Hong Gil Dong Episode 24 Peview

Last episode! Here’s a preview & here is a longer but poor-qualitied preview.

Now, let’s go suck a lemon or a sour orange. 😦

From the look of the preview, Enok seems to act as the frustrated mediator to stop this stupid war. She runs back and forth between Gil Dong and Chang Whui. While neither want her in this dangerous position, both need her for moral support and communication.

4 thoughts on “Hong Gil Dong Episode 24 Peview”

  1. darrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn, i dont understand the preview of epiosde 24… i wish there were subtitles? hint? hint? lol (=

  2. Imagine that… I think I’ll need the specials after this episode. Just a guess.

    Translations are up at soompi – and if not, here’s my version (sorry for spamming, iurgnotmis)

    Battle breaks, GD shouts: Let’s end this!

    YN is seen running around between the two – she gives messages to CH from GD. CH doesn’t want her to a) go to GD b) put herself in danger c) be killed as part of the rebellion. (OR all three, I can’t tell.)

    There is fighting, though I only see flashes of SG among the mess.

    CH is in a war tent à la Mongolian – possible siege situation. YN persuading him not to do something. She’s arguing with both GD and CH, at different times.

    GD is lightly injured, she tends to him in his room at the mountain. They hug.

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