Hong Gil-Dong Episode 19

“Just stay by my side.”
“Staying by your side will be comforting to you?”
“I respect you”, Gil-Dong teases Enok.
*kisses long and hard* Enok resists initially but gives in eventually.

Scene switch, Lady Noh contemplates that if Enok is the daughter of Lord Ryu, she should not be with Gil Dong. (here comes the much anticipated inevitable) Chang Hwui agrees and tells Lady Noh to do it in secret. Perhaps the inner green monster wants to manifest himself finally, perhaps it’s the right thing to do to secure Chang Hwui’s power among the nobles. But better be prepared with a box of tissue.

Scene switches back to Gil Dong and Enok. Enok is still in shock with her eyes closed while Gil Dong observes Enok with a half crocked smile. (hehe)
“You can open your eyes now.”
Embarrassed Enok covers her face with her hands and runs out of Gil Dong’s room. In the midst of this 20% embarrassment, 20% gleefulness, and 40% disorientation, Enok runs into a poll, rolls down from a flight of stairs, and finally jumped into a well while repeating, “how embarrassing!” (gotta give her credit for being so adorably cute)

Still immersed in the sweetness of the kisses, Su Geun rush in Gil Dong’s room, demanding him to treat our little doe tenderly because it took them some work to rescue her back up from the well! Gil Dong must’ve said something hurtful to her to force her to jump into a well!

Enok, still wet from inside out, wraps herself around in a blanket while thinking about the kiss. Now the giddiness finally took complete control of Enok, she rolls around in bed and eventually falls on the floor. (familiar scene no? Gil Dong rolls off his bed a lot too!) Gom comes in to comfort Enok (such irony). He tells her Gil Dong cares a lot about her. He carries around the pouch Enok made for him and stares at it from time to time. Touched, Enok shed a drop or two of those happy tears, leaving the kid clueless.

Gil Dong, (cooperatively) takes out the pouch and notices that there’s a hole in it. He remembers Enok saying that if one day it gets ripped, she will mend it for him on the day when she hands this to him. Smiling to himself, he says, “it’s time for her to mend it for me.” (awww)

Still thinking about Enok, Chang Hwui talks aloud to himself that if Enok really is the daughter of Lord Ryu, then she can come back to him. (yay!) But… would she be happy that way? He flashes back to a conversation with Enok about the blissfulness of not remembering the tragedy of parents’ death.
Enok: I’m lucky for not remembering much about my diseased parents.
Chang Hwui: I am too.
For knowing someone like you. (awww)

Chang Hwui decides to confirm the suspicion before slowly, by minimizing any potential harm to bring Enok back to him. (yea by then she and Gil Dong will be even harder to separate. especially when the one year gap did not extinguish any of the chemistry between the two.)

Next morning, Enok sneaks into Gil Dong’s room, steals the pouch to mend it before giving it back to him. (such chemistry! before he even asks, she’s already doing it.) Su Geun walks in, shocked that even the doe is infatuated with passion, and retreats quietly. Upon seeing Gil Dong’s face, Enok blushes and stumbles out. Gil Dong sits up from the pretense of sleeping and hears loud crashes outside of the door. (that’s Enok for you)

Chang Hwui secures his power again with a number of followers. He expresses his intention of using Gil Dong and his influence over the citizens. His followers agree, because it seems to be the most plausible way to expand for the time being. Gil Dong on the other hand is eagerly trying to expand for the sake of helping Chang Hwui becoming king. We see the direct reference to Gil Dong as the sharp/quick knife. Meanwhile, Chang Hwui is becoming more and more goal oriented.

While Gil Dong prepares to aid the bandit that will be attacked later in the day, the scene cuts back into the palace where the scheme of sacrificing Lord Hong to lure Gil Dong and cover up the secret behind the sward is brought up again. Lord Hong insists that pretense will not fool Gil Dong, the king points out that Lord Hong’s self-sacrificial suggestion is due to his diminishing faith in the world he guards. Consequently, death would be his final attempt to safe guard the world he protects while providing an ultimate escape. Lord Hong’s reason is that he’s using his death as a penance for his inability to help the king, which he supports whole heartedly, on a right path. Furious, the king demands Lord Hong’s support. He says it’s ok for Lord Hong to regret his loyalty in the king, but he is not allowed to abandon the king. Even if he, the king, were to die, Lord Hong must wait til the last minute whether or not he thinks the king is worth his loyalty. (So the king is not that crazy after all.) While Lord Hong is safe for now, the constant chest clutching is indicative of a upcoming death which is going to be the catalyst on something big.

Returning home, Lord Hong orders the capture of Enok and her present grandfather. (uh oh)

Enok and her grandpa meets in the city, he decides to let Enok live her carefree life and promises to buy her a hair pin for her wedding with Gil Dong. After a moment of warm family bonding between Enok and her grandfather, she leaves to visit Chang Hwui upon request.

Chang Hwui finally makes the decision to repress his own desires in order to grant Enok the happiness she has now. Such a repressed life. Enok finally realizes Chang Hwui’s feeling towards her. She apologetically tells him her heart has only sufficient space for Gil Dong. The prince says he understands and because he treasures so much, he will make sure she is happy.

Enok’s grandfather gets attacked and tells Lord Hong that Enok is oblivious to her status. Unwavering Lord Hong presist on capturing Enok. Fear for Enok’s safeety, grandpa escapes.

On the side plot, Lord Hong has a conversation with his son. Lord Hong says that having one of the kind of person who cruelly kills his own brother in the family is enough. His song stubbornly insists that this is the way he protects the one he loves.

Eun Hye makes the deal with Lady Noh that once Chang Hwui becomes the king, he should make Gil Dong a noble so she can make him hers. In return, she will make her father on Chang Hwui’s side.

Gil Dong leaves to aid a group of bandits. Before he leaves, he went to the market and Bought Enok a pair of sunglasses so she doesn’t have to flush in front of him anymore. Before he leaves, he kisses Enok. πŸ™‚

Gil Dong’s brother attacks, not knowing Gil Dong made a pact with the local bandits to help Chang Hwui become the king. GIl Dong captures his brother and releases him. Before he leaves, his brother reminds him that his actions will eventually lead to his father’s death.

Enok goes to bring medicine for her grandpa. She gets surrounded by Lord Hong’s men. She puts up a fight but is nearly captured when her grandpa appears to save her. In the process, he becomes severely injured and eventually dies in the warehouse after both of them escaped successfully. (T___T grabs box of tissue) Before he dies, he tells Enok to stay kind and forgive all.

Upon hearing the incident, Chang Hwui rushes to find Enok. Overwhelmed with grief, Enok faints in Chang Hwui’s arms. Chang Hwui sends his men to notify Gil Dong who’s becoming extremely worried. Upon hearing that Enok is safe, Gil Dong is relieved and prepares to bring her back. The rest of the crew merrily gets ready to make noodles to celebrate a narrow escape while oblivious that the tragedy has occurred, the harm is done. Now thinking about it, Lord Hong not only kills Enok’s parents, he has also killed Enok’s adopted grandfather.

While changing for Enok, Lady Noh confirms her identity. Chang Hwui regrets his delay in revealing the truth to her. Maybe if she were to know it earlier, none of it would happen. (No, it still would.) Chang Hwui decides to reveal Enok’s true identity to her.

Enok faints after hearing the truth. Later when Enok is sitting on bed by herself, Lady Noh brings the hair pin grandpa has bought for Enok. (reaches for more tissue) Holding the hair pin, Enok replays everything in her head and yields to the impulse to seek revenge. She takes the sword on the wall and rushes out…

Gil Dong comes to bring Enok back but is encountered by Chang Hwui who tells him the truth. When Gil Dong insists on seeing Enok, the guard tells Chang Hwui the sword is missing. Both men rush to where Enok resided and found both she and the sword gone. Exasperated, Chang Hwui exclaims, “Where’s my sword? My sword is gone.” Maybe the entitlement to the throne is lit up again by Gil Dong’s reaction to the lady ghosts’ death, maybe knowing Enok can never be his willingly, power is the only thing he can grasp on, Chang Hwui’s reaction seems a little out or ordinary.

Enok heads for the Hong household with hatred in her eyes. She stabs Lord Hong’s eye and before she has the chance to stab again, Gil Dong appears and stops her. They fight a bit while Lord Hong attempts to run away because he is not allowed to die by the King’s decree. Enok yells for Gil Dong to get away and doesn’t seem to want to stop until she has killed Lord Hong. Finally the episode ends with a dramatic, but inevitable stab in Gil Dong’s chest as he protects his father.

Interestingly, the reference to the moon warier has been three times in this episode. With such a huge blow and hair style change, Enok is going to transform soon. How she’s going back to Gil Dong and how that affects Chang Hwui will be interesting as the story unfolds.

I have to say, this is a long episode as compared to the last couple episodes. I notice as the time gets later and later, my recap gets more and more crude. πŸ˜› Patiently waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

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