Fated to Love You 3: The Baby is Mine

So Xin Yi slips out that she’s pregnant and stir up quite a fuss. Her mother Xi Shi (I hope the name is not intend to be a mockery of her well-roundedness as ancient Chinese beauties are famous for being plump) and Xin Yi’s sister drag Xin Yi home, promising punishment. The rest of the mob rearrange their formation in preparation for attacking Ji Cun Xi’s arrival. (One of those typical Taiwanese no-brainer humor. Please, give us some well polished humor instead.) You see, none of them has seen him, so no one knows how he looks like. Their leader Feng Jiao, AKA Xin Yi’s older sister and Wu Qi Qi’s wife, confabulates a description and tells them that a person with bad character most likely will have well coiffured hair, expansive clothing, and constantly holding a phone pretending to be busy. The description coincides with Anson, who’s actually busy looking for Ji Cun Xi, oblivious of his boss’s little diving accident. Naturally the mob corners Anson and attacks this poor escape goat.

Ji Cun Xi finally swam across the lake and made it to the island. He overhears two people talking, one of which being Wu Liu Liu. This supposedly dashing heir to an elite company sneaks behind the two like a burglar and eavesdrops. His out of character behavior turns out to save him quite a lot of trouble. Wu Liu Liu brags to an ex-employee about a series of intricately planned traps in the factory intending to be used on Ji Cun Xi when the phone rings to deliver the news that Ji Cun Xi is captured. So lucky Ji Cun Xi, I guess a little swimming exercise is worth escaping the mob at the dock and the free information.

So while everybody is at the dock, Ji Cun Xi goes to the factory to find Wu Qi Qi. Ji Cun Xi demands for the memory card, Wu Qi Qi prompts Ji Cun Xi to retrieve the card across his dead body. Ji Cun Xi walks up the scaffolding and stops short before the first trigger of the traps. Wu Qi Qi, who’s a little too into luring Ji Cun Xi to cross the threshold, accidentally steps on a skateboard, leans forward, trips on the threshold, turns back around to welcome the sandbag square in the face. The exerting force of the sandbag knocks Wu Qi Qi off balance, as he extends his hand out for balance and support, the mouse trap snaps hard on his fingers. A bucket falls immediately on his head, then finally, he falls off the scaffolding and beams at the memory card still in his hand before he passes out. To make matters worse, Ji Cun Xi couldn’t reach the memory card in Wu Qi Qi’s hand with the scattered boxes which Wu Qi Qi fell on blocking the way. So he ends up stepping on Wu Qi Qi to snatch the memory card off Wu Qi Qi’s hand, validating Wu Qi Qi’s boast: “the only way to retrieve this is over my dead body”.

The mob of people come back to the factory and find Wu Qi Qi “dead”. They start crying over his unconscious body (oh the farce!) then Wu Qi Qi wakes up (surprise!) in the middle of all the wailing. Now that they’ve lost their last card, the villagers (or islanders) stop the boat from operating to trap Ji Cun Xi on the island. They then start an elaborate search skipping Xi Shi’s house because she’s beating Xin Yi and should not be disturbed. Naturally Ji Cun Xi overhears it and decide to hide in Xi Shi’s house. Oh the art of overhearing.

Inside Xi Shi’s house, Xi Shi and her oldest daughter are convicting Xin Yi, yelling to kill the irresponsible man. Ji Cun Xi is outside listening. The mob is coming in the direction of the house, trying to capture Ji Cun Xi. Inside outside, either way is safe. Getting a beat is better than being cornered by a mob, Ji Cun Xi jumps into the house proclaiming his fatherhood and demanding the two women to stop beating Xin Yi. Yay, the prince comes to the rescue. Xin Yi’s oldest sister sees Ji Cun Xi’s wet and dirty clothes and deduces that he just swam across. Ji Cun Xi’s affirmative reply makes the two think that he’s an illegal immigrant. Ring a bell here? Prince turns to Frog, anyone? It just happens that he lost his ID in the lake, so the two believe now without a doubt he’s an immigrant who just swam across the border. Wow this guy must’ve came a long way, no? Xin Yi and Cun Xi both try to clarify but the two women would not believe. Finally they ask him for his salary. He replies that he doesn’t receive a salary but he draws dividend. Now the two think he’s a gigolo who just swam across the border and hit him harder. Bingo, why are you so smart? But because they mistaken the man who got Xin Yi pregnant as an illegal immigrant, they in tern conceal Cun Xi’s whereabouts so that the baby’s father’s sorry identity will not spread out.

Ji Liu Xiu Ling and her son brought the stolen disk to blackmail Ji Cun Xi’s grandmother Ji Wang Zhen Zhu. Their plan backfires a little, as Ji Wang Zhen Zhu becomes extremely happy that her grandson is seeking out mates to pass on the family line. When Xi Shi calls Ji Wang Zhen Zhu to tell her that her son is in Jiang Mu Dao, Ji Wang Zhen Zhu is exhilarated to find out she now has a grand-grandson and decides to depart for Jiang Mu Island the next morning. While still immersing in the happiness of the news, she also premits Ji Liu Xin Ling and Ji Zheng Ren to return to the family.

Ji Cun Xi gets thrown into a pigpen, I mean a messy room for the night. He throws a tantrum but eventually stops after Xin Yi steps in to hand him a set of clean clothes and food. They both settle down to talk. Xin Yi shows Cun Xi her artwork. She hides her wishes in a little pink box. Cun Xi discovers the box and reads her childish but sad wishes. She wishes for people to remember her birthday, to not forget her before they leave when they play hide and seek, and to find someone whom she loves and loves her back. They then talk about Anna, about the child. Cun Xi doesn’t want Xin Yi to give birth, he thinks it will become the barrier between him and Anna, not knowing the barrier has already formed. Xin Yi, being the nice and understanding person that she is, puts herself down to make Cun Xi feel better about not wanting the child. To make up for her, Cun Xi insists to accompany Xin Yi to the hospital the next day for an abortion. They both lay down to sleep.

Ji Cun Xi has a cute habit of going to sleep holding his strawberry blanket. Without it, he can’t fall asleep. Xin Yi sings to him to make him feel more at home. Her song works like a lullaby, Cun Xi falls asleep soon after. The next morning, Ji Cun Xi wakes up to find Xin Yi’s note saying she’s going to the hospital alone for the abortion. Worried, he runs out to look for Xin Yi.

In front of the hospital, the hesitant Xin Yi (now wearing a different pair of glasses) holds the chip Cun Xi gave her and slowly enters. Cun Xi rushes in just in time to sign the agreement. The two of them under the doctor’s advise performs an ultra sound for the fetus. After seeing the outline of the fetus and hearing its heart beat, Cun Xi’s attitude towards the abortion starts to shift. When he overhears (I tell you, this episode is all about eavesdropping) a couple’s argument where the boyfriend wants an abortion while the girlfriend wants to give birth to the child, anger bursts. He shoves his fist into the boyfriend’s face, demanding for the man to consider his girlfriend’s feelings. The man reminds Ji Cun Xi that he’s here for the same reason, it’s hypocritical of him to lecture others. Realizing what he is doing, Ji Cun Xi runs upstairs and breaks open the operation room’s door to stop the abortion.

At the door of the hospital, Cun Xi’s grandmother and Xin Yi’s mom and sister storm down to accuse Cun Xi of murder. After finally getting grandma to listen, she realizes that her grand, grandson is safe. She then turns to see her daughter in law. Slightly disappointed, although there should is no reason to be, she blurs out that Cun Xi has matured because he knows to appreciate inner beauty. She then introduces herself as the grandmother of the bastard who made her pregnant. The bunch of people rush onto the Mercedes leaving Ji Cun Xi along in front of the hospital, penniless and in need to pay for co-payment of the abortion and breaking the door. As he stands, he murmurs to himself, “Now that grandma has her grand grandson, she doesn’t want her grandson anymore.”

An extraordinary first time’s meeting ends a not very extraordinary episode. Hopefully the wedding will provide something novel to the audience and help the drama ‘s delivery of some polished humor and character development.

11 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 3: The Baby is Mine”

  1. true. a myriad of coincidences and eavesdropping. but still funny and entertaining despite being exaggerated and a little bit corny. i like the character chen xin yi and the way chen qiao en portrays her. true that there are many xinyi characters, whose stories have been told already. but i find the execution of xinyi’s story far better than the others.

  2. rosie: haha if, following your suggestion, maybe losing the baby will kick Cun Xi in the face and force him to realize his feelings towards Xin Yi. At any rate, it Would be interesting to see Xin Yi’s pregnant look. 🙂

  3. i was seriously scared that she was gonna go ahead with the abortion.. that would’ve ruined everything :S good thing that didn’t happen.. ><;

    wow, it’s going to be weird watching this drama when xin yi gets to the late stage of pregnancy.. i mean, there could hardly be any romance with her looking.. you know.. all pregnant o.O; maybe she’ll lose the baby somewhere along the way? (preferably after cun xi has fallen in love with her xD)

  4. omg thank you. i was too nervous to watch the abortion part….and then i went to this site and found out. lol if i didn’t i would have teared into pieces. =p i’m a coward. well thank you!

  5. hey wen do u write the summary your doing such a good job thanks ur blog really help wen are you going to write about ep four ps love thank you

  6. hi! thanks for the summary of the episodes, but i wish you could write the summary of each episode before it is aired or before it is being subbed. thanks!! so…waiting for the episode 4..

  7. There was too much noise? And a little over acting? But I think that is the character in the script and the director allowed the actors to interpret. If it was not in the script and the director guided to act differently. . . Anyway, your review is really helping me to appreciate the drama series better. I’m really enjoying it very much. Thank you 😀

  8. I randomly found this site while searching for recaps of this show. I just started watching and it’s really helpful! I read your recaps and watch at the same time.

    Thanks for the recaps!

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