepts a text message between Lu Yi and Xu Le. Lu Yi tells Xu Le in the text message that she cannot make herself fall in love with Xiao Ma.

Adrenaline immediately rushes into every vain of Xiao Ma’s body, he steps out of Xu Le’s apartment without a second glance, mistakenly thinking Xu Le and Lu Yi had an affair. Xiao Ma proposes to Lu Yi later at night as a means to test her. Lu Yi refuses the proposal, sending Xiao Ma on the verge of a dangerous explosion. He decides to leave for Switzerland early.

Looks like Xu Le will need a whole bottle of Advil to deal with the oopses in life. We, the audience will need an equal dose of painkiller to get through the next few episodes as this series is starting to drag with too much angst.

2 thoughts on “Wish to See You Again Episode13 Late Mini Recap”

  1. Oh, big big big thank you for this recap.

    Xu le is the person don’t like as a center, but as supporter.
    He is a person who loses love from since as a kid, so didn’t know how to expres his feeling love.
    But when the time to write on his novel, its not big problem

    Hohohoo, scene in the house of NX parents is terribel, but at the same time very funny.

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