Hong Gil-Dong Episode 21

A plot by plot review for this episode is in my opinion, unnecessary.

A short summary on the characters:
Chang Whui takes control in many aspects as the future king. Gil Dong still wants to live the life he leads now after Chang Whui becomes the king. Enok seems to be recovering, slowly. Chang Whui decides to guard Enok and wait until she’s willing to try for him.

A few notes on the plot:
The king takes up the opinion of making a sword to fend off the ghosts. Gil Dong and Chang Whui decide to utilize the sword making day for the attack. The San Ying Sword’s secret is finally revealed as the episode revolves around swords. It turns out, all the characters we come to love and sympathize are part of the a political plot. The sword is a duplicate of the original and purposely embossed with words that appoint Chang Whui as the future king to ensure his position as a king. The real sword has no marks on it. Chang Whui’s mother and Enok’s father plotted together 20 years back for this and the secret died with the death of both until Gil Dong unexpectedly rediscovers it. Now Enok’s grandfather who has the real sword wants to use it to blackmail Chang Whui into draw a clear separation from Gil Dong and be the king the nobles want Chang Whui to be. Meanwhile, Chang Whui, still oblivious gives Enok his mother’s hair pin and asks for her hand to be the future queen. He makes sure Enok has enough space and time to think it through. Enok, examines the hair pin, sighs, goes over and takes out the hair pin Grandpa Hoe bought her, then murmurs to herself that the less elegant one fits her better.

The day of the revolution comes, everything is arranged on CH and GD’s side. The king has his own plan. He plans to set the entire palace on fire and drug the nobles then make his secret escape while trapping everybody inside. The episode ends with Enok disguised, trying to save everybody from the king’s plot. Interestingly, the ending song is the “lucky” one by No Brain.

Thoughts on this:
It’s sad that after all the sacrifices and blood shedding, Chang Whui’s life turns out to be a joke. Without it, he could be a happy prince who’s married Enok already. The plot not only leads to many unnecessary deaths, it drives a potentially good king into insanity if it weren’t for the irrational fears aroused by the plot.

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