5 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 6 Preview”

  1. ep6 started off strong, then it just kinda went ehh…

    and that character anna, my goodness.. it just seems so ridiculous how she isn’t panicking at all about the fact the cun xi is by himself in taiwan right now. like.. hello? he’s good-looking, has a.. umm.. pretty good personality, AND owns a friggin’ company. lmao if i were her i’d be calling more often to make sure he’s not, y’know…

    lol yeah my random rants. the lack of realism of some dramas do that to me.

  2. or she’s just so darn confident that Cun Xi won’t ever escape from her palms. oh the surprise that’s BEEN waiting for her when she comes back to tw.

  3. she’s definitely overconfident.
    she herself said that in one of the episode.
    like when Cun xi ask her aren’t she worried that he will find someone else?
    then she was acting like she will be so darn sad and then saying something like but I know you will never do that. because cun xi only loves anna
    something along those lines anyway.

    overconfident girl who keeps dumping her boyfriend thinking that he will stay there waiting for her forever.
    she’s so taking him for granted.

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