Fated to Love You 6: Ji Cun Xi’s Trap of Gentleness

So hot water suddenly turned cold when Xin Yi is comfortably taking her shower after a Long day. She screams, Cun Xi’s protective nature takes over, he rushes over, wraps Xin Yi in layers and layers of towels so she doesn’t get sick. Grandma “happens” to brewed ginger tea and “happens” to pass by Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s room, (no no no, there is totally no curious grandma who looms over her grandson’s room to eavesdrop) she then enters “just in time” to hand Xin Yi a cup of hot ginger tea and lingers to await for any “excitement” that can happen anytime between the couple. Before she leaves, she doesn’t forget to hint at Cun Xi “Xin Yi isn’t wearing anything… Don’t let her catch a cold!” That night, Cun Xi lets Xin Yi sleep on the bed and resorts to sleeping on the sofa instead.

Next morning, Cun Xi climbs onto bed next to Xin Yi in his pajamas and starts to gently kiss her jawline. She turns to face Cun Xi, only gives him the perfect opportunity to trace her face with his lips. Forehead, then nose, and finally her lips… The camera shifts, Cun Xi is dressed and putting a final touch on his tie. He looks over at Xin Yi, who’s grasping the air while giggling, “Cun Xi, stop” to the dog that’s licking her face. 😀 Cun Xi thought to himself, “she must’ve had a rough day last night.” He removes the dog to let Xin Yi sleep better. Now without the licking, Xin Yi sits up her in lucid dream, arm stretched and starts calling after the invisible Cun XI, “Don’t go! Don’t go!” She wakes up. It’s all but a wonderful dream. Darn, don’t we wish it’s real?

Xin Yi gets up but couldn’t locate her luggage anywhere. In place of her luggage is a post-it, written by Cun Xi (!) it reads: how many times do you want me to trip over your luggage? I put it away. A little further on the wall, another post-it patiently awaits: Remember to eat breakfast. 🙂

Out on the breakfast table, Zhen Ren comes over to discuss the negotiation with Stephen Chou. Cun Xi cuts him off and tells Zhen Ren that he changed his mind about selling Jiang Mu Island later when they are away from the dining table. While visiting, Zhen Ren learned that Cun Xi’s wife is from Jiang Mu Island and deduced that the reason his brother refused to sell the island at the last minute is because of her. Before Cun Xi leaves the house to go to work, Xin Yi runs out to thank Cun Xi for emptying a space for her to put her belongings. Not knowing how to react to Xin Yi’s genuine appreciation, Cun Xi hastily covers it up by telling Xin Yi not to say thank you so often because it gives him a headache. Xin Yi smiles at Cun Xi’s reply and wishes him a safe trip. While walking away, Cun Xi cannot hide the smile from his face any longer.

Not long before Cun Xi left the house, Wu Chen Feng Jiao, Xin Yi’s sister, comes knocking at the Ji family gate. After welcoming Feng Jiao warmly, Xin Yi asks if something had happened to the family that induced Feng Jiao’s visit. Feng Jiao replies that nothing happened to the family, but something happened to her. As Feng Jiao recounts her story with a handful of sobs and snots, Xin Yi and grandma learned that: when Feng Jiao happily bought a camcorder home intending to record the process of delivery one day, her husband Wu Qi Qi responded by turning purple at the idea of having to enter the delivery room and promptly refused. Thinking her husband doesn’t display any consideration to the hardship she endures as a pregnant woman, the simple headed Feng Jiao runs away from home and catalyzes “a Series of Unfortunate Events”. Xin Yi reminds her sister that Wu Qi Qi faints at the sight of blood, but the determined Feng Jiao insists that it’s her husband who is out of line and ultimately unappreciative. Oh the irony. Grandma urges for Feng Jiao to stay and arranges for her to attend Dr Hao’s pregnant woman’s lesson with Xin Yi.

Back in Cun Xi’s office, Anson (long time no see) enters with bad news. The company’s rival recently developed a new formula for their soap with added ingredients that’s claimed to be mild enough for babies. Johnson’s baby product anyone? The connection between Cun Xi and Dr. Hao is poorly threaded. On top of the new product, the rival company has also sent the soap to Dr. Hao Zhen Chang, asking him to aid the promotion. Anson then takes Cun Xi to the window display of a collection of all the soaps sold in the Ji family history, revealing the fact that the soap selling business has been passed on from generations to generations in the Ji family for ages and each time a generation succeeds the business, the soap adorns a different package. “It’s been 27 years since the soap last changed its appearance, the lack of product promotion leads to a decrease in consumer’s interest for the product.” In the midst of all the worrying, grandma’s call reminds Cun Xi that maybe there is a way to help the product’s promotion without breaking its tradition.

In attempt to out-compete the rival company, Cun Xi arrives at Dr. Hao’s pregnant woman lesson. He convinces Dr. Hao to give him a chance to amend for his rudeness during their first encounter and proceed to treat the astonished but content Xin Yi with utter tenderness. When Dr. Hao asks for a couple to demonstrate the correct way of massaging the wife’s leg, Cun Xi volunteers and asks Xin Yi to place confidence in him. Up in front of the whole class, Cun Xi tenderly massages Xin Yi’s legs while smiling at her for assurance. Dr Hao finally puts down his grudge against Cun Xi upon seeing the loving exchange of glances and the trust displayed between the couple. After the class concludes its session, Cun Xi approaches Dr. Hao with a new set of attitude. He sends Xin Yi away with a credit card, telling her to take her sister to go to the major tourist sites in Taipei. The love, the tenderness, and the attention just a minute ago suddenly evaporated into thin air. Aware of the the subtle changes in demeanor, a cloud looms over Dr. Hao’s knotted brow.

While Feng Jiao rejoices at the sight of a credit card and the materialistic fulfillment it promises, Anson stumbles upon them and leaks out Cun Xi’s real intention of attending the lesson. Xin Yi feels cheated.

In the doctor’s office, Cun Xi openly admits that the goal of attending the lesson and putting on an act is to get Dr. Hao to help promote the product using his influence in the field and lowly presents the doctor with a briefcase full of cash. The doctor firmly refuses and angrily accuses Cun Xi for casting shame on the product because he doesn’t understand the essence of the idea behind the product and the true value of a new life entering the world. Cun Xi stands up, unable to understand the doctor’s persistence, asserts that what the company embodies is a far more important concept and that concept of tradition means very much to him and his family. The doctor waves his arm in dismissal and challenges Cun Xi to read all of his works before approach him again.

Cun Xi returns to his office with a pile of Dr. Hao’s books and starts to read. Stephen Chou pays a visit to settle the Jian Mu Island purchase. Cun Xi confronts the gangster backgrounded Stephen and reasons that before any documents are legalized and signed, he has the right to change his mind on any decision.

Back to Xin Yi and Feng Jiao, the rebellious mother-to-be wants to spice her pregnant life a little and do some things pregnant women can’t do. She drags Xin Yi to a bar and orders the strongest alcohol beverage in the store. The bartender hands them two glasses of murky drinks. After taking a big gulp, Feng Jiao calls the bartender back and blames him for his prejudice against pregnant woman. He gave her a glass full of probiotic drink! (yummy!) The bartender argues that if anything (birth defect) happens to the baby because the mother drank before labor, he can’t take the responsibility for reinforcing it. Discouraged but not dejected, Feng Jaio drags Xin Yi to the dance floor for a more spacious surrounding. The dancing attempt didn’t result well either as the two sisters awkwardly dance in the middle of the stage while the rest of the customers stand around and watch the two. Finally the same bartender interrupts Feng Jiao’s dancing and redirects the sisters to the back, free of charge.

As Feng Jiao complains about men leading easy lives while women endure the pain and discomfort of giving birth and being pregnant, they accidentally overhear Stephen Chou and Ji Zheng Ren’s conversation about Cun Xi’s decision to sell the island for Stephen to bury heavy metal waste. What they didn’t hear is Zheng Ren’s devious plot to first get rid of Xin Yi’s baby then Cun Xi so he can become the successor to the Ji family business.

Distraught, the two sisters eventually walk to the company to find Cun Xi, but are stopped at the door. Xin Yi writes a post-it note to pass up to Cun Xi, Fong Jiao adds a line behind it. Later at night, Anson walks into Cun Xi’s office to announce 3 news. The first is that Dr. Hao’s conference is 24 hours away, meaning they still have 24 hours to make Dr. Hao change his mind. How very uplifting! The second news is that their rival company has heard Cun Xi’s failed attempt at gaining Dr. Hao’s support. The information flow sure is fast. The last news is the post-it. Xin Yi writes: You can dislike me, but how can you deceive me? Underneath is Fong Jiao’s ingenious addition: I’m going to clamp the baby (referring to abortion). Astonished but more worried than anything, Cun Xi yells out: What! You are going to clamp the baby!? Anson mistakes it as Cun Xi’s spur of the moment to visit the arcade and reaches into his pants pocket for coins. An under presented play on words.

Cun Xi rushes home right when Xin Yi is about to leave. A fierce verbal combat takes place where a series revelations eventually manifest. Xin Yi finally finds out about the aphrodisiac in the drink wayyyyy back in episode 1. Now completely defeated, she bids him farewell and apologizes for intruding his life, leaving the angry Cun Xi breathing fire all by himself on the sofa.

Recap (finally) completed.

This episode is, frankly a mesh of Cun Xi’s goal-directed display of tenderness mixed in with Xin Yi’s spoiled sister, Feng Jiao’s subplot of her one-day-rebellious attempt. It seems rather unfocused, if not clunky, with too many interesting concepts hastily compacted into one. BUT, the preview does look appealing. From Ji Cun Xi being forced to deliver a baby (Feng Jiao’s) to learning to treat Xin Yi and the baby whole heartedly, perhaps the drama is gearing towards giving us a fragment of sweetness before more conflicts are introduced.

41 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 6: Ji Cun Xi’s Trap of Gentleness”

  1. thanks for the awesome summary! i can now breathe easily as i wait for the english subs. thank you so much.

    so the preview shows that Xin Yi gives birth in episode 7 (or 8)? if she does, what will happen to her in the rest of the episodes of the drama? isn’t she supposed to leave when the baby is born? or is was that Feng Jiao’s baby?


  3. gail: it’s Feng Jiao’s baby.

    purseoholic: you’re welcome 🙂

    ROSE XIONG: you can watch the rest of it on TuDou.com but as far as I’m aware of, youtube has the complete episode up already.
    Feng Jiao is the second sister of Xin Yi, she’s the big, pregnant woman who’s the also the wife of Wu Qi Qi. Hope that clears it up for you.

  4. oh no not again! the spoilt elder sister and her crocodile tears! even though the series is growing on me I can’t stand the OTT crying scenes of the supporting cast. it stops me from taking the drama seriously. this is the first taiwanese drama that caught my curiosity and i hope it won’t be a bummer.

    but….muchos gracias, kamsahmida, arigato, salamat et obregada for the very quick and precise recap.


  6. crazyforasiandrama: if you ever come by here, can you please translate the “kamsahmida, arigato, salamat et obregada” that you wrote? ^^” couldn’t figure out what they mean.

    ROSE XIONG: I don’t know if you watch the episodes w/ or w/o the subs, but rainie777 uploads the raw episodes on youtube.

    ssxxlolxxss: thank you! hope you enjoy reading it. 🙂

  7. uhmm.. im just curios! why did xin yi scream? it didnt said there why.. “So hot water suddenly turned cold when Xin Yi is comfortably taking her shower after a Long day. She screams,” is it because of the water?? hmmm???

  8. lawl, let me translate irugnotimis =)

    kamsahmida (korean) arigato (japanese) both mean thank you. so i’m assuming salamat et obregada also mean that xD (et is french for “and” btw XP)

  9. cutie: yes, it’s because of the sudden temperature change. sorry couldn’t make it more clear.

    ~rosie: did you type an extra “e” in your name by accident? but thanks for the translation! now i think about it, i could’ve just sound it out and what it means. but thank you for saving me the work and the brain cells. 🙂

  10. oops yeah, extra “e”.. being in a hyper fangirly mode (just rewatched titanic you see, leo!! ahh that cutie..) results in spelling errors x.x

  11. awh.. that was i thought.. haha..
    thanks lah! im exicited to watch the ep5 and 6.. thank for the summary!! keep it up!!

  12. omg just watched the preview link you gave.. LOL “紀念品” as the kid’s name?!?! part of me just died laughing…

  13. thanx for the summary, i cant watch it so i just read the summary. thanx!! 🙂 hmmm, when i watched the preview, at first i thought cun xi was beginning to treat xin yi better but unfortunately, he was pretending and it was for his work. how sadd for xin yi. he’s always taking advantage of her kindness!!! 😦 feel sad for xin yi. jia you chen xin yi!! 🙂 and cun xi is often a meanie head to xin yi, but sometimes (like in ep 5), he was sorta nice to her. sometimes he shows his soft side. LOL, it was sooo funny when he was getting jealous of dylan!! 🙂 L O L!!! 😀 OMG, sooooo hilarious!!!!!! 🙂 yayyy i love this drama!! ❤ ❤

  14. irugnotmis, apologies, didn’t mean to confuse you.

    thanks rosie and gail for translating. i think i had an overdose of my daily dose of asian dramas. hehehe.

    obregada is thank you in portuguese.

  15. thanx so much…i dont understand mandarin well, so when i watched i couldn’t really understand…but now it’s so much better!

  16. dO u nOe any website that u can watch ep6 and any Other episOde with ENGLISH SUB?? bcOz ii dunnOes taiwanese! =)

    **Other episOde as in like frOm ep6 Onwards!!

    ii reallyy appreciate it alOt!!!! =)

    thnx for this review.. ii can’t wait tO watch it!


  17. lOve2laugh! –> =): I know crunchyroll uploads the series with english subtitle, so does mysoju. good luck scouting.

  18. OMG!! thnx sO much! =)

    umms.. how dOes the series end??

    wOuldn’t it be funny if father Dylan was gOing out with anna in the end.. bcOz ii saw pix and heard ppl said that!

  19. Thank you, been searching for synopsis for epi 6. So the b***tch in FTL is Anson. Wonder if Anna is going to be nasty..her character to-date does not point to that direction.

    “紀念品 (as posted by rosie)can somebody help translate in pinyin the baby’s name? Terima Kasih (pronounce Tuh-ri-ma(r) Kah-sea)thats thanks in Indonesian or the Malay language.

  20. Iadida: 紀念品 means souvenir. the first word coincides with Ji Cun Xi’s surname. In pinyin it’s “ji nian pin”


  22. l had a laugh in an earlier episode about the Ji ancestors. All photos were by the main actor, Ethan Ruan. Perhaps he also had a good time posing with different hairstyles. As ever, another superb review 😀

  23. Thanks for the summaries! 🙂 I refer to your summaries when I don’t get something that happens in the episodes, and also when I’d rather read an in-dept summary so I’ll know what to look forward to in the episodes. Thank you for your hard work! 😀

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