Of Acting and Execution

If Sung Yuri’s performance in Hong Gil Dong is criticized for being over-acting, then my year long Taiwanese idol drama watching must’ve either successfully desensitized my recognition of anything exaggerated-enough-but-not-yet-ridiculous Or buffered up my tolerance for exaggeration. (After all, I lived through Romantic Princess, what else can’t I withstand now?)

The acting may be a little Over the Hedge (yeah, cute movie), but if the execution is just right, then the two can compensate for each other and make harmony. In the end, we let slide the laughter that’s a little too loud or the gesture that’s a little too big because it’s all about the enjoyment. Let the golden(fill in the blank) judges trouble their (balding) heads with the hardcore critique.

One thought on “Of Acting and Execution”

  1. Hey, I liked Over the Hedge.

    The insane soccer mom was hilarious, come on. Just ignore the overwhelming sentimentality and you’ll be fine. ^^

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