Fated to Love You Overview

The new drama Fated to Love You staring Chen Qiao En and Etan Ruan is a follow up comedy of the Cinderella story. The story starts with the Cinder girl Accidentally consummates with her prince Charming and marries him after finding out that she is pregnant. The main premise of the drama explores what happens after the Cinder girl meets her prince charming.

From the subserviant but often neglected partner to the finally treasured spouse, the Cinder girl travels a long way, a little unnecessarily so. Sometimes tearful, sometimes outragesly silly, this drama offers a blend of love and hate.

6 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Overview”

  1. FTLY is currently being shown in the Philippines. I like it very much. I really like Xin Yi’s mother. She loves her daughter very much. She said if no boat is available,she will ride a dolphin to go and support Xin Yi if the Ji family does not treat her well. Thank you for your review. It’s really so great 😀 I really appreciate your summary and comments

  2. The show is superb. I really stay awake at night just to watch the show. I enjoy every episode and I wish this will be replied.

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