Nodame Cantabile Episode 1

Manga-style, exaggerated humor + music = <3!!

The first episode introduces the male lead Chiaki Shinichi as an arrogant genius (musically, linguistically, and possibly equally genius at making cuisine) who feels/is trapped in Japan (because of a silly flight phobia) and henceforth thinks about giving up music more often than he should.

One day, while drunk from drinking with his ex and lamenting about being trapped, Shinichi mistakenly falls asleep in front of the door of the apartment next to his. Noda Megumi, the resident of that apartment and neighbor of Shinichi, takes him in. The next day, he wakes up in a pile of trash. (Literally)

After Shinichi’s angry outburst to the top piano professor in the university, he finds out he’s been switched to the lowest class and sees Nodame in the class where they both are asked to play Mozart’s Symphony #2. (And a love story commences!)

On the same day, Shinichi sees his ex girlfriend waves and goes out with a fellow classmate whose area of concentration is conducting and whom Shinichi considers a sausage. In disbelief, he throws a tantrum back in his apartment and goes out to the balcony to smoke but smells something repugnant. Looking for the source of the smell, he sees a Gigantic pile of a trash mountain in the neighboring (Nodame’s) balcony. Utterly disgusted, he rushes next door and gets knocked down by Nodame’s ferocious door opening. Shinichi cleans the whole apartment for Nodame. In gratitude Nodame makes him a meal that’s definitely not edible. Shinichi cooks decent food for her out of disbelief but receives appraisal that makes him pleased with himself. He promises to cook better food for her next time. šŸ™‚

Meanwhile a suspicious German man visits the school and follows Nodame home to Shinichi’s apartment. After some hard convincing, Shinichi finally manages to throw the horny man out. In a consequent exchange, Shinichi expresses his lack of motivation to continue his dream of becoming a conductor. Nodame leaves quietly.

The next day, Shinichi wakes up to Nodame’s piano playing and goes next door intending to practice with her but only to find her room as messy as ever! So a series of piano practicing ensues. In the process, Shinichi realizes that the instructor whom he blew up on makes the same criticism as he is now with Nodame. Of course, any exchange with Nodame can not be ordinary. Aside from helping Nodame practice, Shinichi also takes care Nodame by washing her hair for her. šŸ™‚ Cute, no?

After successfully played the duet with Nodame, Shinichi regains that enjoyment in sheer music production and finds a new purpose in life. Shinichi decides to transfer his area of concentration to conducting.

Right before he hands in the transfer form, he hears the news that a famous conductor is going to be teaching the conducting concentration. As the background music reaches to its climax, the audiences are revealed that the horny old man is the famous conductor. He propose the idea of formulating a symphony composed of people he picked out. It’s going to be interesting. And it seems like, Shinichi is not able to transfer in the end. šŸ˜‰

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