Fated to Love You 4: Hope I’m not the Bridegroom

So they all return to Xi Shi’s house from the hospital, where Xi Shi busts out of a piece of paper and starts to read off it. The content of which is an overly embellished denouncement of Ji Cun Xi’s various “wrong doings”. For maximal effect, Xi Shi takes delicate care of her words by adding an extra “er” to the end of every sentence she utters. The rest of the villagers gush into the house as if on que. In the mob of people, Xin Yi’s older sister kneels down before her, begging her to use this fated marriage to save the shampoo factory of the island. While the entire island and Cun Xi’s grandmother are all for the marriage, Ji Cun Xi opposes this hasty arrangement of marriage. Seeing all that, Xi Shi expresses her opposition to the marriage as well, reason being that she has no intention to push her daughter into an unhappy marriage. The crowd enters into a brief moment of a semi-chaos as the exchange of opinions fire back and forth across the room, leaving poor Xin Yi in the midst of it all. Finally grandma comes to the rescue and calls for a 10 minute half time for individual family meetings.

Ji Cun Xi’s family meeting is a combination of hoaxing and threatening aimed to force Cun Xi to marry Xin Yi whether he wants to or not. Chen Xin Yi’s family meeting is oddly formal with one of the sisters recording the content of the meeting while the other family members taking term expressing their opinion. The two sisters are all for the marriage since it provides the key to saving Jiang Mu Island. Xi Shi surprisingly is more concerned about Xin Yi’s happiness. Right before Xin Yi gets a chance to speak, Cun Xi rushes in, dragging Xin Yi away for a one on one family talk.

Outside alone, nervously sitting next to each other, Ji Cun Xi finally starts by admitting his misfortune at sleeping with the wrong person. But, he asserts, if it weren’t for him to make the mistake, she would probably not be able to find a decent person to be with anyway. (People constantly, unfairly underestimate the charm of the modern day Cinderella, don’t they?) The ex-boyfriend on the cruse for example, is such a horrible, horrible person that reflects Chen Xin Yi’s equally horrible taste in man. (What does that say about Ji Cun Xi if one day Xin Yi falls in love with him? In any case, it will most likely happen.) Therefore, he, Ji Cun Xi, will not allow his kid to call anyone less than what the kid deserves “father”. “NO! So, let’s get married!” Chen Xin Yi who’s listening silently almost jumped when Cun Xi said those words. Half a second later, Xin Yi bursts into tears. “Who on earth proposes so forcefully?” Not knowing how to react, Ji Cun Xi tells Xin Yi to stop crying so any passbyer won’t mistaken that as a sign of Xin Yi being mistreated by him. “But you are!” is the only response Cun Xi receives. Finally Xin Yi agrees to the proposal in one condition: Ji Cun Xi were not to fire anyone in the Shampoo Factory. Cun Xi overtly agrees, but secretly managing ways to get around the marriage so that he can be liberated from the obligation while hide the entire incidence from Anna. Much to his dismay, once he announces this verified marriage, both his grandmother and his mother-in-law reach the decision to conduct the marriage right away. Ji Cun Xi argues that although he is willing to fulfill his responsibility as the groom and marry Xin Yi as soon as possible, he really wants God to witness this holy matrimony. Unfortunately, when he was cruising around the island the previous day, there is no church on the island, therefore…. “What church? We have a temple!”

So the couple get dressed in (in traditional clothes) and everybody gather around in the temple for the traditional marriage ceremony. Cun Xi and Xin Yi bow to the Buddha, their elders, finally to each other and make the oath to marry each other in sequence. When it comes to signing the marriage agreement, Ji Cun Xi is full of unwillingness. To ensue the marriage, Xi Shi indirectly threatens to abort the child while Cun Xi’s grandmother threatens to call Anna. Finally, yielding to the pressure, Ji Cun Xi signs away. As soon as that’s done, Xi Shi holds the marriage agreement, walks in front of the Buddha and swears that if any one of the two decide to be unfaithful to the other, that person will receive punishment like the chicken. As she finishes the sentence, she violently cuts off the neck of the chicken. Ji Cun Xi who is observing passively is, at this point, scared pantsless. Finally the two exchange rings and proclaim to be married.

After the marriage, Ji Cun Xi, Anson, and grandma take the boat to go back home while Xin Yi stays with her family at Jiang Mu Island for one last night. As the boat is rocking away, Ji Cun Xi realizes that he has fallen into a dirty trickery. He throws his arms in air out of anger, while the others mistaken that as a sign of unwillingness to leave the bride. Still angry, Cun Xi yells across the river, “Did you frame me?” The people on the dock mishear it as “Please love me first” as the two sound similar. Xin Yi replies back, “Alright, I will try to love you first.” Ji Cun Xi who’s now very far away mishears it as, “Alright, I admit I framed you”, get more furious and violently throws his arms into midair wildly. A little funny interlude of play on words.

In a flashback, Wu Qi Qi sneaks the aphrodisiac medicine to Ji Cun Xi who’s now part of the family to help him with the Ji Family’s reproductive problem. Ji Cun Xi eventually realizes that he did not sleep with Xin Yi on accident, it was carefully orchestrated.

Back to Xi Shi’s house at night, the mother and daughter say their final goodbyes to each other with a bucket of tear and snot. Unwilling to let each other go, Xi Shi tells Xin Yi that if Cun Xi mistreats Xin Yi, she will ride the dolphin across the lake no matter what time of the day it is. Xin Yi in return reassures her mother that she will be fine over at Cun Xi’s.

Ji Cun Xi, unhappy about both the marriage and being tricked, tries to desensitize himself with alcohol. He wonders to himself whether Anna will forgive him if she finds out what has happened in her absence. He takes out a video of Anna and starts to watch…

While Cun Xi is deeply engulfed in memories and sorrow, Anna calls and scares him with, “You did something bad today.” She simply refers to his negligence in contacting him. He realizes how much he misses her and right when he is about to confess to her, she hastily hangs up on him fearing being replaced. In the midst of all the negativity, Cun Xi decides to strike back at Xin Yi. Uh oh.

The next day Xin Yi returns to the office to hand in her letter of departure. Her coworker’s initial reaction in seeing her is a mockery of her well known live show of pregnancy test. When they hear that she is leaving the job position, they all try to stop her, afraid that there’s no more of the does-it-all-post-it girl. But the temporary warmness turns to cold scold in the blink of an eye. When Xin Yi’s coworkers hear that Xin Yi’s reason behind the departure is to fulfill her happily ever after living with Ji Cun Xi, they laugh at the impossibility of the idea. Before Xin Yi leaves, her boss hands her an envelope of documents and sinisterly hints that if she needs any lawyers in the future, he will provide excellent service with a 20% discount.

Xin Yi waits in front of the building for Cun Xi to pick her up. He doesn’t show up. She continues to wait until her coworkers get off work and eventually bump into her. They, pertaining to their character, humiliated Xin Yi once again before leaving the poor Xin Yi alone in the cold. Xin Yi calls Cun Xi to ask whether he’ll come to pick her up. Upon being treated coldly, she gathers all her stuff and uncomplainingly walks off by herself. While crossing the street, the document falls to the ground. In order to retrieve the document, Xin Yi almost get hit by a car. The driver, turns out to be Dylan. He helps her picking up the now scattered documents and accidentally sees the document that Xin Yi’s boss previously handed her.

It’s, a … divorce agreement. Dung Dung Dung.

13 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 4: Hope I’m not the Bridegroom”

  1. this episode made me go GAH! cun xi is being so mean ><; gawd they always have to make the female lead go through so many obstacles and hardships before the male lead falls in love. it’s getting on my nerves, this typical drama plot. -____-

    dylan is pretty good-looking too.. haha if xin yi can’t take cun xi anymore, she always has a back-up.. the fact the dylan’s sister’s name is also xin yi is creepy though. does that mean dylan will never have romantic feelings for xin yi because she has the same name as his sister? incestuous ..

    next episode looks good, with cun xi getting jealous and all. and lol i love how they make qiao en, this pretty actress with a model figure into xin yi, this bespectacled loser girl with minimal fashion sense. (in reality, xin yi pwns anna anyday in terms of looks… the actress playing anna scares me oO;)

    done spamming your comment box for today, ciao!

  2. really can’t think of better words for “xian hai”? entice sounds awkward for some reason ^^;

    oh and forgot to say thank you for a well-written recap!

  3. Thank you for pointing out the awkward word choice. It’s contemplated and fixed! And thanks for the complement about the way the recap was written. I myself wasn’t too satisfied with it so it’s encouraging.

    The next few episodes do look promising (since the preview tend to be misleading in the sense that they show the good clips from a few upcoming episodes than just one). This whole getting jealous plot line, no matter how prototypical, is always a highly anticipated part of a developing relationship!

    As to Dylan’s sister sharing the same name, I think this is just one of those coincidences that this coincidence heavy drama is trying to pull off. Besides, it’s mentioned numerous times that Xin Yi is a very common name.

  4. Thanks so much for the recap! It really gives me a good play by play with what went and it really holds me over until the english subs are available.
    Please continue to keep recaping us every week, I look forward to reading your recap each monday morning!
    There is something about this drama that keeps me looking forward to the next episode, its so corky yet i keep on wanting to know whats going on next.

  5. Anonymous: Cun Xi called the lawyer the previous night to prepare the document for him. I don’t think Xin Yi is aware of it yet.

  6. Oh god. The clichés are starting to roll in with a vengeance. *clutches head*

    I’m off to dish out some silliness for that HGD thing you wanted. Watch for it sometime tomorrow!

  7. lolol yup framed is better. and, ugh i hope they didn’t trick us again… showing us good scenes from coming episodes instead of just the next episode. evil, i say.

  8. This episode holds one of the parts I really liked. The mother tells her daughter that she will come to her child’s rescue even if she has to ride a dolphin to be by her side. The mother is really thinking of the happiness of Xin Yi. Another great review. More power to you 😀

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