Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God

This two hour special aired two months after the Death Note Anime draws its completion. It’s a compilation of the major scenes from Death Note anime. I only came across it recently.

It started with a new Shinigami, bored with the mundane life of name writing, pays Ryuk a visit. He gives Ryuk a dried out Shinigami apple in exchange of Light’s disillusioned story of becoming God through the abuse of death note.

The retelling of the story draws clips from the anime series and starts in sequence of Light picking up the death note Ryuk dropped out of amusement, Light meeting Ryuk for the first time, and L’s first appearance. The SP cleverly hints Light’s brilliant bus scheme to find out the name of the FBI agent who has been following him. It then jumps into L’s personal encounter with Yagami Light’s father and his fellow policeYagami Light officers to discuss Kira’s killing patterns before returning to Light’s elimination of all the FBI agents. Light’s close catch of killing Ray Penber’s fiancée immediately follows. The story proceeds with L securing cameras and recorders in Light’s house, Light in response, stealthily executes more people with the portable TV hiding inside the bag of chips. It still eludes me how he placed the portable TV inside the bag of chips in the first place. At any rate, Misa is soon introduced as the second Kira through the tape she sent to the TV station.

In an added scene, Light arrives at a glassy building at his father’s request. Not soon after his arrival, L calls him, wanting to discuss the Kira case. Light passes through a series of security entrances before reaching the final destination. He shakes hands with L, who immediately wipes the just shaken hand. Light is offended but says nothing. They both sit down to watch a video. The video is the second Kira’s response to the real Kira’s message. She mentions the Shinigami’s eye as well as confirmed the existence of Shinigami. While Light is watching the message and contemplating appropriate reactions, L itches close to Light until they are a fist apart and carefully observes any subtle movement Light makes. The watch is officially on.

Then a series of capture, imprisonment, give up ownership of death note, and release occurs. L and Light end up being handcuffed together. After giving up his ownership of the death note, Light loses any memory associated with death note during his ownership. He tries to motivate the deflated but still dessert-enjoying L to reinvest time into the investigation. They end up getting into a (über cute) fight. 😀

Now that one of the death notes has found its new owner, Light and L manage to find out the identity of the new owner usinLg Misa’s relationship with the Shinigami Rem. Matsuda risks his life to lure Kira. In an intense chase and capture, the replacement Kira is killed by Light who regains his memory of the death note at the last minute upon touching the death note. Misa, following Light’s direction, digs up the buried death note, summoning Ryuk back. Light left Misa a letter before he buried the death note. He wants Misa to write L’s real name on the death note. Unfortunately for Light and fortunately for us, Misa has been seeing countless names everyday that she cannot recall L’s real name. To please Light, Misa exchanges half of her remainder life span with Ryuk’s eye. I really wonder how many eyes those Shinigamis have. They seem to be in ample supple for eyes, don’t they?

Light really doesn’t need the Shinigami eye or Misa’s memory of L’s name anymore. He’s got a better plan. He decides to sit and watch L catch Misa. If Misa is caught, Rem, who has fallen in love with Misa, will write L’s name in the note book to protect Misa from any danger and as a result will dissipate afterwards into a pile of ash. A clever plan that kills two birds with one stone.

L, sensing doom, pays Watali, who took L out of the orphanage as a kid, a visit. He then listens to the bells on the roof one more time. As anticipated, Rem kills Watali. Not long before Watali’s death, L drops his spoon, slowly, falls to the ground, dying. Light watched. The sound of the bell starts to echo, echo, and echo… L’s life diminishes, little by little, with the lingering sound of the bell, until finally, there is no more.

L’s death commences a new world of gore. This new world ends with Ryuk writing down Yagami Light on the note book. At the end of the SP, Ryuk looks into the distance, murmuring to himself, “You thought you were God, but you are nowhere near that.”

8 thoughts on “Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God”

  1. Ahh pleaseeee continue this! I tried downloading the special a while ago.. didn’t work…. so yeah, guess I’ll just read your recaps then 😀

  2. Jess: Do you read Chinese? If you do, I can send you a link to watch the SP. I bet that’s better than reading my weak recap.

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