Run Papa Run Sneak Peeeek


Directed by Sylvia Chang, the movie explores the transformation of a callous gangster to a devoted father.

Li Tian En (Louis Koo) is a member of the triad. He is a one because it’s cool to get a Bruce Lee haircut; because it’s cool to show off the muscles and the kung fu; because it’s just cool. (Not that I recommend it, but you get the idea.) One day he meets Mei Bao (Rene Liu) and Boom, passion explodes like a firecracker. Then a baby is born.

Now that Li Tian En has a baby And a wife. He has a new direction in life too, to be a good father.

4 thoughts on “Run Papa Run Sneak Peeeek”

  1. Sneak peek?

    Aww this film looks happy and sad at the same time.. hope the daddy doesn’t get killed by some mob in the end. That’ll suck..

    Why does this remind me of “Tian Xia Wu Zei” for some reason.. (you know the movie I’m talking about, right?)

  2. I know this isn’t exactly a Sneak Peak since it came out in theatres yesterday. but I’ve been thinking about writing a short preview for awhile. it’s been sitting in the back of my head nagging me to actually write it.

    The dad does die, unfortunately. but it seems like such a warm, loving movie, I just can’t resist the “aww” moment.

  3. Oh I know this is a sneak peek, but isn’t it peek and not peak? Lol.. yeah really have to stop being a spelling Nazi…

    So the daddy dies?? Wahh.. hopefully the aww moments make up for the tragic ending =(

  4. Haha thank you for pointing out the spelling error again. I’m such a terrible speller lol what would I do without you?

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