Wish to See You Again Episode 9 Short Recap

Did I mention Xu Le and Neng Xian kiss in the last episode’s recap? Well, they kiss and before Neng Xian leaves, Xu Le hands her a ring and awkwardly tells her this ring is for his slave. She shyly pushes the ring away, asking him back if he knows what it means to give a ring to a girl. He innocently shakes his head and straight out asks her whether she wants it or not. Now deeply blushing, Neng Xian tells him to keep it for her for now. This couple is doing well.

Xiao Ma’s delicately made tiramisu merely touched Lu Yi, she’s not ready to open up and accept him yet. In order to show Lu Yi his determination, he brought her out and spent a fulfilling day together. Lu Yi is touched again and starts to open up a little to give Xiao Ma a chance. She invites him to her apartment for coffee. They hold a short conversation in which Xiao Ma expresses his content and leaves after the cup of coffee to not disturb the nice equilibrium they’ve newly created.

Neng Xian’s mother is cleaning the room one day when she accidentally discovers Xu Le’s underwear. She freaks out, unleashes her worrisome rant on her husband. The two of them settle to call Ah Hao for dinner, intending to get to know Xu Le through Ah Hao. The parents are unsure how to ask the question, so they go around and about and makes generally hint at the fact that they are worried about their daughters’ future. Ah Hao and Neng Zhen mistaken the old couple’s concern as their disapproval of the two being together. Neng Zhen blurs out that she’s had a crush on Ah Hao for a long time. Now the parents are shocked x2.

Neng Xian tells a happy Xiao Ma the dinner incident and as well as her worry for her sister and her sister’s unfavorable disposition in the relationship. Xiao Ma remembers Ah Hao’s excellent ability at resolving conflicts in front of the hotel on Father’s Day and decides to make Ah Hao the manager so that Neng Xian’s parents can stop worrying about Ah Hao not being able to afford a comfortable life for Neng Zhen. He goes and convinces Ah Hao to take the job offer. So now Ah Hao has a new job and everything seems to go well.

But the peace doesn’t last long before the storm roams in at the most inappropriate place and time. The night of Ah Hao’s first day at work in the hotel, Xiao Ma gathers everyone for a celebration and introduce Lu Yi as his girlfriend along the way. Apparently no one is aware of Lu Yi and Ah Hao’s past relationship and their strong lingering feelings to each other. The moment Ah Hao and Lu Yi see each other, the atmosphere stiffens around the two. To avoid confrontation, Ah Hao introduces Neng Zhen as his girlfriend and goes as far as to confess that he has liked Neng Zhen for a long time. Lu Yi bitterly asks whether he has truly liked anyone else before her, referring to herself. Ah Hao blatantly lied that he hasn’t, double stabbing Lu Yi cold and hard. The originally happy atmosphere evaporates and Ah Hao excuses himself from the rest, taking Neng Zhen with him.

The next day at work, Xiao Ma’s brother comes and lashes out his disapproval at Xiao Ma’s choice of using Ah Hao, who didn’t complete his education in US. Ah Hao uses the opportunity to leave the job position when in actuality it’s Xiao Ma’s affiliation with Lu Yi that discourages him into throwing his future away once again. Xiao Ma leaves his position as well, hoping to pursuit something suitable for him. Neng Xian leaves with him. Yes, the screen writer can’t have it any other way than for them to leave together to show the tightly knitted friendship.

Lu Yi in her little cubical is still retrospecting the night when Ah Hao said he has never truly liked anyone else. As she is deep in thought, a new reporter, Leo, who just returns from America becomes a new member of staff of the same magazine, concluding the episode with something novel to spice up the drama a little bit.

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  1. Thank you for the translation.
    Its really help me as non-Chene to more understand the storyline of WTSYA.
    When I read this translation, like read a novel.

    When I found this translation, I am very happy and spontaneous shared the happines to WTSYA ’s and ZZ’s fans

    So, I am very sorry, I have posted this translation in WTSYA@AF thread and WTSYA@FI thread.
    Hope you don’t mind.
    And if you don’t mind , may the next translation to be share at WTYSA @ Asian Fanatics and WTYSA @ Forum Indosiar thread .

    Wait for the next translation

    thanks again

  2. made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    made my DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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