Fated to Love You 5: It’s Not Easy to be Ji Cun Xi’s Bride

It’s not easy to be Ji Cun Xi’s bride? Definitely.

Continue from last time, Dylan helps Xin Yi picking up the scattered files on the street and accidentally sees the divorce agreement. He slides the file back into the envelope and hands it back to Xin Yi, who is blissfully oblivious of the unpleasant surprise ahead. Dylan offers to take Xin Yi home to Cun Xi’s house. In the car, Xin Yi pleasantly tells Father Dylan the series of coincidences that converges her life path with that of Ji Cun Xi’s. Whiling sucking his thumb, Dylan thoughtfully and argues that if their marriage life is as wonderful as Xin Yi describes, then Cun Xi must be tremendously busy to not be able to pick up his newly wed wife. Xin Yi shrugs her shoulder, appearing untroubled and says that being a post-it girl, she has gotten used to being neglected. Dylan objects that although post-its are easily accessible, it is an integral part of life. For him, without the post-it, he would’ve forgotten to buy wood. If he had forgotten to buy wood, then he wouldn’t have the material to make a desk for the children at the orphanage. Post-its are important. Before dropping Xin Yi off at the Ji Cun Xi’s house gate, Father Dylan tells Xin Yi that high expectation sometimes results in great disappointment. Yet, no matter how terrible the situation, God’s love will stay with her. If, she needs anything, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, she can always call him.

Xin Yi pushes open the gate, a car honks at her to get out of the way. Out from the car, Ji Liu Xiu Ling steps down (majestically, like a greedy, arrogant snot, I mean, ehh.. self-proclaimed Queen) with two handful of bags from her victorious shopping spree. She spots Xin Yi, assumes Xin Yi is the new maid, dumps all her bags onto the pregnant + already holding two bags and a luggage Xin Yi, AND tells Xin Yi to make dinner.

When Ji Wang Zhen Zhu sees Xin Yi, she tells Xin Yi to not trouble about any chores and takes her to see some “elders”. They enter the mourning hall of all the ancestors. Ji Wang Zhen Zhu tells Xin Yi to say hello to grandpa and starts to show Xin Yi who’s who by telling her “he’s his father” and “he’s his father’s father” etc. Unfortunately the people in the pictures all look the same, freakishly. By the end of it, Xin Yi is utterly disoriented.

Xin Yi stays in Cun Xi’s room to wait for him. When she heads over the sofa to rearrange the pillow and the doll, she loses her balance and accidentally sits on the TV remote. Although ideally it takes two remotes or two buttons on a universal remote to turn on the TV and play the tape, in the willing suspension of disbelief driven world of drama, the tape of Anna and Cun Xi starts to play. Xin Yi watches the tape and exclaims that only a girl as pretty and elegant as Anna is suitable for Ji Cun Xi. Ji Cun Xi comes back, turns off the TV, obviously unhappy that Xin Yi has peeked into a corner of his secret garden. He picks on Xin Yi for putting her dirty luggage on the rug Anna bought from Milan, forcing her to move off the rug. After being a complete jerk to Xin Yi, he tells her that there are three rules she needs to follow. 1. She is not to touch anything in the house that belongs to or relates to Anna. 2. She is not to reveal their husband and wife relationship to anyone who doesn’t know. 3. Their marriage is a negotiation where once she gives birth to the child, divorce follows suit and she will be given 5 million. However, if she were to fall in love with him and cause trouble between him and Anna, their relationship terminates immediately. After listing the three rules, he forces Xin Yi to sign the contract. Doesn’t this whole contract signing plot sound a little like My Lucky Star?

Xin Yi signs the contract, teary eyed and tells Cun Xi that now she understands his feeling towards her and the fellow islanders for disrupting his life but she wants him to understand that relationship between people doesn’t necessarily need to be buffered with money. When she hands him back the contract, Cun Xi notices that Xin Yi has crossed off the five million he promised to give her after the divorce.

At night, as Xin Yi sleeps on the couch, she silently nurses her grievance but soon determines to make the best of her time awaiting the baby’s arrival. Ji Cun Xi, thinking that once he hurts Xin Yi, he’ll feel better about being tricked, tosses and turns in bed instead, replaying what Xin Yi said to him as she signs the contract.

The next morning, Ji Cun Xi extends his hand out to turn the alarm clock off and finds a post-it instead. It reads: I’m preparing breakfast for you. He rolls out of bed, walks towards the bathroom and bumps into Xin Yi’s luggage. On the luggage there is a post-it saying: Careful, don’t trip on it. A little too late. Cun Xi enters the bath room and finds three post-it waiting for him telling him to not leave his razor outside and hang his towel on the rack etc. The irritated Cun Xi yells at Xin Yi for imposing her office habits onto him over the breakfast table. Disapproving Cun Xi’s attitude towards his new bride, grandma forces the unwillingly Cun Xi to take a day off and take Xin Yi for a check up.

So Cun Xi and Xin Yi go to the clinic together to see Doctor Hao. This doctor turns out to be an exceedingly interesting character. He first makes Cun Xi and Xin Yi wait while he’s writing down things from a colossal book. Cun Xi becomes a little impatient and starts to shift in his chair. Doctor Hao sternly remarks, “just waiting for a few minutes makes you this impatient, how are you going to wait that long for the delivery of the baby?” When Xin Yi offers him a post-it to bookmark the pages in the book, the doctor softens up and starts to talk about the ultra sound of the baby in the womb. Before he could get to the core of anything, Cun Xi’s cell phone rings. He gets up to answer the phone. The doctor turns a little blue. Xin Yi apologizes to the doctor that her husband is a busy man. Cun Xi hangs up, sits back down to listen to the doctor. Before the doctor can say anything further, Cun Xi’s phone goes off again. The doctor turns really blue. Xin Yi apologizes again that her husband is very busy. The doctor gives Cun Xi a look and says loudly, “Your baby has a problem.” Cun Xi is too engaged in his phone call, he didn’t even hear the doctor. Doctor Hao repeats himself, this time louder, “Your baby has a severe problem!” Cun Xi finally comes around and becomes concerned, “What’s wrong with my baby?” “Your (plural) baby” the doctor corrects. “Yes Our baby, what’s wrong with the baby?” Now he is really getting on the doctor’s nerve. The hot tempered doctor yells at Cun Xi at the speed of 80 MPH, “You-would-worry? If-you-worry-about-the-baby-then-put-more-heart-into-it-and-stop-talking-on-the-phone! What’s-more-important-than-your-baby?” Silence. Then an exchange of looks. The doctor regains his composure and starts to advise a few things to the couple, such as no intense sexual behavior during pregnancy. Upon hearing that, Cun Xi starts to laugh hysterically. “Doctor, the first time is an accident, if it happens twice then i must be a moron. I won’t be stupid enough to let another accident like this happen.” The camera shifts from Cun Xi’s open mouth to the doctor’s flaring nostril and the next thing you know, they are kicked out of the doctor’s office.

Although grandma wants Cun Xi to take Xin Yi out to dinner and then a walk after the doctor’s check up, Cun Xi has his plan to attend to. He leaves Xin Yi with the dog and a set of instructions: take the dog to eat sushi, the dog only eats the meat but since it has high cholesterol level, the meat must be steamed first. If the dog becomes edgy, let him listen to his ipod (what an extravagant dog) etc and they were to meet in front of the house at 7:30 so grandma wouldn’t know he left her. Before leaving, Ji Cun Xi makes it clear that to him, Anna is number one, the dog is number two. He leaves without saying goodbye to Xin Yi, leaving Xin Yi wondering “When the baby enters this world, where will the baby rank?” (What about the grandma?) Penniless, Xin Yi goes to the orphanage to visit the kids and meets with Dylan. The two of them draw on the wall together while the kids play with the dog. While drawing together, Dylan reveals his story. His parents died when he and his sister Xin Yi (yes same name) are young. The homeless pair stay in the back of a truck. One day, after starving for a number of days, Dylan sneaks into a store to steal bread for his sister. Before he can return, the truck drives away, carrying his sister. That’s why Dylan feels a particular inclination to take care of Xin Yi. An orphan suddenly runs to Xin Yi to break the news that the dog is missing.

Cun Xi meets with Stephen Chou who intends to buy Jiang Mu Island off Cun Xi’s hands. Stephen reveals that he needs the island to bury the heavy metal pollutant. Once the pollutants are buried under the grounds, anything produced on the island will be poisonous and cause birth defects in new born babies. Ji Cun Xi is starting to wake up to what he’s doing.

After losing the dog, Xin Yi returns home like a zombie, unable to think about anything but the fact that she lost the dog. Cun Xi comes back home, and waits for Xin Yi in front of the house. Seeing that she’s not there, he calls her. Xin Yi is wrapped up in self blame, she forgets that she has to meet with Cun Xi and tells him that she’s already inside. Grandma covers for Xin Yi by grabbing the phone and lying to Cun Xi that Xin Yi said he’s parking outside and questions why he isn’t back inside yet. Cun Xi returns home, the evil Ji Liu Xiu Ling sinisterly hints the dog’s absence by asking Ji Cun Xi what to give to the dog for dinner. Reminded of the dog, Cun Xi eventually finds out that Xin Yi lost the dog. To make matters worse, the opportunistic Ji Liu Xiu Ling blames Xin Yi for losing the Precious dog that Symbolizes Cun Xi and Anna’s Love. Cun Xi is furious, he yells at Xin Yi to understand the situation. She is here as a mother expecting a baby, not as a wife. Xin Yi runs out looking for the dog. Grandma is just as furious. She yells some sense into Cun Xi, “You think your life has been disrupted, it’s You who disrupts Xin Yi’s life. She meets you, accidentally gets pregnant, and now has to put up with you for the child. Having such an innocent, kind girl married into the family is your luck!”

Outside looking for the dog, Xin Yi meets Father Dylan. He gives her his handkerchief to wipe those tears. Ji Cun Xi sees that, rushes over, and tells Xin Yi not to talk to strangers. Dylan laughs at Cun Xi for being jealous before he pokes fun at Cun Xi, “so you are the one who prepares the paperwork for divorce on the day of the wedding.” Cun Xi looks towards Xin Yi as if to blame her for her “big mouthed blabbering”. Dylan adds, “What, isn’t it natural for a mistreated person to confess to a Father?” He bends down, putting both his hands on Xin Yi’s shoulder, looks into her eye, and mockingly says, “If one day your husband kicks you out of the house because a dog is more important than you, remember to call me.” “You’re not permitted!” Ji Cun Xi cuts in and draggs Xin Yi away.

They start looking for the dog and overhear a couple’s conversation about a Texas serial dog killer looming ahead in the meat shop. (Dear God, get ready for your willing suspension of disbelief for some silliness coming up.) They somehow locate the shop. There’s this bearded man who’s chopping meat. The man takes out a saw and walks toward the dog, overshadowing it with his dark, dare I say, ominous figure. Xin Yi runs out and grabs the dog while Cun Xi is still dialing 911. So this lame rescuing action ends with the revelation of a big, predicted silly misunderstanding. The man is using the saw to get rid of the gum sticking on the dog’s hair and the chopping meat is to make sausages for the starved dogs.

Now the dog is found, Xin Yi and Cun Xi walk home together. Cun Xi lets loose his gentleness for the first time in the episode by handing the shivering Xin Yi his jacket and telling the spoiled dog to listen to his mother, no, stepmother. Back at home, Cun Xi warns the dog again and tells Xin Yi to take a shower since it’s getting late. Cun Xi’s phone rings, it’s Anna. She explains her reason for hanging up on him the other day and asks about the dog. Cun Xi starts to tell Anna what happened to the dog, but decides not to. While Anna’s talking, Xin Yi screams. Cun Xi tells Anna he’ll call her later, hangs up, and rushes to see what happened to Xin Yi. Turns out, the water turns cold all of a sudden. Cun Xi helps Xin Yi putting towels around her so she wouldn’t catch a cold. While Xin Yi is embarrassed that she is only wrapped up in a towel, Cun Xi says, “What are you afraid of? What (referring to her body) haven’t I seen?” and proceeds to keep her warm with more towels.

Anna, sliding her phone shut, feels uneasy. It’s the first time Ji Cun Xi has ever hung up on her. (It won’t be the last.)

18 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 5: It’s Not Easy to be Ji Cun Xi’s Bride”

  1. wow thank you soo much for you episode synopsis i really look forward to to them because i get an understanding of whats happening before i watch it, it also kills time to wait till the episode is subbed. once again thanks a trillion lol

  2. i love you thanks so fricken mucch u dont know how happy i am u just made my bad day turn into good day thank you

  3. thank goodness cun xi is not an a**hole anymore…

    aww next episode looks good! (as usual..)

    thanks for the awesomely written recapp ^___^

  4. wow!! thank you soo much for the detailed description of each episode.. im soo dying here waiting for it to be subbed. i hope you can post it earlier than the airing time itself..can’t wait to see episode 6.. thank you!!

  5. siDtoP: ummm I tried to do the recap early this time (I think it was 10 hrs earlier than when I usually do it), but there’s just no way for me to recap it before the episode itself airs first. At least I wrote it before it’s subbed. =]

  6. solution to siDtoP’s problem.. wait a while before watching FTLY and read irugnotimis’ recap first. so when you watch the actual thing you’ll know what’s going on.

    but i know how hard it is to keep ourselves away from good dramas like this ><;

  7. haha good solution rosie! yeah technically it should be TDrama if you want to be specific. when I start to recap Cantonese dramas, I’ll consider making the distinction.

  8. wow thanks! i am eagerly awaiting episode 5 ( one with sub) to come out from veoh and/or soju but i can’t wait any longer so i went on to watch the one without sub…unfortunately i can’t understand half of what they were saying, just bit and pieces since my mandarin is very poor 😦 . All of the sudden i found your summary which made sense of what i’ve watched… thank you so much… from now one i think i’m going to watch out for your future summary of FTLY before i watch it . Thanks, i hope you will going to post the succeeding summary of each episode…more power! Love this drama!!! way way better. It exceeded that last taiwanese i’ve watch with joe chen ( Chen Qiao En) called “Prince that turn into frog”.

  9. Thanks for recaping it so fast! It really helps to read your recap before i watch the youtube version without the subs… Since the whole episode isn’t completely subbed on mysoju for a couple of days. Can’t wait to read your recap for episode 6. Thanks bundles for all the hard work!

  10. i planned to watch this earlier but when i looked for it they have no subs…so i just waited for the whole series to be completely subbed…and now it is….. :)….
    because even though i read the recaps,i still want to want to watch it with subs….

  11. I really hated Cun Xi for not caring enough about Xin Yi’s feelings and her delicate condition. Maybe, it’s because he is still in love with Anna. I just wish that in front of other people like the doctor, he could have not made that comment that he is crazy if he will sleep with Xin Yi again, the first time being just an accident, in such a careless and sarcastic manner. He could have just kept quiet. Anyway . . . it was required in the script and allowed by the director. Thanks again. You really are great! 😀

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