8 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 7 Preview”

  1. ><; didn’t quite get that last part about anna in the preview… so cun xi felt bitter thinking about her? o.O;

    and yeahh totally agree with your last sentence.

  2. the last sentence really gOes to everyOne..

    OMG.. thnx sO much fOr all these preview.. ii just can’t wait tO watch them.. but ii have nO luck finding any website that uplOad it with english sub!

    anyOne noe any Other than crunchyrOll, mysOju, and yOutube?

    thnx again fOr ur hard wOrk! =)


  3. i really love this tdrama it’s really romantic and it has a sense of humor at the same time…i’ve been curious.. is the show really based on a novel? A chinese novel? i’ve read in other forums and others have been saying that… it is.. some have been posting remarks that xin yi is going to have miscarriage?? I was like nooOooo.. but anyways those are just assumptions.. i read the novel called seperate beds.. it’s interesting because the plot is sorta like the show FTLY, but more intense. The similarity that was obvious was the girl got pregnant and then the guy(came from a rich family, and a lawyer 25) marries her(college student, 19, wanted to be a ballerina).. the guy loves another girl or was attracted to somebody else.. he gets confused.. starts to have feelings for his wife..but wife acted all cold towards him because after all they had a contract… wahas they seperated after that..she has a baby girl.. but yeah it was a happy ending.. I hope it’s a happy ending for FTLY. =) too.

  4. ohhh…that sounds like such a good book!!!…is it anime or a novel…hmm imma go check it out but where can i find it qtieekurama??…jw…
    man! i cant wait till tmrs episode..im just so happiez that i found this drama through this forum…ahhh…i cant wait..its gonna be so intense and kute the next eppi..lmao..=]

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