They Kiss Again Last Episode Preview and Thought

Well, it’s the last episode.

Despite it’s Excellent rating, the pervasive silliness that’s supposedly laugh-provoking is too much for me to stand. Not to mention the oh-so-fake supporting actor/actresses. But, I think the two main character deserve some appraisal. I take my hat off to Ariel Lin for convincingly portray a brainless, impulsive Yuan Xiang Qing, as irritating as the character may be from time to time; and Joe Cheng for the half smiles, the teases, and the tenderness he displays towards Xiang Qing. (melts)

The perview looks rather sad. Xiang Qing is pregnant, for real this time. But she’s unhappy and runs away from home. Presumably the baby is prone to or already acquired birth defects as foreshadowed in an earlier episode where Zhi Shu made a speech about the possibility of genetic mutation and uses him and his wife as an example.

The audience is expected to shed tears along Xiang Qing’s trial as she revisits famous sites from It Started with A Kiss where Zhi Shu and her first kiss, first date, etc. And then Zhi Shu finally finds her after a lot of angst (and more tears), comforts her, takes her back home. Everybody’s happy. The end.

I always think, if this drama weren’t So exaggerated and irritatingly idiotic, I would really enjoy watching Joe and Ariel’s interaction. Unfortunately They Kiss Again focuses on the typical Taiwanese humor whose charm evades me, completely. Fortunately, Ariel is confirmed to act in two new dramas, one of which will have Joe Cheng as the male lead, although unconfirmed (detail here). Let’s just Hope (with the capital H) for something good.

21 thoughts on “They Kiss Again Last Episode Preview and Thought”

  1. Every time I come across this, I think, oh god, I’m so in the minority that hates the ‘Kiss’ series.

    *headdesks* They just get on my nerves, honestly. Zhi Shu perhaps less so, but the TW humour? Over-the-top.

  2. Oh last episode! I can’t say I loved TKA … since the TW humor does deem somewhat cheap. But Joe & Ariel make SUCH a cute couple! It’s so sweet to watch =)

    And, what birth defects? Oh no!! Ahh this whole series has been so jolly… the scriptwriters can’t just … ugh!

    Wow Ariel will collab with Mike He? Never been a fan of MH…. :S Looking forward to her new drama with Joe though! Any idea what it’s about?

  3. sevenses: Then we are in the minority together! Not so lonely anymore. 🙂

    Jess: Actually Ariel will Not collab with Mike He. (which is great, because personally, I don’t think Mike He can act after suffering through Bull Fighting) No idea what it’s about yet, but when I do, I will promote it here 😀 What I do know is that Ariel will cut her hair Short for one of the two dramas.

  4. I do love TKA , Joe and Ariel are perfect couple. They are very sweet together so natural and everything. I don’t think there will be a problem with the baby, as you might notice in the preview XQ is afraid that she will disappoint ZS because she lack of confident to raise a child. That’s why she ran away.

    What’s wrong with TW humor ? I find it’s very sweet, cute and lovely which part you don’t like?

  5. ohh tka! it’s so adorable ^_^ i guess i enjoyed watching it, although it’s kinda weird how a problem arises in every episode, but ends happily. getting too predictable.. and yup, agree with aurora on the confidence in raising a child thing. don’t think there will be any problems with the baby… tka would lose a massive amount of fans if the ending is that morose xP

    thanks for keeping us updated, irugnotmis! ^^

  6. I’m rather curious to see her as Huang Rong in the remake of the remake of the remake… aka Return of Condor Heroes. She’s got the impish down pat, I have to say.

  7. Me too! I’ve been waiting and checking for the broadcasting date for Return of Condor Heroes every now and then. The production team has been dubbing the series for a month now, I wonder when it’ll be put out on the table.

  8. They’re probably waiting for summer proper so they can get the max volume of younger viewers. That’s what I would do – esp as the actors in this one probably aren’t going to attract the Jinyong diehards in the older generation.

    I’m just worried they’ll mess with the source material. Like… I don’t know, make YK good or smtg.

    This summer’s going to be interesting!

  9. sevenses: I’ve heard rumors that Jin Yong edited the plot line to make Guo Jin acquire a scar on his face after Hu Ge’s accident. On top of that, I know the series skips over most of book 1 about Guo Jin’s childhood and the period of time before he is born since this large chunk is said to be “slow”.
    I’m actually not too worried about them messing with the source material, as long as they execute it well.
    I just can’t wait for it to broadcast!!

    iswak: Yeah, I know the entire drama is based off a Japanese Manga, so are most TW dramas nowadays. I’ve never actually read it, is it any good?

  10. oopsies i meant ANIME ver. i nvr read the manga either =P=P nd its currently airing (only 4 eps so far)

    oh ya totally agree ’bout how tw dramas are always based off jap mangas.. like, sweet relationship, meteor garden, iswak, mars, etc etc. they need more imagination, those tw directors/screenwriters

  11. iswak: yeah I agree. Instead of base most of those dramas off Japanese Manga, they should come up with something more representative of TW and its culture.
    I didn’t know there’s an anime version of it. I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks for the info.

  12. beginning of season 2 was okay but the ending was so disappointing.. what i felt was the opposite of season 1.. hmm.. i think they’re going to make another sequel since season 2 clicked.. i think that’s why they left some questions like: if qiang xin’s pregy or not and if she’ll lose her sight… I hate endings like these..

  13. gusto ko lang naman malaman na kung na ka panganak na si jenny sa they kiss again at sana oo may anak na sila ni micheal kailan ipapalabas ang last episode please…………………………………

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