5 Years, Welcome Back

After 5 years, a long missed voice is finally back.

Ever since her debut in 2002, Tai AiLing has been repeatedly praised for her ability to both emit incredible power and portray feminine tenderness. Although AiLing produced a number of well known songs such as her duet with Shin 千年之戀 and 對的人 that stayed on the most selected songs for karaoke even today, she didn’t turn out to be as popular as her songs.

After AiLing’s singing contract ends, she slumbers into a 5 year long “hiatus” where AiLing spends most of her time singing in pubs until recently Sony BMG re-introduced the talented singer with a release of Angel Wings Album. The album consists of 12 songs. 8 of which are written for AiLing specifically while the remaining 4 songs are reproductions of a few of her well known songs. The promotion song of the album is called Lag (累格), which seems to describe AiLing’s disappearance from the recording industry, according to Sony BMG. The title of the album, Angel Wings is said to dedicate to AiLing’s grandmother who died last year to thank her for watching over AiLing and giving her a new chance to release an album.

Album Cover

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