Bull Fighting Episode 17 (Last Episode)

Continuing from the last episode, Shen Guo Chen decides to give up his position as the director of his company. On the press conference, Shen Ruo He announces the decision in place of his father.

Yi Shen Xue stand outside of the company’s building, holding the other watch, standing close (about 9 floors apart) praying for Ruo He. Inside, right after Shen Ruo He announces the news to the press, He Feng Bank’s director arrives. Her announcement to the press marks the predicted turning point of the flow of things. She returns the company to Shen Ruo He, making the deal that if he doesn’t make sure the company operates normally by the end of 1 year’s time, she will then take over the company. The “ground breaking” news of Shen Ruo He regains the company after resigning for his father makes him the most discussed person of the day on TV and newspaper.

Meanwhile, Shen Ruo He and Director He goes back to meet with Ruo He’s father who emphasizes that he will not force Ruo He’s marriage with He Qian Na. Director He expresses her complete understanding of Shen Ruo He now. What a quick change of heart, no wonder people always say a woman’s emotion is a fickle thing. She introduces Jin Zi Cong’s appearance, who reveals that the sudden change of decision is because Master Wu uses the 13th Street as deposit in order to help Ruo He’s family business. Recovering from surprise, Ruo He’s father reminds Ruo He to chase Shen Xue back. Before Ruo He rushes to the press to do a cliche confession in front of the press, Zi Cong proposes a better idea.

Shen Xue wanders around and bypasses a TV where Shen Ruo He announces his plan for the next year to push his company back to normal functional level. He tells the camera that he has obtained the 13th Street. Shen Xue on the other side of the TV asks out loud how he has obtained it. Ruo He, predicting her questioning, tells her it doesn’t matter how he got it, the important thing is, he got it. He then proceeds to announce that he will turn 13th Street into a theme park and the first place he will take out is the basketball court. Infuriated, Shen Xue starts to call out names to the TV. Ruo He, knowing Shen Xue well, playfully talks to the camera that Shen Xue can keep calling names, it’s not going to do anything to him.

Shen Xue runs back home, looks for weapons. Then rushes to the basketball court where construction is already taking place. She sees Shen Ruo He, jumps on his back then realizes that taking down the court is just a joke to get her there. A little angry, she blames Shen Ruo He and walks out. But stops short in front of the court waiting for him to chase after her. Inside, Zi Cong and Ah Jia and Rei Yi bet on whether she will come back in or not. Zi Cong won and Shen Xue came back saying she’s only back to gather up her things then slowly, leaves again. Shen Ruo He, utilizes that opportunity, confesses to Shen Xue and takes out a ring box.

He tells her that now he has nothing, but asks if she’s willing to accept him the way he is now then opens the ring box with nothing inside. Shen Xue happily pretends to take out a ring from the box and puts on her finger then asks if it looks pretty. Just as everything is immersed in this cliche happiness, a slipper flies towards Zi Cong. It’s Qian Na coming to complain about being cold and asking whether she could move in to Zi Cong’s heart to get some warmth. Initially shy towards Qian Na’s openness, Zi Cong tells Qian Na to simply put more clothes on. Finally, under peer pressure, Zi Cong takes off his scarf and finally wears it for Qian Na and promise to try to make a space for her in his heart.

The happy couple (Shen Xue and Ruo He) proceeds to arrange for a family gather where both fathers meet and become accepting to each other. A few months passes, Shen Xue and Ruo He both try to get used to each other’s lives. Shen Xue goes to a concert with Ruo He but falls asleep after the light turns off. Ruo He teases her for drooling on his shoulder, Shen Xue protests that he could never get the sauce for the BBQ either. They then get in the car and runs to the market to get the sauce and succeeds (for once).

Back on the 13th Street, Qian Na’s mother along with Shen Ruo He’s father and Yi Shen Xue’s parents sit together playing Mah Jiang. A series of couple quarrel Shen Ruo He proposes to Yi Shen Xue which she refuses on impulse to segue to the final bull fight.

The final bull fight is a fun game where everyone helps Ruo He win so he can marry Shen Xue. As expected, he does with a 6:0 win. A later flash back reveals that Ruo He bribes everyone on the team to help him win. He introduces a woman to Ah Jia, makes a Zi Cong-like jacket for Rui Yi, and gives Zi Cong Qian Na’s favorite movie.

After a couple episodes of endless drag intertwined with elements of humor here and there, the drama finally ends with the couple hugging at the train station proclaiming their devotion to each other. Two monkeys come walking on the opposite side of the screen and kisses thus ending the entire drama.

Frankly it’s pretty difficult to sit through the fake acting and corny, not to mention draggy plot line. I didn’t even have the patience to watch the 20 minute special afterwards. Hopefully other audiences had more fun with the drama than me.

7 thoughts on “Bull Fighting Episode 17 (Last Episode)”

  1. does cong ever confess to sheng xue?
    i don’t understand mandarin chinese and can only watch up to episode 10, because there are no fansubs released for the later episodes. i’d love to know if cong confesses or not, and if so what was sheng xue’s reaction?

  2. I think that Zi Cong tried to confess like once and then played it off as a joke when Sheng Xue was getting super serious in responding to it. But other than that, no. He was more of always the guy that helped her from behind the scenes and acted as her bodyguard.

  3. Aw man, i’m gonna be honest and say despite the facct i think Mike He is extremely hot, Ji Cong still had a place in my heart during this drama, and the whole time i could see how much he really loved her. It sucks cause to be honest, i would have wanted Ji Cong and Sheng Xue to end up together just cause they’ve known each other since they were kids, and they really comfortable with each other. Of course, not saying Ruo He is bad for her either, just that in my opinion, she looks better with Ji Cong. -_-;

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