Wish to See You Again Episode 11 Recap

After Ah Hao drops Lu Yi off, the longing to be close to her makes Ah Hao follow Lu Yi to her apartment. An old lover’s exchange takes place. Lu Yi demands for an explanation for abandoning her two years ago. She receives no other than silence and Ah Hao’s ever-infuriating apologetic look. Disappointed and miserable, she runs home after leaving Ah Hao standing in the cold, digesting the angst-ridden “I hate you”.

Xu Le watched the entire exchange. He pays Lu Yi a visit. Lu Yi reveals that she and Ah Hao were lovers and ready to get married. It all changed with Ah Hao’s father’s sudden death. Ever since then, Ah Hao starts to find escape in alcohol until one day he completely disappeared. She waited for him for two years until finally she realized that he won’t come back and returned to Taiwan. Xu Le listened in silence and agree to keep it a secret for Lu Yi, but he warns her to make a decision before the secret becomes everybody’s burden.

Next day, Leo calls Xu Le for the interview.

Xu Le, picking up the phone: Hello?
Leo: Hello, Leaf?
Xu Le: Who is this? I don’t have your number on my contact list.
Leo: You probably only have about 10 numbers stored in your contact list.
Xu Le: If you don’t tell me who you are, I’m going to hang up.
Leo: Alright, alright. Why do writers all have bad tempers? Is it because you don’t have any inspiration to complete the script? It’s Leo. Our interview isn’t finished yet.
Xu Le: I’m busy.
Leo: Oh, that’s alright. I guess I will just go to your publisher or your friends. Or… the police the other day. Oh I know! I’m on a date with Neng Xian, I’ll just ask her. 😀

This Leo knows exactly how to nail Xu Le, “the genius in creation, the idiot in life”. 😀

Xu Le hastily comes to intervene Leo and Neng Xian’s so called rendez-vous. Leo doesn’t jump into asking questions, instead, he prompts Xu Le to play tennis with him and Neng Xian. Interesting guy, no? At the tennis court, Xu Le watches, more like supervises as Neng Xian and Leo play tennis. Leo challenges Xu Le to a dual, if Leo wins then Xu Le has to tell him the story behind the pen name: Leaf. Xu Le promptly rejects, stating that it’s not his habit to explain himself. Seizing the opportunity, Leo bets on Neng Xian’s kiss instead. No one protests, even the female protagonist whose cheap kiss has a 50% risk of ending up on the wrong lips. Match starts. Leo has the ball. Leo throws the ball into the air. Leo hits the ball. Ball flies across, lands on Xu Le’s face, bounces off, hits the floor. Xu Le falls backwards, tilts, and lands on his right arm. OUCH. Leo grabs Neng Xian’s arm, swings her 120 degrees into a kissing position while nudges his head at Xu Le and wrinks at Neng Xian. Xu Le, not seeing Leo’s expression, rushes to separate the two despite his wounded arm. Gasping for air, Xu Le says

Don’t touch her, she’s my girlfriend.

In the hospital, Xu Le asks his slave/girlfriend Neng Xian to buy him food. Leo comes to visit, getting on Xu Le’s nerves and causes a semi-explosion.

Leo: I bought you some apples. Want some?
Xu Le: I don’t eat apple.
Leo: You don’t eat apple? Why not? Apples are good.
Xu Le: Can you just keep your distance with me? Why are you so interested in the fact that I don’t eat apple. Do I have to have a reason for not eating apple? You really like to know the reason behind everything? Alright, I’ll tell you. I don’t eat apple because when I was young, I ate a rotten apple. Ever since I feel revolted around apples. I don’t enjoy good cuisine, I only like instant noodles, microwaveable foods, and pizza. I don’t like to waste time on food because in the end, they get released out of the body the same way. Are you satisfied now?
Leo: [pause] Very satisfied. Just not interesting enough.
Xu Le sighs. 😀

Finally, to get Leo out of his life, Xu Le agrees to an in depth interview with Leo, with pictures.

Back in Ah Hao’s little flat, he laments his lost love and baths himself in beer. Neng Zhen calls to check on him. After being hung up, she comes to the flat in person to make sure he is ok. Opening the flat door, a drunk Ah Hao awaits ans mistakes Neng Zhen for Lu Yi. Neng Zhen realizes how important Ah Hao’s girlfriend back in US means to him still and leaves sadly.

The next day, Neng Zhen goes to find Lu Yi, one is to apologize for Ah Hao’s rudeness towards Lu Yi, more importantly, to ask about Ah Hao’s girlfriend in America. Neng Zhen’s inquiry leads to the revelation that Ah Hao is still deeply in love with Lu Yi as well as a side of the truth: after his father’s factory declares bankruptcy, Ah Hao doesn’t think he can bring Lu Yi happiness anymore. He knows that if he tells Lu Yi the truth or leaves her, she will continue to stay by his side. Instead, he chooses to act as a womanizer in front of Lu Yi to break her heart in order to force her to leave him willingly. Lu Yi hastily excuses herself and runs to the airport to find Ah Hao. Ah Hao pushes Lu Yi away from him again, but both he and Lu Yi know that no matter how hard he tries to push her away, it’s of no avail now that she knows the truth.

Xu Le on the other hand is doing is best to get rid of Leo. The two men go in for a photo shoot where Leo is the photographer and Xu Le the photographed. The picture shoot that isn’t going smoothly. Xu Le’s tense expression in front of the camera is making the entire photo-taking process irritating, even for the always good humored Leo. However, this stoic rigidity dissolves into a warm radiant and almost charming smile the moment Neng Xian steps foot onto the shooting site. Suddenly, a disastrous picture-taking experience transforms into a lover’s inextricable locking of the eyes.

Few days passed, the 101 working crew stayed late into the night to discuss a plan. Xiao Ma emphasizes the urgency of the plan and hints for its completion before the following day. He then lets all of the crew member go home, leaving only Ah Hao to complete the work all by himself. As he nudges Neng Xian away, who plans to stay with Ah Hao to help, he tells her that all the work and the isolation is part of his devious plan for Ah Hao’s surprise birthday celebration.

Neng Xian, Xiao Ma, and Xu Le each put on a clown hat and brings champagne, cake, and candles back to the office for the surprise. Neng Xian stays downstairs to wait for her sister while Xu Le and Xiao Ma carry the foods and drinks upstairs. Before they enter Ah Hao’s office, the two men realize they don’t have a lighter to light the candles. Xiao Ma walks to a nearby store to buy a lighter while Xu Le waits at Ah Hao’s door. Peeking into the door that’s left ajar, Xu Le sees Lu Yi, engaged in a conversation with Ah Hao. He eavesdrops for a little but warns the two inside just in time for Xiao Ma to detect anything. And so all of the important people gather together to celebrate Ah Hao’s birthday, except not everybody is happy.

On the way home that night, before leaving Xiao Ma’s car, Lu Yi tries to tell Xiao Ma about her and Ah Hao, but eventually decides to swallow it down. Back in her apartment, completely alone, the troubled Lu Yi drifts in and out of flashbacks of Ah Hao while holding Xiao Ma’s lovingly written post card.

Next day, the owner of the taxi company calls Xu Le for a visit. Xu Le opens the door to leave but finds Lu Yi at the door. She begs him to take her somewhere, anywhere. They went to the taxi company’s merry periodical food gathering. Lu Yi lets herself go and toasts with everyone and anyone until every pore of her skin is soaked with beer. One of the fellow taxi drivers take them both to Xu Le’s house. Lu Yi follows into Xu Le’s house, begging him to let her stay. Doesn’t matter where, as long as she’s not left by herself all alone at home.

The next morning, Neng Xian comes with breakfast to dine with Xu Le but finds Lu Yi in Xu Le’s house. A glimpse of uneasiness flashes across her face. Everybody’s boat is about to rock.

3 thoughts on “Wish to See You Again Episode 11 Recap”

  1. irugnotmis, thanks so much for the recap.
    WTSYA episod 11 is very very amazing.
    Many sweet moment btween XU LE and Nancy.
    Also there is many scene is really funny and sweet.
    thanks one more time

  2. May u translate more >>the scenes that XL asked Nancy to type for her and NC talked about the owl souvenirs which they bought @ Alisan??

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