Fated to Love You 1: Go, Chen Xin Yi!

The protagonist Chen Xin Yi AKA the post-it note girl is a nice, naive, ordinary girl working at a law firm. Her post-it note girl nickname comes from her inability to say no to people. As a result, her coworkers take advantage of her by scribbling their share of work on a post-it note and leave it for nice girl Chen Xin Yi to take care of. Chen Xin Yi is a girl, in her own words, a person whose “personality is having no personality”.

But because of the post-it note personality, Xin Yi met her first boyfriend Gucci. And because of her resemblance of the characteristics entailed by a post-it note (easily accessible, ordinary, once teared off, it can be tossed away without a second thought), Gucci loses interest in her soon afterward.

To save the relationship, Xin Yi decides to go on a two night one day cruse with Gucci. Unfortunately Gucci turns out to be an absolute jerk. He cheats on Xin Yi with an older woman he meets on board. Xin Yi, having caught a cold the previous night, was told to take cold medicine which makes her drowsy and rests in her room 1006 while Gucci takes her credit card.

Ji Cun Xi is the rich heir to a family company who decides to ask for his girlfriend Anna’s (Bianca Bai) hand on the cruse. He decorates the room, has a Mont Blanc ring ready for her and determines to succeed in the proposal. Anna is a ballet dancer who is very focused in her career and aims at being the odette in Swan Lake. An agency from NY asks her to perform in Swan Lake but she does not get to be the odette. She refuses and decides to stay by her boyfriend’s side and sets out to rejoin him on the cruse. On the taxi, before getting off, she receives a call telling her that the agency agrees to let her be the odette on a contract of two years. Facing the dilemma of love and career, she finally leans toward the career opportunity. (First Asian odette man! How alluring!)

On the cruse, due to business issues, Wu Qi Qi and Wu Lu Lu, the former owner of the company Cun Xi recently obtained ownership decide to set him up. They tricks Cun Xi drink alcohol where they blended medicine that’s said to have an aphrodisiac effect. They had an acquaintance opening Cun Xi’s room (1009) to let someone in, hoping to blackmail Cun Xi with pictures of him with another woman under the influence of the drug. Unfortunately, the acquaintance had trouble opening the door, and through force opening it, he accidentally bumped the letter 9 loose. The letter comes loose and takes a 180 degree turn and becomes a 6.

Xin Yi, now dizzy from the cold medicine, goes back to the deck and looks for her room 1006 and enters 1009 (now 1006 too) and goes straight to bed. Cun Xi, feeling dizzy and hot, returns to his room and finds someone sleeping on bed in the dark. The two of them holds a conversation that seems to correspond well. Both disoriented and dizzy under the influence of drugs make passionate love in the dark. As the two bodies mingle in darkness, juxtaposed is a series of symbolic scenes of a train going into a tunnel and air crafts shooting into the sky. Finally, as the consummation reaches a completion, Cun Xi proposes to whom he thought to be Anna and makes a vowel of staying by her side before slipping the ring on her finger. Xin Yi becomes overwhelmed with emotion, whispers Gucci’s name while Cun Xi whispers Anna’s name. Upon reflection, both realize there’s something wrong and turns on the light. *Pa*

Once the light is turned on, the two immediately jump apart and wrap themselves with as much of the blanket as possible. (What happened to the passion before?) Wu Qi Qi and Wu Lu Lu rushe in to take pictures but find Xin Yi in bed with Cun Xi. They reveal that Xin Yi is their sister in law! Talking about coincidences. Then a series of confrontations take place. Ashamed and disoriented, Xin Yi runs out of 1009 to go back to 1006, only to find Gucci and Rebecca (the middle aged widow Gucci picked up on the deck) in bed together. More confrontations take place where Gucci humiliates Xin Yi and kicks her out of the room she paid for.

Dressed, Xin Yi looks out to the sea on the deck to let the emotions distill within. Soon, she receives a text message telling her that her credit card has been swiped to the amount of 200 K. Exasperated of how huge the sum is, she accidentally drops her phone into the ocean to add to her misfortune. Trying to retrieve her phone, she climbs the deck. Cun Xi sees it, mistaken that as an act of committing suicide, saves her and hears her out. Xin Yi laments the life of being a post-it note girl because she is often easily discarded by people. To that Cun Xi claims that they should be super glue, even if the other tries to tear them off, they would have to lose a patch of skin first and drags her away to the salon.

Cun Xi orders a full scale transformation of Xin Yi before they seek revenge. (Here’s your classic, long drooled for scene of the female protagonist going through a make over in the First episode!)

The revenge takes place on a gamble table where Gucci loses 200 milllion. (Notice the singularity of gamble tables?) In order to get his money back, he kneels down to Xin Yi and apologizes to her. Xin Yi forgives him, runs outside. Cun Xi follows suit and gives Xin Yi a chip. He wants her to remember the day. Just when Xin Yi is going to return Cun Xi’s ring, the staff of the cruse comes to celebrate Cun Xi’s success at proposing to Anna.

Embarrassed, Xin Yi plays along and dances with Cun Xi. The first episode ends with Xin Yi sleeping deeply on Cun Xi’s bed while Cun Xi, resting on the sofa thinks to himself that everything would be perfect if Anna were in Xin Yi’s place.

8 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 1: Go, Chen Xin Yi!”

  1. I don’t know if I want to get involved in another brainless drama thing so soon after Romantic Princess. But thanks.

  2. I know Gucci is the brand name (woe the world of high fashion and my empty wallet), but it’s the name they used on drama wiki and the drama itself.

  3. Thanks for commenting that the main character transformed herself or is made over in the first episode. Usually, the make over is later in the drama. There was much talk and reviews about the bed scene on the first episode. I like that they kissed so sweetly. Thanks again for your great review 😀

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