From Legally Blind to 500 Degrees, All in 3 Months

The news article in a nutshell: A 17-year-old high school student diagnosed with myopia since elementary school showed an improvement in eyesight (from legally blind to 500 degrees) after three months of acupuncture treatment.

Aside from the Wow! and the skepticism for its long lasting effects, I do think Eastern medicine is vastly intriguing if not fascinating. It’s such a pity that not much research has been done to look at Eastern medical practices (spiritual practices not included) or the evolution of acupuncture for better understanding. The fact that acupuncture is so closely connected with the notion of antinociceptive to the western culture limits people’s understanding of its other capabilities. Consequently, when we hear news like this, we are utterly impressed but know nothing about its underlying mechanisms or ways to implement it for larger or massive uses.

Enough of the blog hogging, I Need to get to my homework so I can catch a couple hours of sleep before another Long day.

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