Wish to See You Again Episode 10 Recap

Leo is introduced, Xiao Ma calls Lu Yi to tell her his unemployment, Neng Xian returns to the clinic and breaks the news to her parents. To the news of unemployment, Lu Yi raises the question, whether it’s worth the price to give up a promising future for a friend. Xiao Ma replies that between friends, there is no such thing as contemplating any loss and gain from the relationship, especially when he and Xue Le has only recently regained their friendship with Yu Hao. Neng Xian’s family’s reaction, on the other hand, is more comical. The parents’ initial impression is “What?!” but they settle down quickly and divert the target towards Xu Le and Neng Xian’s relationship and urges Neng Xian to ask Xu Le to dinner. Neng Xian unwillingly calls Xu Le to come over for dinner upon her mother’s demand. Xu Le asks whether or not he Has to go. The impatient mother hits the speaker button and asks Xu Le to come over. Unmoved by the change of speaker, he asks the same question,

Do I Have to go?
Yes, you have to come… ehh because I want to ask about you and Neng Xian.
What could be there about Neng Xian and I?
Uhhh, nothing. We’re just thinking that… she.. is unemployed now and you should … come to comfort her. Yes to comfort her.
I respect her decision.
Oh… you respect her decision… But-uh there is a favor we want to ask of you.
What is it?

Seems like even the parents don’t have any influence over this guy. Yet Xu Le’s succinct, matter-of-fact exchange between the parents carries a tasty pinch of humor. Finally Neng Xian breaks the silence with the straight forward, “Are you coming or not?” As it turns out, what’s keeping Xu Le from going over to dinner is the fact that Neng Xian’s father always makes his gusts drink a cup or two with him. Since the old couple are desperate for Xu Le to come over, the father promised that there will be no alcohol involved in the dinner. The next thing you know, they are eating dinner together and Neng Xian’s father is urging Xu Le to drink a cup with him. 🙂

The mother starts to ask questions but swallows thoes words once she opens her mouth and asks instead for Xu Le to help Neng Zhen find a job. Finally the father puts down his chopsticks, orienting himself towards Xu Le and asks, “What do you think about premarital sexual intercourse?” Awkwardness falls. The mother tries to break the awkwardness by handing Xu Le a paper bag wrapped “gift”. While the blissfully ignorant girls urges Xu Le to open the wrap, the mother stops Xu Le just in time before more awkwardness ensues.

Xu Le, as expected, falls into sleep after just one cup. While Xu Le’s unconscious, one of the sisters opens the wrap and reveals the underwear. So the real truth uncovers: Neng Xian just happens to see that Xu Le left his underwear at the hotel. She picks it up and puts in her luggage to return to him later. Xu Le wakes up, the mom hands him the underwear and regurgitates the story. He is disgusted by the underwear and runs home while muttering, “I don’t want it anymore. You can have it.”

Lu Yi thinks that although Xiao Ma is giving up a lot for Yu Hao, the source if it all is her past relationship with Yu Hao. So she goes to talk to Yu Hao. She finds Yu Hao in his little flat, drinking alone. Neither of the two can face each other with candor. Consequently a few exchange of blatant lie and hurtful words ends this unhappy meeting that the two both deeply yearned for.

The next day an earlier interview on Xu Le as the genius author under the pen name, leaf, written by Lu Yi received excellent responses from the readers. The editor gives Lu Yi the assignment to reinterview Xu Le for a more fascinating and in-depth article on Xu Le, this time with photos.

Neng Xian who has been reading Lu Yi’s article perseveres on the description of Leaf being difficult to imagine himself in love, and doubts the status of their relationship. After all no one really said they are together. She hastily calls him:

I have something to ask you.
What is it?
Th..this kind of things are difficult to discuss on the phone. … Have you eaten?
I’m eating instant noodles right now.
Eating instant noodles again. Come out and take me to lunch.
But I’m working on my draft.
This is very important!

They meet. Neng Xian nervously tells Xu Le to not be too serious, and suggests that they should start by talking about something more lighthearted. Xu Le points out that it’s Neng Xian who’s been in a serious rush. So finally, Neng Xian musters her courage asks, “is it true, about you, in the article, that you’ve never been in love?” “Is this important to you?” Not knowing how to answer, Neng Xian excuses herself to the restroom so she doesn’t have to dig a hole in front of Xu Le.

While Neng Xian is hesitating on whether she should ask or not, Leo and Lu Yi arrive for the interview. Let’s put it this way, Xu Le does not like Leo. When Neng Xian comes out from the restroom, she receives a warm welcome from Leo who turns out to be Neng Xian’s old schoolmate. As Leo swings Neng Xian 180 degrees in a tight hug, Xu Le objects but quickly covers up his jealousy by confirming that the two are acquainted with one another. As Leo hasn’t seen Neng Xian for quite a long time, he suggests to visit her family and putting the interview with Xu Le on hold. Xu Le insists to come along. We see some protectiveness from this seemingly emotion-lacking guy. To Xu Le’s determination to tag along, Leo tells Xu Le that his motorcycle can only carry two people. Xu Le returns him, “if that’s the case, you can just ride by yourself”. He grabs Neng Xian and walks toward his car. The competition has officially begun. 🙂

The two testosterone rich competitors race to get to Neng Xian’s house first but get cut off by police for speeding. Unfortunately, one of the police officers remembers Xu Le from episode one when he was sent to the police station for holding a knife in search of inspiration. This accidental revelation gives Leo a leg up for the interview.

When the three of them arrive at Neng Xian’s house, Leo is welcomed with envious warmth while Xu Le is drying out on the side, little by little. When Leo prompts Xu Le to name mother Pan’s famous cuisine, awkwardness spreads and becomes heavier with each wrong answer. Finally, Leo pushes the negativity to its climax with his careless announcement of the correct answer.

Back to Xiao Ma and Yu Hao. Xiao Ma finally finds a job at Taipei 101, he asks Neng Xian and Yu Hao to join him because they are a trio. Yu Hao remembers Lu Yi’s words and finally agrees, thus commencing their colorful and wonderful new blue-collar life working at 101.

Their lives working at 101 progress successfully. One day when Neng Xian passes a vertically aligned circular post boxes with words like Family, Friend, and Lover written on each of the colorful bins, she stops and purchases a postcard of 101 and decides to send it to Xu Le. As she stands before the post boxes, it occurs to her that she doesn’t yet know whether she is fit to throw the postcard in the friend box or the lover box. Xiao Ma comes along and teases her first but eventually encourages her to express her feelings assertively. As they both slide the post card into the bin and walk away together, Xiao Ma thinks to himself,

Xu Le has Neng Xian, Ah Hao has Neng Zhen, and I have Lu Yi. All that plus this job, life is perfect right now. So… let’s celebrate!

Everyone gather together to celebrate Xiao Ma’s new job at 101. Xiao Ma is no doubt, the happiest man at the dinner table. The happy man asks Xu Le:

Xiao Ma: Xu Le, who’s the best.
Xu Le: umm… Xiao Ma.
Xiao Ma: Then who’s the most faithful and trustworthy friend?
Xu Le: ummmmm… Ah Hao.
Xiao Ma: Then who loves me?
Xu Le: That’s definitely not me. Is there anyone who wants to admit to that one?
Xiao Ma turns to Lu Yi: Lu Yi, do you want to stand up and admit to it?
Lu Yi, rather awkwardly: Can I just raise both hands and surrender?
Xiao Ma: I won’t let you pass that easily.

He leans over and kisses her hard on the lips, with Yu Hao watching. To hide his feelings, Yu Hao stands up, almost mockingly suggest to Xiao Ma to propose to Lu Yi. Lu Yi sharply turns towards Yu Hao, astonished by his grand gesture of pushing her away from him once again while Xu Le silently observes the subtle exchanges between the couple that seem to slid by the blissfully ignorant Xiao Ma unnoticed.

Xiao Ma points out that it’s rather improper to propose in front of so many people when he doesn’t have a ring ready. Yu Hao takes out a tiny pouch he carries around with him and from it, retrieves a ring. He tells Xiao Ma that he had prepared this ring for his girlfriend at US but decided at one point that she isn’t the one whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with. If Xiao Ma doesn’t mind, he can take this ring and propose to Lu Yi. Yeah, Lu Yi isn’t the one he wants to spend the remainder of his life with, that’s why he carries the ring with him all the time and that’s also why he wants Lu Yi to have the ring.

Lu Yi violently rejects. She turns around to tell Xiao Ma, rather, she indirectly tells Yu Hao that she doesn’t want to be tied down by an abandon love (anymore).

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