Fated to Love You 2: Pregnant?

Continuing from last episode’s seamless, almost cleverly connected coincidences, this episode adds more of the mainstream Taiwanese too-exaggerated-to-not-seem-silly humor and those stupidity-rich, oh I mean, Humorous characters.

The episode starts with the end of the one night two day trip and the two main protagonists awkwardly saying goodbye to each other.

Then a set of new characters are introduced: Ji Wang Zhen Zhu and Ji Zheng Ren. Ji Wang Zhen Zhu is a shameless woman and the wife of Ji Cun Xi’s father. However once the father dies and the company faces its bottleneck, the wife leaves the family with her son Ji Zheng Ren to avoid being burdened by the family. However, once she hears Ji Cun Xi’s success at making the company one of the elites, she, like a moth sees fire, doesn’t waste a minute to return to the family in order to gain a share of the wealth. Ji Zheng Ren is Ji Wang Zhen Zhu’s son before she marries Ji Cun Xi’s father. He is just as shameless as his mother. The two of them take out a loan in order to bid on a vase in an auction. They plan to give to vase to Ji Cun Xi’s grandmother as a birthday present, oops, I mean, as their gateway to wealth.

In the auction, Dylan is introduced as an art collector whose particular interest is to discover undeveloped rock and make them into diamonds, figuratively that is. The artist whose vase is the subject of the audition displays 6 vases of which only 1 is his master piece. The rest are all forged by his pupils. Sly and a clever money maker, no? The rule is for the bidders to take turn looking at the vases and select and place a bid on the authentic vase. Of course the Humor intending characters Ji Wang Zhen Zhu and Ji Zheng Ren have no real aesthetic taste, therefore they try to look at Dylan’s choice of selection and mimic it as their own. Ji Zheng Ren looks over Dylan’s shower, sees a 1, goes back to his mother, selects 1 as well and bids all their 1.1 million. The camera zooms back to Dylan, who moves his finger and shows a 6 rather than 1. As it turns out the mother and son spent 1.1 million on the forged vase while Dylan takes home the authentic vase 0.1 million shy of the 1.1 million. Naturally, the mother and son are not stupid. They refue to pay for the vase and got kicked out. Shameless pair.

The vase story doesn’t end here. We are then revealed that Dylan in fact, knows Ji Cun Xi’s grandmother. He bids on the vase to give it to granny as a gift. He also reveals the secret to selecting the authentic vase: the artist takes pride in his work, hence USES it. All Dylan did was look for signs of usages.

Ji Cun Xi returns home from the trip, the grandma displays her dissatisfaction at his failure of wooing Anna’s heart. The reason for her eagerness for her grandson to marry is that the Ji Family has only been reproducing one male offspring for the past 9 generations and each time the man of the family dies young. She is eager for Ji Cun Xi to pass on his genes in order to continue the family name and blood. Anna calls Ji Cun Xi through her computer and apologizes for her sudden change of heart but promise that she will stay by his side by the end of her contract in 2 years. She says she has a present for him. Upon cue, the box opens by itself and a dog appears.

In 3 and half weeks, we find Chen Xin Yi resuming her ordinary life after the cruise. The only difference is, after she buys food for all her coworkers, upon smelling the food, she becomes nauseated. She wonders to herself, “Could it be that … … … … yesterday’s night out at the seafood restaurant, the seafood isn’t fresh?” She leaves, the camera zooms in on a near by magazine with the huge picture of a pregnant woman. Juxtaposed is the caption: 70% women neglect the early signs of pregnancy. Talking about irony.

The next day the mother and son go to find Ji Cun Xi hoping to return to the Ji family. Cun Xi rejected their “offer” when Wu Qi Qi and Wu Lu Lu come to hand Ji Cun Xi a CD. So before they accidentally dropped the camera into the ocean, they took out the memory chip. In other words, all the pictures are still in their hands for blackmailing. They hand Ji Cun Xi a burnt CD named “Secret” after Jay Chou’s movie. They hinted that it’s not the old movie played by Jay Chou, but it’s the new version that can’t be found in any rental stores, played by Mr. Ji. Ji Cun Xi should consider watching it and go find the two in Jiang Mu Island first thing tomorrow morning.

Ji Cun Xi returns to his office to watch the CD. It’s as expected, a picture slide show of the pictures taken on the “Ship”/”Bed” (the two words sound similar in Chinese). The funny part is, in each of the pictures, the female protagonist’s face is blurred out in order to preserve Chen Xin Yi’s identity. Ticked off at the fact that he’s being blackmailed, Cun Xi rushes to see his lawyer without taking the disk with him or locking the door.

The opportunist mother and son sneak in, impromptu a silly dance to celebrate their victorious entrance of the CEO’s office. They proceed to make a copy of the disk to blackmail their way back into the Ji family. Knowing Grandmother Ji, that plan is definitely going to back fire and make grandmother extremely happy. :]

The law firm Ji Cun Xi goes to happens to be the same one Chen Xin Yi works at. Talking about the spendthrift use of coincidences in this drama. The lawyer is a brilliant, sharp half-midget who plays his video games the entire time while meeting his client. He listens to Ji Cun Xi’s complain about this new problematic encounter and interjects from time to time. He dissuades Ji Cun Xi from filing a law suite against the two blackmailers but urges him to resolve the conflict privately by going to Jiang Mu Island the next day instead. In the middle of this discourse, one of the workers called Xin Yi come in to bring coffee. Ji Cun Xi becomes almost immobilized at hearing the name but manages to turn half way to see that it’s not the same Xin Yi he half cares about half wants to block out of his life. The lawyer tells Ji Cun Xi upon questioning that he has 3 employees by the name of Xin Yi in the law firm and jokes for Cun Xi to bring one home with him. He sure will in an episode or two.

Of course in such a coincidence abundant drama Ji Cun Xi simply cannot leave the firm without seeing Chen Xin Yi. So before he reaches the main exit, he sees Xin Yi’s coworkers taking advantage of her again while Xin Yi for the first time showing the slightest tinge of unwillingness. However once the coworker sinisterly points out that Xin Yi = no boyfriend = no date = go home and watch TV anyway = has lots of time on hand = has more than enough reasons to take other people’s load, Xin Yi backs down and takes the work. Ji Cun Xi sees that, walks out, takes the pile of work from her hands and tells the people in the vicinity that from now on, don’t give Xin Yi extra work because her time is booked by him for going on dates. Then in a manly gesture, he grabs her away from the awkward scene.

Once alone, the awkwardness returns. Before the awkward atmosphere can become suffocating, Xin Yi feels nauseated and runs to the bathroom. Ji Cun Xi on the other hand takes it half offensively as a sign that seeing him is repugnant. He somehow stays to wait for her to come out and sends Anson away to wax his car.

Xin Yi meets a pregnant mother in the bathroom. The mother congratulates her that she is pregnant. Xin Yi nearly collapsed. The woman walks out of the bathroom to her husband and tells him her experience of seeing an unaware pregnant woman in the bathroom. Cun Xi overhears it and immediate makes the connection. When Xin Yi walks out, he asks for her reason for not feeling well. She lies that it’s just the normal effect of mild food poisoning. He turns to have an aside of thankfulness when she managed to squeeze out, “Do you like kids?” He jerked backward and subconsciously yelled, “What’s that?” She is taken aback, searches through her head for the most plausible explanation. She tells him that she volunteers for an orphanage on Sundays and those kids lack love and money. She is seeking kind people for donation. He takes out his wallet, pulls out a couple of bills. She thanks him then keeps telling him that it’s getting cold, the kids need presents. So he takes out more money for her. She thanks him again, continues talking. Finally he opens his wallet, takes the last few bills and gives all his money to her and confirms that he has no money left. She finally stops. Instead she tells him the donation can be tax deductible, he can leave his phone number. So he does and awkwardly tells her that if she has something that’s hard to mention to people, she can call him and leaves.

Xin Yi is scared about being pregnant, so she hastily runs to church to pray and confess her sin. Dylan appears at church as well. We are told that he is one of the fathers in the church and he has a lost sister with the name of Xin Yi as well. When he hears Chen Xin Yi’s name from the children, he feels a sense of warmth towards that stranger.

Xin Yi runs to the confession room, confesses her sin to the father as well as her worry of being pregnant. Dylan tells her the most important thing right now is to do a pregnancy test. He proceeds to tell her there are many different types of pregnancy tests, there’s the circular kind, the stick kind… … The father is apparently very, very Experienced. Before Xin Yi leaves, Dylan reminds her that if she feels embarrassed, she should stay low when she goes to the pharmacy to buy the pregnancy test.

So she stays low by putting on a pink rain coat and a pink helmet and cruses into the pharmacy like a casual ghost. It just happens that there is a rubber who is dressed in raincoat and a helmet as well. The pharmacist sees Xin Yi, mistaken her as the robber, lets her take away the prescription drugs and the pregnancy drugs without pay and calls the police immediately. Xin Yi runs to a near by park bathroom to test for pregnancy completely oblivious of the press and police force following her.

So the exaggeratedly WELL equipped FBI agents, I mean policemen and the press rush into the girls bathroom. (It would be fun if someone else were in the bathroom as well) They spot the pink raincoat and knock (!) on the bathroom door. Xin Yi hears the knock inside and knocks back. The policeman knocks again, Xin Yi knocks back. Back and forth, back and forth until the policeman finally loses patient and break open the door. Shocked, Xin Yi drops the pregnant testing stick. The policeman picks it up, and with the help of the reporter, announces to the world that Xin Yi is pregnant. Staying low huh?

Now both aware of the pregnancy, Cun Xi wonders what to do while Xin Yi goes and buys 235409458 types of pregnancy tests to confirm. While staring at the all positive results of the 834389343 pregnancy tests, Xin Yi receives a call from her family telling her to go back to Jiang Mu Island the next day morning because she has done something intolerably wrong on the ship. (Coincidence detector immediately turns red)

So the next day, them both set foot on the same boat to go to Jiang Mu Island. Out of a moment’s neglect, Ji Cun Xi gets knocked backwards and falls into the lake! Anson, who is completely unaware, goes and tells the boat owner to operate the boat faster so they can reach their destination quicker, leaving poor Cun Xi feebly paddling in the icy cold lake water, trying to catch up with the boat. (and to add to his misfortune)

The boat soon reaches the port. Xin Yi attempts to walk by her mother and sisters unnoticed, but fails to do so. They stop her, makes a big deal out of the event occurred on the “ship” without clearly addressing the real issue. Misunderstanding, Xin Yi blurts out that it’s not her intention or choice to become pregnant.

“PREGNANT?” Now the whole world Really knows she’s pregnant.

This episode seems to spiral down from the high mark set by the previous episode. Hopefully the next one will reset the bar.

11 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 2: Pregnant?”

  1. Awesome blog! Awesome recap(s)!

    Ahh Fated to Love You, it looks like a promising drama…! The first episode was good… the second episode – not so much. From the preview, I can tell the 3rd ep is going to be awesome (with the grandma finding out about Xin Yi and everything)

    The scene where the news crew films her with the pregnancy test thing was a bit over-the-top though, I have to say. I guess T dramas are often like that -____-

    Are you watching ISWAK 2 by any chance? (Since the two dramas are aired one after the other on Sundays)

  2. I sort of gloss over ISWAK 2 when it airs. I know it has incredible rating, but I didn’t like it as much as ISWAK 1. Maybe will do a recap if it lessens its load of the overly dramatic, no brain-capacity requiring humor.

  3. I agree, Joe’s new haircut in the recent episode in TKA is absolutely horrid! I mean horrid!

    Wish to See You Again is alright. I liked the very first episode because it’s different. But then like most TDramas, it goes back and forth between being slow and picking up a little. But if you plan to take a vacation in TW sometime in the future, it’d be a good guide for the major sites and cuisine. Oh the yummy looking food! 😀

  4. “Overly dramatic, no brain-capacity requiring humor”

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. ISWAK is far better than TKA. (And ISWAK isn’t even spectacular..) I do a bit more than glossing over TKA when it airs ’cause Joe Cheng is such an eyecandy 😛 Or used to be… since his new hairstyle is just bleh =/

    Is Wish to See You Again any good? I used to love (and I mean LOVE) Vic, but … gah his hairstyle in WSYA turns me off.. :S

  5. i liked ep 2 better. ep 1 was too exaggerated for me. taiwan idol dramas are a little bit over the top compared to korean ones. but i like the plot of the fated to love you. funny i must say! and about joe cheng, yes i agree he’s such an eyecandy. though frankly speaking, i only watched the whole ISWAK series for 2 hours (fast forward). and TKA is worse!

  6. Oh really? Good guide for major sites and cuisine.. I can think of better sources for that xD I’ve had enough with cuisine stuff after watching Sweet Relationship T_T (starring Vic Zhou)

    Looking forward to more of your Fated to Love You recaps 😀 Qiao En and that guy (forgot his name) look like such a cute couple!

  7. Xin Yi really tried to keep her pregnancy by herself. Perhaps if she was successful . . . Anyway, I’m enjoying the silliness of the FTLY. Thanks for pointing out, that Cun Xi was irked when Xin Yi felt like vomiting, thinking that she doesn’t want to meet or see him again. It showed me an aspect of his character. The actors are great and they look good together. Again, thanks for you comments and great review 😀

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