L: Change the World

Aside from trying to capture Kara (Yagami Raito), L definitely knows how to keep himself occupied. In the remaining 23 days of his life, L sets out to “Change the World” in a new spin off movie after the huge success of the Death Note manga, anime, and movies.

Hopefully this highly anticipated, L-protagonisted movie will not/did not turn out to be a disappointment with the overarching title and all. Here is a trailer.

From the look of the trailer, the plot seems to lean towards a more action based adventure rather than a battle of wits. How good the actual movie will be? I have my doubts and anticipation!

6 thoughts on “L: Change the World”

  1. Whoa, thanks for the post! Never knew there’s a sequel-ish movie to Death Note.. the trailer looks very enticing; I have my doubts too but I think it’ll be good! 😀

  2. the movies gunna come out around auguest next year if you look up the english trailer on google or youtube of this it’ll be there

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