Hong Gil-Dong Episode 22 Recap

Continue from the last episode, Enok tries to sneak into the palace but is unfortunately discovered by the guards and henceforth pulled away. While she’s being pulled away, she yells out “I Love You” to signal for Gil Dong’s attention. Enok eventually escapes from her captors and runs away. Gil Dong finds her, realizes that the king already knows Hwang Bin Dang’s plan to besiege the palace and plans to trap them in fire instead.

The two decide to work together in the seamless way they did on their tiger hunting experience. (The nice old pair is back, for the moment.) Gil Dong runs to stop the king while Enok hurries to stop the fellow Hwang Bin Dang members from lighting the explosives. Gil Dong returns to the site of the ceremony, finds the king away from the seats. The king had already disguised as a normal noble under the pretense of releasing himself of some biological waste and escaped quite unnoticeable. Running out of time, Gil Dong brilliantly shoots an arrow at the king’s seat and orders the Hwang Bin Dang members to start acting.

Su Geun throws her knife, Mal Nyeo catches it and breaks the face of the drum in a heroic gesture and hence commences the fight.

Enok arrives at the scene seconds from Hwang Bin Dang members lights the explosives. She explains the situation and makes herself useful.

Just before the king safely exists the palace, Gil Dong appears with a flag in hand, blocking the way. In an intense lonnnnng stare down, the sky turns from completely bright to completely dark. The king asks if Gil Dong knows witchcraft, and if that is how he helps Chang Whui. Gil Dong baffles that the clouds are congregating in preparation for rain at his command to save more time for Chang Whui’s entrance and Hwang Bin Dang’s taking control of the palace.

Finally, the uprising ends with Hwang Bin Dang surrounding the king and subsequently, Chang Whui’s entrance. Everyone bows down to welcome their new king. Chang Whui makes eye contact with Enok, who returns a smile that seems to say, “I’m happy for you.” Gil Dong remains standing and looks at Chang Whui in the eye. In a subsequent meeting, Gil Dong confesses that once Chang Whui proves himself a good king, he will then willingly bow to the good king. To that, Chang Whui confidently replies it will be a sure thing. Before Gil Dong leaves, Chang Whui asks if he has any special request for anyone. Gil Dong asks to spare his brother. Chang Whui presses, Gil Dong says the person he respects the most will be strong and take care of herself. He has confidence in her.

While Chang Whui showers in the initial gratification of becoming the new king, friction between him and the nobles is immediate. Chang Whui wants to be a good king for the people, while the nobles are more concerned about consolidating their own power. Enok’s grandfather considers revealing the secret behind the Sa Yin Sword in attempt to control Chang Whui for the nth time. (Such a manipulative soon to be grandfather in law!)

Grandpa Ryu is not the one who’s got something on his mind. His granddaughter follows suit. She contemplates the royal hair pin, then embraces the more ordinary hair pin. Lady Noh enters and begs Enok to stay by Chang Whui’s side and aid him in times of difficulty. Facing enormous responsibility, Enok feels hesitant to reject And accept.

On a lighter note, Su Geun and Mal Nyeo finally consummates, fulfilling Nyeo’s promise to consider Geun before the fight. In comparison, Geun losses his ease with words while Nyeo assumes a more manly role and initiates the love making. The next day, still immersed in the pleasantness of the previous night, the two tries to cover up the fact without any success. 🙂 While Gil Dong and the others make fun of them both, Geun suggests Gil Dong takes Enok away and don’t come back until they have three sons. Gil Dong considers it for a bit before telling his friends that they should be content with just him.

After long time no see, Eun Hye makes an appearance. She first expresses her gratitude towards Gil Dong’s brother, then makes a visit to Gil Dong. In a foolish attempt, she asks Gil Dong to hold her hand. He rejects her, for the nth time. Furious by the nth rejection, she vows to destroy him if she cannot have him. (Let’s take out some voodoo dolls!)

In order to consolidate power, Eun Hye’s father makes a deal with the previous king. If the king provides him with a key fact that can be utilized for black mailing Chang Whui into promising him power, he will arrange a personal meeting for the two kings/brothers. As a result, Eun Hye and her father become the next pair of people to know the truth behind the Sa Yin Sword.

In the promised meeting, Kwang Whui reveals the entire truth. Chang Whui’s mother, in her power hungry attempt, murdered the king, forged the Sa Yin Sword in order for her son to become the king. Realizing his entire life had been a joke and the mother he respects so much not only is a murderess, but a darn good lier, even in the last moment of her life, Chang Whui seeks Grandfather Ryu for a confirmation. The confirmation throws Chang Whui into utter darkness and despair. As if lost his soul, Chang Whui wanders back to Long Men only to encounter Gil Dong and Enok in a farewell conversation. The knowledge that Enok does not love him becomes a second blow, he exists without a second glance.

As a result of the disparity between wish and reality, Enok seeks Gil Dong out for comfort. She asks him if one day she cannot hold herself together anymore, she can go to him. No, Gil Dong says. If she comes to him, he will not be able to send her back. Therefore, unless she feels like suppressing her love becomes so intolerable, that she will die from it, don’t go to him. In the silent exit, both reconcile with the cruel reality by telling themselves they can still withstand it, therefore they must keep at it.

Chang Whui’s not happy, Enok’s not happy, Gil Dong’s not happy, Eun Hye’s not happy either. She plots to kill Gil Dong through the hands of the king he created, hoping by doing that, she will alleviate some of the pain he cast on her.

To end on a variable emotional mixture, Chang Whui’s solitary imagination of her brother’s maniacal laugh at welcoming Chang Whui to the same (insanity-inducing) position as him is juxtaposed with Gil Dong’s more warm and optimistic celebration with the fellow followers. The episode ends with Chang Whui’s self dubious question, “Is this the end?” and Gil Dong’s affirmative response, ” This is not the end. This is the beginning.” Beginning of what? (More conflict, choices, dilemma, or.. war?) We don’t entirely know, yet. I wonder how all the loose ends and new conflicts will be wrapped in the next episode, if it doesn’t escalate onto a new level.

6 thoughts on “Hong Gil-Dong Episode 22 Recap”

  1. the Hong Gil Dong was very interesting. i like it , i like the actress and actors especially Yi Chang Hui. he is so cute i admire him so much i hope that i will meet him someday in person…..

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