Wish to See You Again Episode 8 Recap

Easily stressed out, loves to eat, looks hardworking but in reality doesn’t really have much of a brain.

This is Xue Le’s description of Pan Neng Xian. Of course no ordinary girl will welcome that kind of description. In return, Neng Xian squeezes out an equally demeaning but less powerful description of Xu Le, “Hysterical, impolite, and… and…. doesn’t know how to fly a kite!” Xue Le’s counter is that not knowing how to fly a kite is not a personality trait. Besides, he flew one today so he no longer belongs to the don’t-know-how-to-fly-a-kite family. “Then, you haven’t ever eaten sesame oil seasoned chicken!” like that’s any different from not knowing how to fly a kite. Finally Neng Xian comes up with the triplet of description that grabs the essence of Xu Le’s character: lacking life experience, lacking friends, and emotionally aloof. Bingo, a shot straight to the wound. Xue Le picks up his chopsticks immediately to try the sesame oil seasoned chicken. A nice bonding between the soon-to-be couple on an easy going dinner table.

Juxtaposed is Ma Yong Rui or Xiao Ma or Little Boss’s more serious and nerve racking dinner with his brother. His brother needs to go back to US to take care of the other businesses, leaving little boss two months time to take over the current business. In other words, pressure, pressure, pressure, stress, stress, stress. Oh, no time for dating. Or supposedly.

The next day is Father’s Day, everybody is busy preparing a present for their dear father. However, the little kid Xiao Wu, whom Xue Le and Neng Xian are taking care of isn’t too thrilled about the holiday. He kicks Neng Xian out of her room and calls his own father.

Neng Xian and Xue Le go to the bar to have a drink while wait for Xiao Wu to be done but get drunk. When they return, Xiao Wu is still sulking in the room, so they both migrate to Xu Le’s room. In his room, they start to take pictures of each other. In the midst of fumbling and bumping, Neng Xian falls onto Xu Le. Inspiration comes suddenly, Xu Le impromptus a composition where the female protagonist in his novel-writing mode alternates from the original woman to Neng Xian. Slowly, he brings his hand to the nape of Neng Xian, loosens her hair, then half shaking, he kisses her lightly first then fiercely while caressing her hair in both the fictional world and the real world. As the kissing continues with a unceasing hunger the scene slowly fades into darkness.

Next day, Neng Xian waking up in the arms of Xue Le, unable to recall anything. She stops to admire Xue Le’s look for a while but pretends to be sleep once he stirs. He stirs then wakes up. He is equally surprised to see Neng Xian in his arms. He tries to move his hand from below her head but the turbulence makes her open her eyes. Once making eye contact, the promised embarrassment creeps up. Together, they both start, “yesterday… I…” In the midst of this awkwardness, it’s hard not to notice Neng Xian’s hair is tied back in place. Wow making sure her hair is in place is like a security blanket, she has time to make sure of that that while being drunk, kissing someone, and sleeping.

Neng Xian runs back to her room to avoid further embarrassment, only to find Xiao Wu missing. In place is a letter from Xiao Wu’s father to him saying that he won’t be there for father’s day to see him. So the couple set out to look for Xiao Wu at the Rose Cathedral. They find the kid, and it take them some convincing for the kid to return with them. (ie: Xue Le’s own story in the orphanage.)

To help Xiao Wu, the couple brought him to the father’s day cake-making party at little boss’s restaurant and Neng Xian called up Xiao Wu’s father to “convince” him to come down. The story ends on a happy note where Xue Le and Xiao Wu have fun making the cake and Xiao Wu’s father makes the precious appearance to see his child. Everybody’s happy.

Neng Xian also has her family celebrate father’s day at the restaurant she works at. Little boss comes in for a little bit to wish them a happy father’s day. Before he leaves, Neng Xian encourages his pursuit of wooing Lu Yi.

Little boss learns to make tiramisu from the chief and drives to Lu Yi’s house. When Lu Yi receives the phone call that Xiao Ma is already down stairs, she is hesitant to receive him. However she eventually decide to meet him. He takes her to the place where he mentions the idea of being together and gives her the self-made tiramisu in meticulous wrap. While she’s opening it, he takes the opportunity to tell her that he has looked up the meaning of tiramisu in Italian, it means: take me along. He promises to take her along to every step of happiness. Touched, she hugs him and agrees to date him.

At home, Neng Xian and her family cuts a cake as the final celebration of father’s day. While cutting the cake, Neng Xian is reminded of Xue Le’s birthday ending in approximately three hours. After some brain racking thinking, she finally decides to make him a lunch box/meal box recalling his conversation with Xiao Wu that being an orphan he never has the opportunity to eat any lunch box prepared by a parent.

She hastily rushes to make him the lunch box and arrives at his door. After some hesitation, she rings the bell to his house. He’s writing. She tells him she won’t stay/bother him for long. She gives him the lunch box, he sees it and is extremely touched. He hugs her, they freeze with the start up of the background music. He digs at the lunch box. She watches him with satisfaction and asks him why he enjoys food with an overflowing amount of catchup. He tells her that in the orphanage, the food often don’t taste good. Over time, he realizes that if he puts a lot of catchup on top of the food, he won’t distinguish if it’s bad or not. They sit in silence for awhile, then he leans over and kisses her again. *muah*

5 thoughts on “Wish to See You Again Episode 8 Recap”

  1. Thank you for the translation.
    Its really help me as non-Chene to more understand the storyline of WTSYA.
    When I read this translation, like read a novel.

    When I found this translation, I am very happy and spontaneous shared the happines to WTSYA ‘s and ZZ’s fans

    So, I am very sorry, I have posted this translation in WTSYA@AF thread and WTSYA@FI thread.
    Hope you don’t mind.
    And if you don’t mind , may the next translation to be share at WTYSA @ Asian Fanatics and WTYSA @ Forum Indosiar thread .

    Wait for the next translation

    thanks again

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am in love i tell you THANKYOU for translating
    i want to watch more
    i love this series but since its not subbed yet i read from you
    THANKYOU for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thank you sooooooo mcuh….i can now watch it w/o the subss..yayyyyyi rely wanted to finish this before school start so now im super happy…..thnx you rox

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