Bull Fighting Episode 16

“When two people hold hands together, they are connected. Your worry becomes my worry, your bravery becomes my bravery. Your regret becomes my regret…”

Shen Xue and Ruo He talks about their future in a little forest of eating bananas and rolling in mud under a rather awkward atmosphere. They get off together at a station and encounters Ruo He’s father waiting for them already. Shen Xue blatantly lies that watching him from afar would have suited her better so now she’s returning him to his father. In a series of struggles, a monkey falls out from Shen Xue’s bag. Seeing the monkey, Ruo He understands that Shen Xue has planned to give him up earlier. Unhappily, Shen Ruo He walks away without turning back. Yi Shen Xue, having watched him go resorts to a flashback of her conversation with Shen Ruo He’s father. In the flashback, the audience is told that Yi Shen Xue accepted Shen Ruo He’s father’s deal to test their love by returning Shen Ruo He to his father. Heartbroken, Shen Xue calls Zi Cong to pick her up. They come back to the train station where Shen Xue has written I xxxx You. She leaves a monkey and her watch, which is set to stop on the present date, hoping that one day it can be reactivated.

While sitting in the car Shen Ruo He remembers the “I xxxx You” and requests to return to the train station, only to find the toy monkey and a watch. He immediately understands that the monkey means Yi Shen Xue herself, while the watch means she wants to give him more time. He looks towards the message board and sees the xxxx interposed in I and you has been changed to wait. (“I wait you”, a little strain with the words, no?) Underneath are a number of heartily written bulletins reminding Ruo He to take care/be aware of the seemingly trivial things in life ending with the “I love you, I will wait for you” cliché. Shen Ruo He not only isn’t angry, he becomes more motivated with the news of his newly granted love’s departure. (maybe, she should’ve left him long ago so he can settle down and face the Real problems. jk) In a monologue of a seemingly conversation with his father who stands behind him watching, he tells the audience that the true intention for Shen Xue’s action is to support him rather than a sign of retreat in face of reality. (yeah, like we didn’t know that before) Of course his rather unnatural explanation to his father is well received and the pair implicitly reached agreement.

On the other hand, Zi Cong carries Shen Xue back to the Yi Household in the familiar but never too cute piggy-back fashion. On reaching the front door, Zi Cong hesitates to enter. Yi Quan Wu, having predicted the scene outside his doors, asked Run Yi and Ah Jia to bring the stick in preparation for punishing Shen Xue. Zi Cong overhears at the door, rushes in, kneels down, and begs to take the punishment for his lady. (awww) Yi Quan Wu reveals his real intention of just wanting to lure Zi Cong into the house. (sly! never expected HIM to do something of this sort.) Then after Zi Cong’s series of too touchy to be natural confessions to Yi Quan Wu, Yi Quan Wu finally asks, “Will you marry me? be my son?” They are henceforth announced man and eh son. The comic relief of Run Yi and Ah Jia’s exaggerated expression is not missed in this supposedly touching scene.

To celebrate the family reunion, the Yi Family gathers to have a BBQ (yummylicious!). Shen Xue tries to act normal but runs away midway to sulk in her secret base. Her father goes after her, attempts a lame magic trick to comfort her daughter’s decision of letting Shen Ruo He go. Shen Xue decides to transfer back to her original school, hoping to become more lady so that one day Shen Ruo He’s father will accept her. Yi Chuan Wu realizes how much her daughter likes Shen Ruo He.

The next morning, mostly everyone gathers in front of the TV watching the boycott before Qin Tian Co. Unless Qin Tian Co. obtains the 13th Street or receives support from another bank, it will announce bankrupt. Shen Xue passes by and sees but proceeds to act normally in front of her family but cheers for the Shen family in front of a TV in a store she happens to pass by. (She has time to window shop before going to class? I thought she’s running late.) Shen Ruo He on the other hand, decides to bravely face the boycott by walking towards the door and suffer the egg-throwing from the angry mob. (Just imagine how many eggs they waste shooting this scene) While Shen Xue yells and worries in front of the TV, Shen Ruo He expresses his resolution to solve the problem within 24 hrs to the mob.

While Shen Ruo He is working hard towards his promise, Shen Xue storms a bookstore and grabs any book she sees that might help her become a well mannered lady. At the cash register, the cashier reads out the title of her books, which stirred up a little giggling from the customers behind her. Embarrassed, Shen Xue rushes off after paying and leaves a book behind (which happens to be a makeup guide for the not-so-pretty.)

Shen Xue carries now magically disappeared imaginary pile of books and sits down on a bench. A man (Chen Han Dian!) comes and sits down besides her. Shen Xue takes out one of the books and starts to read, while the man takes out a lumpy pile of newspapers. They look at each other’s reading material and embarrassingly motivate each other with gestures. A little later, both take out their lunch box. The man’s is a very cute triangular shaped rice cake comprised of pure rice piled up and one thin slice of laver on top. Shen Xue has a two layered lunch box, one with rice and an egg on top and another with a variety of delicious-looking food. Shen Xue’s phone rang, she tells her stepmother not to pick her up at school and everything is fine. (Ah so she didn’t go to school) Juxtaposed is the incoming call of the man next to her. He tells his wife that he’s busy with work and will not be going home for meal because he’s busy with a client. (aww poor guy) They both look at each other and smile an embarrassed smile. (Gotta love the parallelism) Shen Xue finishes the book (wow super reading speed, share some with me!) and hands the book to the man next to her with the encouragement that there is nothing that can’t be done. With that being done, she leaves.

Shen Ruo He, coming back from a failed negotiation, spots Shen Xue on the side walk. Before he can take a closer look, Shao Qi reminds Ruo He to take a call, making the couple miss by inches.

Back at home Ruo He’s father decides to give up his business because he realizes that it has become his burden and reason to neglect his family. He then takes a 360 degree turn and tells his son to pursuit Yi Shen Xue. Touched, Shen Ruo He still decides to fight to the last minute for the family business.

The next morning, Shen Xue sees from the newspaper that Shen Guo Chen decides to give up his position in Qin Tian Co. Initially frustrated, she soon realizes that the “game” is not over yet.

Preview: (of the final episode)

Shen Ruo He announces on TV that his father will give up his position in Qian Tian, but somehow he wants to remodel the 13th Street into a Amusement Park. His first step is to take out the basketball court. Then the scene switches to the basketball court, where Shen Ruo He kneels down in front of Yi Shen Xue in a “will you marry me” pose. The preview and drama ends with a final bull fight.

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