Wish to See You Again Episode 12 Preview

Preview time!

From the look of the preview, episode 12 will be revolved around self-doubt of Nancy and Xu Le’s present love state. Although the drama is looking a little leaning towards melodrama with its turning the table of a well established relationship, a good point is raised: If Nancy deviates drastically from the female protagonists portrayed in Xu Le’s novels, assuming Xu Le models these fictional characters base on his idealized criteria for a girlfriend, then is he really in love with Neng Xian?

The preview seems to draw the parallel between Xu Le’s fictional character and Lu Yi in order to push the possibility that Xu Le might be subconsciously in love with Lu Yi. It’s up for the episode to unwrap the complication for the audience, but might I suggest that perhaps Xu Le’s characters are modeled after Lu Yi because she is perhaps one of the seldom females he comes in contact with?

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